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  1. A 1/25th '70s vintage forklift would be really neat to have to go w/ the various AMT trailers.
  2. I have no information, but if Revell has a Coke license, I could certainly seeing them following Round 2's model and issuing big rig cabs w/ Coke decals, pickups, the Space Shuttle, etc.. or maybe they get a Pepsi license, and do similar things w/ Pepsi..I could see that happening..
  3. I'm sure in time *what* this kit actually is will be known. On another forum, someone said that gray image looked like it had a Firebird interior.
  4. The style of Pulsar that the Hasegawa kit depicts (N14) wasn't sold in the US, but is apparently related to the early 90s Sentra sold here (N13 generation) and the long forgotten NX2000 of the early 90s. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nissan_NX
  5. Well, it's not the Revell tool, which was 1/25th and had weird bulged fenders (the body was shared w/ a Trans Am kit also), minimal engine detail, and squishy tires. Kinda curious what this kit is going to be...
  6. That came out a while back... Model Roundup has it in stock. Too early for '23. https://www.modelroundup.com/1951-Henry-J-Gasser-p/rmx-4514.htm
  7. This is the Monogram 1/24th Camaro I'm used to.. Also issued in black as the 'Midnight Z' in the 80s. So the upcoming '81' is apparently not this kit either.
  8. Interesting...never noticed that before, but after comparing side profile photos of the 2nd gen Camaro and Firebird, I see the fender arch shapes are different---rounded on the Firebird and more oval on the Camaro. Always assumed they were the same...but now I can't un-see it..
  9. Wasn't the Monogram glue kit a '78/79 and the '81 was a SnapTite? I remember building the glue kit in the 80s, black 'Midnight Z' on the box w/ a blower, had poor fitting t-tops. I wonder if this is the '81 below..
  10. I'm sure it will...I can't imagine they would finally change the exhaust...
  11. Calling it '2n1' with only 1 set of wheels is rather lame...the 5 slot wheels were the only thing potentially interesting about this reissue, IMO...
  12. Got a bunch on the ground, still coming down.
  13. Been snowing a couple hours here. A couple inches on the ground, forecast is 6-8 inches by noon tomorrow. A pic of deer in my front yard a few min ago.
  14. I definitely prefer it cold. I did drink warm Guinness in Ireland and the UK when on vacation years ago, but generally prefer it cold. The worst experience with warm (or intentionally warmed alcoholic beverage) was mulled wine....a slight taste caused an intense gag reflex--couldn't drink it, smelled like turpentine.
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