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  1. Well I goofed up a little. Thought I was base painting with Tamiya Silver Leaf, but it turned out to be PS-48 semi-gloss Silver Anodized Aluminum! Worse, I figured that out after I sprayed the TS-74 Clear Red first coat. So might as well add a second coat!
  2. The models are great, but I really like the drag strip diorama and the dudes.
  3. Very impressive build. Nice detail and great paint color and execution. BRAVO!
  4. Saved my comment to the end. WOW! I think your best so far. Fun to watch all the details come together.
  5. Nice brass work! And the crane actually works... Nice save on the dusty glue bomb.
  6. LOL! It's a caricature of me! (scanned and shrunk to avatar size) I used to use Van Gogh's painting of a skull with a cigarette in it's mouth.
  7. Small update. I puttied and sanded. Glued the hood to the body, then sprayed some Mr Surfacer 1000 on the body and hood for a base. Have not decided on the color. I have silver blue metallic and burgundy red metallic in stock, although I was thinking gold.
  8. Thanks, Bob. I really liked it when I built it. I just don't finish as many models as I used to.
  9. Yes, same basic kit, Patrick. The Revell version I used was simply called "T" Bucket and had funky dual headlights. I cut off the outside lights.
  10. I just noticed the old Auto World decals in the background of the red car. I have some of those from WAYYYYY back! Model on!
  11. Boy, I like that color. Great job on this classic old kit. I pick up as many used kits at swap meets as I can. These are great for parts!
  12. I picked up a built Boothill Express at a swap meet for $5 to steal the wheels and tires, but this gives me a good idea for what to do with the rest of it! Great imagination!
  13. I added this build to the trucks section because of the pickup bed on this tried but true Revell kit. I built this model in the late eighties or early nineties (based on the color and graphics). I used an orange plastic version of this kit and added the independent suspension from the Revell Buttera Tee sedan. Engine bits came from the Revell Corvette Pro Street along with the graphics decals. Wheels and tires from a MPC Chevy Monza with an IMSA fender package. Looks like one of the front wheels is wonky from a repair over the years and the epoxy on the front lights has yellowed. Still a survivor.
  14. I like it as a diorama. Such a neat old drag car.
  15. I found an old saw at a pawn shop for $5.00 and picked up a couple of small clamps at Harbor Freight. I had to do some grinding to fit the clamp to the saw, but it all works great! Thanks for the tip. I use some foam shelf liner stuff to hold the bottle to the clamp, otherwise it can go flying...
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