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  1. That's the way I watched Fastest in America, too. My wife didn't want to see Street Outlaws two nights in a row, so I DVR'd the Tuesday night shows to watch later. I fast forwarded through the "getting A to B" stuff and all the JJ talking to the girls about strategy looking for the burn outs, then I would watch the races to see who won. On the End Game episodes, it is interesting that only JJ focused on getting his Chevy II out to grudge race, where the rest of them were about building the car. I laughed at JJ building the engine on the garage floor, and replacing the bearings and rings without showing them measuring anything. Lots of editing? The Chevy II looked more sleeper white with primer spots and chrome than the final clear coated primer with blacked out trim.
  2. Wow wee and holy smokes... this is fantastic. Incredible micro machining!!
  3. I will keep coming back to this one. I want to see how it turns out. Good start. I need to see how you fit the hemi. I gave up on converting the AMT '65 altered wheel base to stock. Body work troubles again...
  4. I am calling this restoration complete. There are a few boo-boos in my body work and the scoop is not permanently attached, but it is way better than with what I started. It will now go in my display case instead of hidden in the model closet. When I set up for photos, I will clean it up and post in the Under Glass section. Maybe I should silver sharpie the lock and logo...
  5. Had to sneak in a preview of final assembly. Still have to attach the grilles, headlights, the polished old glass, and the interior panels. Getting close to the end.
  6. I dug out the Bare Metal foil. Turned out okay, but time consuming. Then back to the booth for some clear.
  7. Well I goofed up a little. Thought I was base painting with Tamiya Silver Leaf, but it turned out to be PS-48 semi-gloss Silver Anodized Aluminum! Worse, I figured that out after I sprayed the TS-74 Clear Red first coat. So might as well add a second coat!
  8. The models are great, but I really like the drag strip diorama and the dudes.
  9. Very impressive build. Nice detail and great paint color and execution. BRAVO!
  10. Saved my comment to the end. WOW! I think your best so far. Fun to watch all the details come together.
  11. Nice brass work! And the crane actually works... Nice save on the dusty glue bomb.
  12. LOL! It's a caricature of me! (scanned and shrunk to avatar size) I used to use Van Gogh's painting of a skull with a cigarette in it's mouth.
  13. Small update. I puttied and sanded. Glued the hood to the body, then sprayed some Mr Surfacer 1000 on the body and hood for a base. Have not decided on the color. I have silver blue metallic and burgundy red metallic in stock, although I was thinking gold.
  14. Thanks, Bob. I really liked it when I built it. I just don't finish as many models as I used to.
  15. Yes, same basic kit, Patrick. The Revell version I used was simply called "T" Bucket and had funky dual headlights. I cut off the outside lights.
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