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  1. looks good Dave hopefully you were spared yesterday, I got my tree through the house today while I was at work
  2. Yellow and Roadway are now YRC and overnite was bought by UPS
  3. I have 4 1/16th petes sitting, so im thinking at least 2 need to have this stuffed under the hood
  4. I have a few, new alf eagles which will be simple. alf century cab(still need to fab the body) which i have custom front rotators for and a few older alf kits plus a SSB Resins FDNY Squad kit that will be done up for Squad 252..... been on hold for a few years due to work but ill have time to start them on my vacation til mid july. If i can locate at least the packaging it came in i can list all the sizes of fiber cable i had
  5. I dont remember the exact sizes I had used but if my memory serves me correct it was 2mm. my pap had a fiber optic variety kit he bought for my gram to do one of those christmas trees and it had 5 or 6 different sizes but im strong on saying it would have been 2mm, i wish i still had the truck of photos of it because i have a fire engine i plan to light up with fiber op and strobe kits
  6. i did one a few years ago and i used fiber optic cable with one of the leds as a source for bullet lights, drilled a hole in the roof and drilled out part of the bullet to feed through
  7. Shes gorgeous, felt like i was looking at a Mitchell truck sitting at a truck stop
  8. to put a little more perspective on it the last "old beast" we had in the building before the addition with 14' doors was a 53 mack and i am taller than that truck was, so a 6' door way back then would seem to be practical for the times (at least it was up here)
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