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  1. I bought the resin conversion parts for this maybe 15 years ago..still haven't used them.
  2. I'm no ballerina...my attempts at snowboarding and skiing in my 20s-30s proved to me I'm not the most balanced...
  3. Thanks for posting, great pics. It was a great show, really enjoyed it. The ACD Museum is on my to-do list.
  4. Just cell phone photos taken from a distance... I try and not to get in too close to take closeups, plus in the back of my mind I have the fear (irrational?) of leaning in too far and stumbling and falling and wiping out a row of models...
  5. Those are way cool...I have parts of the Motown Missile and California Flash kits in my stash to restore.
  6. I've never had one of the original MPC Vega Pro Stock kits, so I'm looking forward to whatever they put out.
  7. Or they will be issuing 2 separate kits. A '71-73 style Pro Stock and a '74-75 Pro Stock. I know they had previously indicated the '74-75 would be the Bruce Larson USA-1 livery, I wonder what the '71-73 will be? Bill Jenkins' Grumpys Toy like the original MPC kits?
  8. My photos: https://public.fotki.com/robertwadehall/nnl-40th-anniversary/nnl-40th-anniversary/
  9. Yes, it has an engine. I wonder if it's going to be molded in color this time. I do wonder how they are going to the new front for the Camaro..I'd assume a new body and front bumper, grille, parking lights, etc.
  10. Revell doesn't have a '70. This is the modern tooling AMT '70, which has always had an RS nose in Z/28 and Baldwin Motion versions...this is a modified reissue now w/ the standard nose. The '65 Coronet is a rebox of the Polar Lights kit from about 15 years ago.
  11. It appeared to be a custom early 70s Pinto....I believe it may be a re-issue of the AMT Pinto coupe w/ custom parts that was called the 'Pintera'... that photo reminds me of this photo I found of the Pintera box side....
  12. Really enjoyed the event. Glad I could make it for the finale. Thanks for sharing..I took a bunch of pics, but I always seem to take from too far away..
  13. Yeah, a quick cell phone pic in a crowded room.
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