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  1. VW Dave added a post in a topic Baja Bug anyone?   

    No chance of a wide-eye from RepMinCo, unfortunately. I may, however, have a spare Revell-based resin wide-eye body that I wouldn't miss, Dale.....PM or email me: plasticman1432@gmail.com

    If anyone is seriously considering this body kit from Norm, please drop him a line so he knows the demand is there.
  2. VW Dave added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Baja Bug anyone?
    How long overdue is a proper 1/24-1/25 Baja bug model.....only like forever, right? Well, the wait might just be over, thanks to a certain MD-based resin caster. Sometime in September is the proposed release date, and the pricing is still TBD, but the pre-production pieces I have in hand tell me it's gonna be a winner.

    I can answer most questions about it, but all inquiries/feedback/pre-order pleas should be sent to normanveber@aol.com

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  3. VW Dave added a post in a topic Anyone ever chop the top on a Volkswagen?   

    Clark's method doesn't alter the rear fender area at all, so yes they can....or you can lop them off and go fender-free. Out of curiosity, what Beetle kit are you using?
  4. VW Dave added a post in a topic Ghia/Porsche   

    I also hope it gets back to you shortly, and we see more updates.....I'm loving this build!
  5. VW Dave added a post in a topic VW Type 34 Ghia Razor back on the bench   

    They look even better in person, trust me. I had a guy ask me if Hideo-San sells the center cap decals separately, and had to tell him those logos are actually machined in(!) and simply relief painted.
  6. VW Dave added a post in a topic Bolt heads   

    Check out Archer Transfers (www.archertransfers.com); they make resin surface details on clear water slide decal material like louvers, weld beads, rivets and bolt heads. I've recently used their louvers with very good results.
  7. VW Dave added a post in a topic Meyers Manx Buggy   

    Shardick - The artwork was done by the late Dave "Big" Deal, a close friend of Bruce Meyers and a Manx enthusiast/owner.

    I love this model too; looks righteous with the Revell wheels & tires, as well as the Motohashi windshield. Price aside, it's a gorgeous item. Having a real Meyers Manx in the garage, and building it in scale, the kit part wasn't going to work for me.
  8. VW Dave added a post in a topic Anyone ever chop the top on a Volkswagen?   

    Sadly, the stretch method often 'flattens' the roofline of a Beetle......I've heard many 1:1 customizers compare it to chopping an egg. the link below shows a very nice step-by-step done by Chris Clark Customs:


    My own scale Volksrod has a rather flat chop, but I can only take credit for saving it from the trash bin at my buddy's house and finishing what he started.

  9. VW Dave added a post in a topic Let's hear/see your Craft Store findings for our models!   

    I don't remember the name, but I can get them locally if you have enough trouble getting them in your neck of the woods.
  10. VW Dave added a post in a topic bullet holes   

    Or a sharpened silver pencil...another trick I learned from military & aircraft modelers
  11. VW Dave added a post in a topic Best way to remove Testors Metalizer?   

    If it's lacquer, 91% oughta do the trick; I've had good luck stripping Tamiya spray with it as of late
  12. VW Dave added a post in a topic Hand painted bodies? (brush painted)   

    "Tastes great...and just look at that shine!"

    Drama aside - I'm blown away by your paint work, Larry. Most excellent!

    After spraying the base color, I do my dune buggy flake and initial coats of clear with a brush; the top coats are spray clear:

  13. VW Dave added a post in a topic Best tool for sanding diecast?   

    If the rivets are small, I'd start with an emery board; it's too easy to go overboard with a grinding tool. After sanding, I'd blast the whole shell with aluminum oxide media to prep for new paint.
  14. VW Dave added a post in a topic how i make rust   

    great tutorial! Looks like very realistic patina and surface rust...even on the fiberglass bed sides.
  15. VW Dave added a post in a topic "The Parts Box"   

    Don't be apprehensive in the least; they are among the best in the business. I ordered with 2 friends, and we split the postage(which was reasonable, btw). Shipping was faster than many stateside resin casters can even dream of, and the quality is top notch.

    For conversion purposes, I keep www.xe.com as a favorite; according to them, as of yesterday the US dollar was worth AU$1.057