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  1. What did you get today?

    I have the convertible version of this kit, wondered how they did the roof on the sedan version...is the roof one piece?
  2. Toyota

  3. 2019 Ram

    Weird...I thought it was in my lifetime. Anyway, it looks like the Japanese found ways around it through the 80s-90s. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicken_tax
  4. 2019 Ram

    Those double cab VWs are neat...one of my neighbors in Phoenix had a couple.
  5. new for 2018

    That was the MPC '67 GTO that had issues...had the '70 GTO seats in the previous couple reissues.
  6. 2019 Ram

    Pretty well known, I would think..that's why we don't get trucks built in Japan nowadays. And also why Ford shipped Transit Connects from Turkey with seats that they later removed and recycled..
  7. New wheel from Platz

    I'm pretty sure that is the Pegasus product. The way I understand it, the BMW M6 kit is made by nunu and Platz is the distributor---Platz Hobby is a retailer, not a manufacturer. http://www.platz-hobby.com
  8. 2019 Ram

    I've been an SUV fan and owner for decades, never had a truck. Never had a need for one. But down the road may get one, especially if I need to tow (thinking about getting a boat). I really like the looks of the new Ram..the upcoming Wrangler pickup (to be called Scrambler I've read) sounds interesting also.
  9. Corvair rampside

    I can't imagine anyone would be gullible enough to seriously believe Tamiya would make a Corvair Rampside. Paul was obviously joking.
  10. Corvair rampside

  11. 2019 Ram

    Would be nice...there are plenty of modern trucks (and SUVs) I'd like to see kitted. I'm not really a truck guy, but I have liked the Ram for a long time and like the newest one quite a bit..
  12. Yeah, my '14 Jeep Grand Cherokee I bought last year w/ 25k miles makes my old one ('00 Jeep Grand Cherokee) seem like a CJ5 in comparison...has a lot of technology..touch screen, NAV, backup camera, satellite radio, AWD w/ settings for mud, snow, etc, load leveling suspension, etc...got the extended warranty... Loving it so far..
  13. I remember when that sensor went bad on my old Jeep (2000 WJ GC)... the engine shut off while driving, would not start, was an intermittent issue over a few days...took 2 trips to the shop for them to figure it out.. they thought it was the battery cable the first time. Over 100k miles I had a lot of electrical and sensor maladies w/ that Jeep. But for the most part it got me to work everyday.
  14. new for 2018

    Round 2 releases covered in the other thread linked above..and this thread http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/126911-some-current-round-2-info-today/?page=6
  15. 2019 Ram

    Actually, the Ram 1500 Tradesman has that... according to the Ram B&P configurator site---manual windows, rubber floor covering, manual vinyl-covered bench seat... the kind of trucks that are usually white w/ black bumpers & grille that fleets buy.