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  1. looks good Dave hopefully you were spared yesterday, I got my tree through the house today while I was at work
  2. Yellow and Roadway are now YRC and overnite was bought by UPS
  3. I have 4 1/16th petes sitting, so im thinking at least 2 need to have this stuffed under the hood
  4. I have a few, new alf eagles which will be simple. alf century cab(still need to fab the body) which i have custom front rotators for and a few older alf kits plus a SSB Resins FDNY Squad kit that will be done up for Squad 252..... been on hold for a few years due to work but ill have time to start them on my vacation til mid july. If i can locate at least the packaging it came in i can list all the sizes of fiber cable i had
  5. I dont remember the exact sizes I had used but if my memory serves me correct it was 2mm. my pap had a fiber optic variety kit he bought for my gram to do one of those christmas trees and it had 5 or 6 different sizes but im strong on saying it would have been 2mm, i wish i still had the truck of photos of it because i have a fire engine i plan to light up with fiber op and strobe kits
  6. i did one a few years ago and i used fiber optic cable with one of the leds as a source for bullet lights, drilled a hole in the roof and drilled out part of the bullet to feed through
  7. Shes gorgeous, felt like i was looking at a Mitchell truck sitting at a truck stop
  8. to put a little more perspective on it the last "old beast" we had in the building before the addition with 14' doors was a 53 mack and i am taller than that truck was, so a 6' door way back then would seem to be practical for the times (at least it was up here)
  9. the door depends on how old the building is, the company i run with now had a 6' door when it was built in 1933. nowadays a 6' door would never make sense but the largest engine our company had before they built the addition was just under 6'. Ill put it to you this way, im 6'6" tall and i had to duck under the old door to get in the building. it doesnt seem normal but it is possible that the door is 6'. looking at the building in the picture it appears the garage door has a 4x4 top panel with a 2 foot lower. just my opinion. best bet would be to ask around and see if any of the older guys remember how large the doors were. id post a photo of our old bay doors which is now our lounge area but we dont have any photos of how the old setup was but our new man door fits the same height as the old garage door and i still have to duck to walk inside without cracking my nose off the top sill
  10. part 3 was a total letdown.......didnt enjoy it at all myself just wasnt the same without Burt in it, plus the premise overall was boring
  11. Well Kurt i have plenty of the engine decals youve done before, ill have to order some of these as well
  12. Ok Tom I went back inti my memory ofvwhen I worked at ups years ago. The p80 that u are modeling had a fiberglass hood along with the roof being white fiberglass for daytime lighting as well as the roof cone above the driver. Pretty much everything above the top pf the drivers door line was fiber with the top body long stringer being the joint line. The vinyl dave mentioned on the p80 and its smaller sister the p50 protected the fiberglass at the top from trees and such. Most had vinyl on the backs as well, not sure if it was for looks or protection from scrapes as drivers are in and out pf thebtruck so often. Most p80 and p50 models were gmc powered. I will see if I can find any old photos when I get home if I can find any ill copy them and mark off what im talking about and I should know the status of the paint this week as well.
  13. wish i had a photo of what ive done before, i mixed rust paint with graphite powder and a little flat black to darken it up, depending on how you mix and brush you get spots where there is a little more graphite than other spots and when dry looked like "flaking rust"
  14. When they first came out I didnt see much at all, now I see them more and more on road. a few small fuel fleets in my area have a few daycabs. Saw one wearing Western Distributing colors and all I could say was WOOOOOOW!!!!! I admit at first I thought it looked like an old steam loco chromed out on a truck frame, but eventually they grew on me. Peterbilt all the way but a Lonestar with the right color is gorgeous
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