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  1. looks great! very clean and that is a great color. the decals in those kits were not great to begin with! I'm sure the years in the box were not kind!
  2. wow! nice detail! love the seat and the windshield frame.
  3. real real nice. nice job on a great kit. I love building those! <<<<<----------
  4. Thanks for the kind words. I don't build or post a whole lot, when the weather turns cold I'm back at the models. the kit was actually pretty OK. it spent a good amount of time sanding and prepping the body. there were some sink marks, etc that I had to fill. and yes, there was a fair amount of flash on some of the parts, esp the bigger stuff like the doors. you can see the front bed panel didn't cooperate and the axles needed some mods to get it to sit relatively straight, but for a $10 ebay kit I can't complain too much. and the decals weren't great, even microset couldn't get them to sit down great. that said I will be getting another to top with a Jimmy Flintstone body, but I'll leave the engine in the front.
  5. Wanted to have some fun with a build. Mission accomplished!
  6. looks nice. that kit builds nice. the red glass really sets it off as well! now build the SWC version!
  7. thanks! those are resins from comp resins. real nice wheels. cleaned up, spray bombed with testors mag metalizer, with some black wash for the centers and silver for the lugs. I was a little disappointed with the front skinnies, but I LOVE the pie cuts on the back. I had a lot of fun with this one.
  8. Built this for a build-off on another forum. This is a great kit, I want to get another one and build it up with the 6 banger! I had a tough time with the tamyia gold paint, next time I go gold I might try the testors gold.
  9. reallll nice plumbing on that engine!
  10. thats a great story! so you owned one of the old SWC olds motors? sweet! I know a guy that had a 41 willys gasser with a hemi in the late 60s. any pictures of your old vicky gasser? mid-50s fords make great gassers, esp the 55-56 cars. I think I saw the white headers on the hemi in a jalopyjournal link or something....
  11. thanks for the comments! its the newer kit I think, fit is really nice, but the rear suspension is a little finicky. also there is soooo much chrome in there! I think I stripped about 1/2 the parts that were supposed to be chrome... how many race cars had chrome headers?
  12. gasserfreak

    66 GTO

    I ALWAYS have fun! build another, hmmm I like that idea!
  13. gasserfreak

    66 GTO

    the lower rear qtrs are not as smooth as I'd like and I noticed too late.... yeah I've painted too many 1:1 cars and am a little crazy about body work.... plus I saw this thread last week about the time I was assembling this and my jaw hit the floor: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=17136 wow! I do like a black GTO though.
  14. I really liked this car in blue. I think everyone has built one of these, but its a great little kit!
  15. the nova is a real beaut! great details!
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