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  1. Those wheel covers were very common on '71s... Mach 1s often had them. And in the movie stills, the Mach 1 lettering is visible on the side: Note the white wall tires. Was supposed to be a rental car in the movie IIRC. I'd assume, though, the kit will be the same old, same old MPC '73 w/ a '71-ish grille...maybe now w/ Mach 1 decals instead of Boss 351 decals.
  2. Got a couple more grilles from ZForce Modelworx...nice parts.
  3. Ah, Rabbit Car. Good to see that one back.. was a neat little kit.
  4. Got my first parts from ZForce Modelworx in the mail today, pretty nice. Note the tires are not flexible but a hard material. Have a couple earlier Chevy grilles and another wheel/tire set on order.
  5. Got my first order from them, pretty nice. Have more parts on order.
  6. I have a nicely built one in my stash. Those old annuals were pretty simple but I love them.
  7. Looking forward to planting more trees and shrubberies this year...planted a bunch of evergreens the last two summers, want to plant more this year. I find working in my yard very relaxing.
  8. Certainly more credible than anything from Fox News.. Rolling Stone has long been known as a source of good long-form journalism.
  9. Maybe Plamoz? They make a Dakota R/T wheel. https://plamoz.com/products/125-dakota-rt-style-20-wheels-set-on-line-store-limited-edition
  10. Rob Hall


    After 50+ years I can't imagine there are too many people that remember or care about Corvairs...seems like odd timing, a few decades late..
  11. I started feeling old when early 90s grunge/alternative rock from my college years started being referred to as Classic Rock on radio...
  12. Very odd about the interest in brass era cars. Maybe something related to the interest in Edison bulbs, artesianal beards, craft drinks, etc? Were I to dabble in car collecting it would be the cars of my youth--80s cars, maybe with a couple 70s cars..
  13. I built the MPC '87 and '88 kits back in the day, doing the '87 in red to match my 1:1.
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