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  1. Maxx Sorry about that, I may need new glasses! Tont
  2. Maxx What year of Thundbird and what engine type, like 1957-312 or 1965-390. This will help other members find what you need. Tony
  3. Jim I started a 60 wagon like yours and I found that the parts from the AMT kit wiill work. But the windsheild is to narrow for the wagon. The chassic is also to short, this a wagon and may correct. I cut the hood out and found the underhood fenders are almost their but there is a gap that need to filled. The grill fits which is surprising and I think the custom grills from the AMT 53 Ford pickup will also fit. Tony
  4. I am building a 61 Olds wagon for the NNL, hopefully I will get done. I started with a Joh-Han kit I've had for years. The look I am going for is a old Surf wagon you could see in the 60s or 70s, you know a rusty cheap wagon or truck to get you down the beach and go surfing. But I shooting for today's Patina look with some upgrades with new wheels and maybe a bigger engine. I used the salt paint treatment and pick a two tone paint job. I don't think Olds had a two tone paint job that was stock. But I love the look and with chrome Pegasus low rider rims to fill the wheel wells out it has the old surfing feel. This is my first time using the salt paint treatment, so any suggestion to add to what I have done so far is fine. Tony
  5. Hey Does anyone know, if there are Finned Cal Custom valve covers for the small block Ford 289 or 302. I am hoping to build a Ford in a Ford with a some old school flair, all I can find is the Cobra ones. I have lots of 32 ford kits with a small block ford in them and I found that they fit well into the 61 Ranchero. They also look better then the big block chevy that came in the kit. Tony
  6. Darren The New Mexico state fair still has a model car display, Wow thats where I got the bug to building model cars when I was a kid in the 60's. There must have been over a hundred model cars there behind the glass neat. Tony
  7. It looks like the 60 Corvette from the animated movie Heavy Metal. When the corvette come in from outer space and lands with astronaut at the wheel.
  8. How about a dully, you could use the rear fenders from the 56 ford. Use the wheels and tires from the Monogram dully Truck. I never seen one built, you could be the first. But a nose in the air Gasser would really cool too. Tony
  9. Zachary You should do a test spray with the clear on something you don't care about. The clear may make the sharpie ink run. Tony
  10. Len The 69 Firebird hardtop comes with a convertible boot, This should fit a Camaro, they are basically the same car. I have one if you want it? Tony
  11. Wow I miss the preview button , I have not post images for a while.
  12. Hi I started an old MPC Chevy years ago with the goal of building a late 50s Hot Rod, but not a flathead Ford, just to be different. I Z'd the kit frame and added a model A rear spring cradle to the rear and set up the front with a single leaf for a drop straight axles. I dropped it down to get a low mean look. I chopped the top and raised the drive line tunnel. I am going to use a Chevy stovebolt six with old speed parts from the 51 Chevy kit. http://i958.photobucket.com/albums/ae70/car-guy/32%20Cheys/e9fcc647-5096-463b-acc9-3292d617de44_zpsz8ycexov.jpg]Any suggestions are welcome.Tony
  13. Mike Great start to a neat build, makes me want to build one also. if you do go small block Ford, the 302 in the Revell 32 kit fits very well uder the Falcon hood.
  14. Greg Slixx Decals have two on one sheet. http://www.slixx.com/images/7050.gif
  15. This my full scale 914 it's about three different colors , I may try to build a copy of it when the kit comes out. I will need lots of tape and skill to match the paint.
  16. Wow have we all forgotten Stop Light racing ! That;s why cars were modified! I own a 04 WRX Wagon and it can smoke almost every 50's 60's and 70's Muscle car made, just look at the quarter mile time's. When you pull up to a light with a old muscle and some kid in a Evo or a new Mustang pulls up next to you, They will just laugh at you and blow your doors off . New cars are just faster and handle better now and the brakes are great. That why old guys with money, will bring an old car into the 21st century and don't forget pride in your old car. My brother has a 69 Z28 with factory rear disk brakes which make it 1 of 200. It just sits in his garage because it's to rare to drive. I don't see the fun in owning something you can't drive.
  17. Steven Are you looking for a camper shell or a cloth type camper shell? There was a window less camper shell that came with the extended cab long bed, snap type chevy truck. Tony
  18. Ron I think I have a stock AMT Starliner kit some where. If the factory hub caps are the same as the wagon I just posted do want them? Tony
  19. Ron here is a better side view of a stock wagon, could be the same one? Tony
  20. Chris thanks for the offer, I am going for a clean smooth look. Also its to late, I have already sanded of all the side trim. I am going for something like this, without the skirts. Tony
  21. Ron found this on the web, looks like something close to what you are building. I kind like the the caps and red lines on Thunder the best. Tony
  22. Thanks; everyone for the kinds words and prep talk on finishing it. It's going to be slow, I only have time to work on models on the weekends. Tony
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