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  1. Sadly, I missed him; apparently, he ambled through the pits Sunday afternoon after we had gone home. He told my buddy Jon that his Bones-built roadster was 'really cool.' I did get to meet automotive artist Keith Weesner, vintage motorcycle guru Matt Walksler and Willie G. Davidson at TROG, so I didn't do so bad.
  2. I spent the weekend in Wildwood, attending The Race Of Gentlemen, and it was an absolute blast. As I'm doing a part-time gig at Rolling Bones Hot Rod Shop, it was kind of a 'working trip.' I went with two cameras(three if you include my phone) and, even though my family had to leave mid-day Sunday, I still took a ton of pictures......enjoy TROG 2017
  3. No chance of a wide-eye from RepMinCo, unfortunately. I may, however, have a spare Revell-based resin wide-eye body that I wouldn't miss, Dale.....PM or email me: plasticman1432@gmail.com If anyone is seriously considering this body kit from Norm, please drop him a line so he knows the demand is there.
  4. How long overdue is a proper 1/24-1/25 Baja bug model.....only like forever, right? Well, the wait might just be over, thanks to a certain MD-based resin caster. Sometime in September is the proposed release date, and the pricing is still TBD, but the pre-production pieces I have in hand tell me it's gonna be a winner. I can answer most questions about it, but all inquiries/feedback/pre-order pleas should be sent to normanveber@aol.com
  5. Clark's method doesn't alter the rear fender area at all, so yes they can....or you can lop them off and go fender-free. Out of curiosity, what Beetle kit are you using?
  6. I also hope it gets back to you shortly, and we see more updates.....I'm loving this build!
  7. They look even better in person, trust me. I had a guy ask me if Hideo-San sells the center cap decals separately, and had to tell him those logos are actually machined in(!) and simply relief painted.
  8. Check out Archer Transfers (www.archertransfers.com); they make resin surface details on clear water slide decal material like louvers, weld beads, rivets and bolt heads. I've recently used their louvers with very good results.
  9. Shardick - The artwork was done by the late Dave "Big" Deal, a close friend of Bruce Meyers and a Manx enthusiast/owner. I love this model too; looks righteous with the Revell wheels & tires, as well as the Motohashi windshield. Price aside, it's a gorgeous item. Having a real Meyers Manx in the garage, and building it in scale, the kit part wasn't going to work for me.
  10. Sadly, the stretch method often 'flattens' the roofline of a Beetle......I've heard many 1:1 customizers compare it to chopping an egg. the link below shows a very nice step-by-step done by Chris Clark Customs: http://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?t=345410 My own scale Volksrod has a rather flat chop, but I can only take credit for saving it from the trash bin at my buddy's house and finishing what he started. http://public.fotki.com/vwdave/my_model_cars/volksrod/dscn3107.html
  11. I don't remember the name, but I can get them locally if you have enough trouble getting them in your neck of the woods.
  12. Or a sharpened silver pencil...another trick I learned from military & aircraft modelers
  13. If it's lacquer, 91% oughta do the trick; I've had good luck stripping Tamiya spray with it as of late
  14. "Tastes great...and just look at that shine!" Drama aside - I'm blown away by your paint work, Larry. Most excellent! After spraying the base color, I do my dune buggy flake and initial coats of clear with a brush; the top coats are spray clear:
  15. If the rivets are small, I'd start with an emery board; it's too easy to go overboard with a grinding tool. After sanding, I'd blast the whole shell with aluminum oxide media to prep for new paint.
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