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  1. Hmmm...haven't seen that movie in a long time, but I recall Hackman & Defoe having a dark blue '64 Impala w/ a creaky driver's door...
  2. Nice to see the El Camino and LUV...never had the LUV kit, and have one version of the El Camino from 20 years ago.
  3. One can only assume the '68 tooling was modified to make the '69...that was the standard industry approach back then....true with many kit subjects, that's why there are so many '69 reissues of various AMT or MPC subjects and not '67 or '68 reissues...
  4. When I lived in AZ, I used to go to Barrett-Jackson most every year, and occasionally to the RM auction and Gooding & Company auction... spent hours wandering around the tents and inside looking at the cars....some looked really good up close, some were 10 ft cars, some 20 ft cars. Some had wavy panels with paint overspray on the trim, etc... a wide range of quality.
  5. The deep wheels are still in the box also (CHP Monaco)..I think I may get a set of the slotted police style wheels and hub caps from Fireball Modelworks. The new parts Round 2 included aren't the '77-78 style.
  6. $16.50 + shipping. He posted about it last Thursday on the DCC FB page. I PMed him and paid via PayPal.
  7. It's very nice..got it recently from Ed. I contacted him through his FB Drag City Casting page.
  8. I don't think so, I think the only '64 and '65 Chevelle annual kits were the wagon and El Camino. The 2dr ht was only available in Craftsman form.
  9. Yeah, the Wagoneer was available as a 2dr up through 1968. There was also a 2dr sedan delivery/panel version. Don't think I've ever seen an early 2dr. Then in '74 they brought out a 2dr Cherokee, with a different side window treatment than the older 2drs. This lasted through '83 until the XJ Cherokee came out for '84.
  10. Wowza... that is seriously cold. I may be coming up to Alberta for a few days next year...a friend here in Ohio (from Calgary) has his wedding planned for Lake Louise...next January. I've been invited, but January in Alberta makes January in Cleveland seem like Miami.
  11. Probably would be best to start fresh..the Honcho kit is a bit on the simplified and crude side.
  12. The Velocter N would be cool...or the Kia Stinger GT.
  13. From the photos, it looks like kitted one with a plain roof..too bad they didn't do the panoramic sunroof, in scale the it would show off the interior.. Given how popular CUVs and SUVs are in the modern world, more kits of this type of subject would be nice to see...like the new Chevy Blazer...or the upcoming Ford Bronco. Or any of several different Jeep models....
  14. No. It has two sets of different 5 slot GM wheels.
  15. I think the Barris custom version from 1980 or so had them also. I believe the late 80s (red car on the box) was when they switched to Shelby style wheels for the option.
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