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  1. Model Roundup now has it for pre-order for Nov. https://www.modelroundup.com/1930-Ford-Model-A-Coupe-p/rmx-4464.htm
  2. Looks good...I like the dark green and tan combo. It is interesting, I don't think anyone has made a V12 E-Type in scale? One of the later Series III V12 versions would be nice to see in 1/24th.
  3. Not on the road, but on tv...watched the first 2 episodes of the new season of 'Goliath' last night, and there is a new Lucid Air seen in both episodes... I don't think it's even on sale yet, some product placement I assume.
  4. Plenty of scenarios where one might like the model posted, but not the modeler. Or the modeler may not like people that like their models. A forum is like high school, lots of petty infighting amidst cliques.
  5. Henry is 15, has arthritis and sleeps a lot. But he is still a sweet happy boy.
  6. The wheels are what I liked about the red version. Never got one, though.
  7. Which isn't really a major difference, though..wheelbase stayed the same, similar engine options, etc. Now the 1980 X-body was a big redesign--moving to FWD w/ a transverse engine, etc.
  8. Superficially new..new squared off body and revised interior, but still basically the same car...the '75-79 X-body platform wasn't that different from the '68-74. 1975 wasn't a good time for performance cars, economy was the big marketing push then...
  9. Lots of sweet cars there..love that blue Coupe de Ville at the top of the last set of pics and the gray LX Mustang in the previous set.
  10. Not lazy, just efficient. Sometimes one can react (like, sad, confused, etc) to a post or a photo and there is nothing else to add. Like/etc buttons have been standard functionality on internet groups/forums and social media for ages, it's just late coming here... nothing new.
  11. I built the Revell '56 Chevy w/ opening doors and trunk when I was 7 in 1977...swore off opening door kits for a long time after that...maybe was too much for my very first glue kit. I then built several of much simpler AMT Countdown Series kits...
  12. Odd. Notice it says Iwata at the bottom right. Isn’t that an airbrush brand?
  13. I got the Eckler's reissue years ago..I did like the headlight treatment. IIRC, didn't Revell do the Travolta Firebird?
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