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  1. beefheart22 added a post in a topic Best opening scene from a movie ever!   

    Top Gun reminds me of another Jerry Brukheimer flick, Days of Thunder... which too had a cool opening scene

    Other favorite opening scenes

    Cannonball Run
    Stroker Ace
    Naked Gun
  2. beefheart22 added a post in a topic How many builds have you completed this year so far?   


    Started two.

    Completed none.

    Now that the weather is less inviting, I can blow the dust off my paint caps and get back to it.
  3. beefheart22 added a post in a topic bad weather and painting   

    Always beware of heating contents that are under pressure.
  4. beefheart22 added a post in a topic bad weather and painting   

    I live in an apartment too. All I have is a balcony and up here in Toronto it's no doubt we get the winter weather too. I've successfully painted using rattle cans in the winter. You just got to be quick.

    Keep the cans and the parts to be painted inside until your ready. Jump out, spray your first coat and jump back inside and stick it in a waiting closet and close the door until the paint flashes over and everything come back up to room temperature. Then repeat if necessary. Always works for me. Keeping the painted parts in the closet not only keeps in in room temperature, but keeps the smell from wafting too much into the apartment, though some of it still will.

    It's when you wait too long outside and the parts and paint get cold is when you run into trouble.
  5. beefheart22 added a post in a topic 1966 Ford Galaxie 500   

    That looks terrific so far! TS-54 is a great color.
  6. beefheart22 added a post in a topic Dress For Success!   

    Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

    Rule #2: Always cap the glue when not in use.
  7. beefheart22 added a post in a topic Dress For Success!   

    True that. People automatically judge based on appearance. It's a natural instinct.

    If I had my way I'd grow my beard and hair out and wear nothing but a bath-robe and slippers... kind of like Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski. I never had any intentions on going to Malibu anyways.
  8. beefheart22 added a post in a topic Dress For Success!   

    Biggest point is assuming somebody who's dressed poorly in a hobby shop is automatically a glue-sniffer. The guy was half my height and looked like he has never known the caress of a woman. So I guess that makes him and I even in the judgmental department.

    One day he'll get in the face of a real glue sniffer and eat his next meal through a straw...
  9. beefheart22 added a post in a topic 1970 BOSS 429   

  10. beefheart22 added a post in a topic Lamborghini Miura!!!!   

    W-O-W !
  11. beefheart22 added a post in a topic 2000 Kawasaki ZX-12R Ninja   

    That is amazing!
  12. beefheart22 added a post in a topic Dress For Success!   

    Agreed, he does need to find another job. If he's afraid of huffers, the hobby supply business is probably not the right career choice.

    Ah well, the online route is starting to sound better all the time. At least the ladies at the post office appreciate my rugged good looks!
  13. beefheart22 added a post in a topic Dress For Success!   

    Got a feeling if that's how he roles, it won't take long for it to happen...

    I should check back next week with a paper bag and ask him which can smells the strongest -- while wearing my suit and tie.
  14. beefheart22 added a topic in General   

    Dress For Success!
    I learned a valuable lesson about dressing appropriately when buying supplies at my friendly LHS.

    The one I have frequented for the past two years has a new guy running the show who of course doesn't know me from a hole in the ground. It was Saturday, I had nowhere important to be so I hadn't bothered to shave, wearing a beat up cap(my lucky cap that is), hooded sweater and some old broken in jeans. Ya I looked like a bum.

    I asked if he had any of the green bottle Tamiya glue in stock since it wasn't on the shelf and he got all bent out of shape and told me they don't sell glue (which they do!). Asked when they'll have more and he got right up to my face and insisted they don't sell glue. So I picked up some acrylic that was also on my shopping list and he quizzed my intentions for the acrylics.

    I came back a week later, dressed in my work attire and all of a sudden they have plenty of glue in stock. And he is all smiles too.

    Guess I look like a huffer in my grubbies. Never ran into that problem before. What a dink.

    Looks like I have to put up with the cross-town trip to the better LHS from now on. Oh and dress a bit better when venturing out on the weekend.
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  15. beefheart22 added a post in a topic 1970 mustang and a 1969 camaro   

    Hey Ray, I had trouble with the hood on the exact same kit. Both look great.