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  1. Sharp build...always liked that blue on the 1:1s...
  2. At Model Roundup it's listed as an August release.
  3. I can relate, my mother passed in 2016 w/ dementia at age 85, my older brother passed earlier this year at age 72 w/ schizophrenia and dementia. I understand that various mental illnesses run in my mother's family. When my mother passed, I was living 2100 miles away and estranged--we barely spoke the last 5 years of her life, she pushed away my sister and I and wouldn't take any help or advice from us..
  4. Took a quick weekend road trip to Syracuse, NY and saw a couple new Ford Mavericks on I-90 yesterday, first I’ve seen in the wild. A black one and a blue-gray one. Sharp little truck. Saw a couple Broncos also. Also saw a sharp early 90s Mustang LX 5.0 convertible, top down. White w/ a black interior. Saw a couple Hellcat wide body Chargers--one black and one purple. Saw a very clean '68 Coupe de Ville in dark green.
  5. I'd love to see the original AMT '69 and '70 Mustangs resurrected, but they would probably have to be mostly new tooling--the original annuals got modified into funny cars, I think. The MPC '69 which has been reissued many times has always felt underscale (and lacking in some details). I do like the modern-era Revell '69, esp. the latest Boss 302 version. I plan to kit bash it with the Revell Mach 1 to make an approximate replica of my Dad's '69 1:1.
  6. I do hope they do '83-84 and '85-87 Chevy versions. The last Chevy version kitted was the '82, then they did the '83 and '84 GMC versions. I'd love to see an '83-84 Chevy.
  7. Yes it is...this kit and the SS/RS convertible would be good to mix and match parts with to do an SS convertible w/ steelies/dds and the plain grille and louvered hood.
  8. Though I have the MPC ‘68 and ‘69 annuals and resin ones, I’m looking forward to these kits.
  9. I’m fine with it being a curbside, nothing interesting under the hood to see anyway on the 1:1.
  10. From what I’ve read on the Jeep forums. To get to the headlight clusters, have to remove the bumper/grille. Standard approach, actually quite common with modern vehicles.
  11. You mean Round 2. On their FB page, they mention more variations will follow.
  12. True that..I still have the original brakes and battery at 61k on my '14 Jeep...really haven't had to do anything beyond regular oil changes and filters, a set of tires. Way more reliable so far than my previous '00 Jeep (it needed brakes and rotors at around 25k IIRC).
  13. True, nothing is designed to be DIY either...my Jeep requires removing the entire front fascia to replace headlight bulbs. About the only thing I do at home on it is vacuum the interior, leave all the servicing to the dealer.
  14. The AMT ‘66 2+2 that is coming.
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