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  1. fordh8r

    1971 Duster 340

    Very nice build! Love everything about...the color, the graphics, the details...all very nice!
  2. Totally love the vintage 'Old Schoolness' of this build. Very nice!
  3. Too cool! or would that be 2 cool?! Either way, very nicely done!
  4. One of my all time favorite lowrider body styles. You done good with this one Tonioseven! The color looks great too, nice and clean.
  5. What a nice paint job! Black, nonetheless! And those stripes look great on there. Really looks great!
  6. Love them Caddys. Great job on this one!
  7. Very, very, very nice! Love the color and details. I thought the data plate on the generator was a particularly nice touch. Hadn't even noticed the valve stems until someone else mentioned it.
  8. Bravo! Your Nova is awesome. The spark plug wires have the perfect amount of sag t look like real wires more than a stiffer type component. Everything else has that just right amount of detail. I look forward to building this one someday.
  9. You did this one justice for sure. A friend of mine has this exact car in 1:1, only his is blue. What a nice car.
  10. fordh8r

    55 Chevy 4x4

    I love this body style of truck! My buddy just bought a 1:1 version, only his is a '56. Nice build.
  11. Very nice! Love the color! I still say Caddys make some of the best lowriders ever. I'm not a big fan of the type of wheel you used but they just look good on this one. Awesome!
  12. I couldn't agree more with the others....NICE SAVE! What a beautiful car. Sure looks better than it did.
  13. Once again, ultra sick! How did you get the images on the side of the car in the paint? What did you use? Looks good.
  14. Love it! Everything is perfect! The details of the engine and interior reall came out great and the paint just finishes it off perfectly. Well done!
  15. That paint looks sick! I love the way the stripes are laid out and how they pass through the glass from the hood and trunk onto the dash and rear deck. Way cool!
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