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  1. 79 Ford LTD 2 coupe

    LTD IIs were 302s, 351s and 400s I believe. Midsizers didn't get 460s after 75 or 76...
  2. Let's see your geegaws!

    I need to dig out my '61 & '62 Continentals and check, but I remember the '61s having some sort of square switch box with 4-6 switches or buttons on the top side w/ a slot in between. Both of my '61 convertibles (acquired as buildups) have it glued in the center of the back seat, no idea what it is.
  3. Let's see your geegaws!

    I've seen old photos of cars w/ water bags, apparently it was a traveling through the desert thing from the past. http://10engines.blogspot.com/2009/05/radiator-water-bag.html
  4. I access my Instagram account from my computer by logging into my account. Nothing unusual needed. Oh, ok..I see what you are saying. I upload photos from my phone, haven't tried from my computer..
  5. 2019 Suzuki Jimny, Fujimi Models

    That's neat...the Black Bison tuner version from Wald would be neat to do.. https://jalopnik.com/the-black-bison-suzuki-jimny-wants-to-eat-your-soul-1832624769
  6. 2019 Round2 Truck Kit Releases

    Tower Hobbies has it listed for pre-order for late March, but who knows...Round 2 release dates tend to change.

    I bet this Pro Street Colt I saw Saturday was a wild drive. I should have taken a closer photo.
  8. Name that movie quote

    Fun movie...the 'Eagle 5' spaceship was based on was the same style Winnebago my folks had in the 80s...Chieftain 33ft.
  9. How cold is it where you live?

    It's 17F this morning here in the Cleveland area with a little fresh snow. it was 60F Thursday evening...February has been very up and down, with a couple days of below zero highs the week before with the polar vortex. I don't think I'd want to live anywhere colder. When I lived in Colorado, there were nights occasionally below zero.
  10. Round2 Feb. 2019 video

    In the US, the AMT tire packs retail for about 1/2 the price of a typical kit, this wheel set is listed at the same price ($13.99 on Tower Hobbies). https://www.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0097p?CATEGORY=&MANUFACTURER=AMT&FVSEARCH=PARTS+PACK
  11. Round2 Feb. 2019 video

    That would be most uncool.
  12. Which Model Gave You a Whoopin'?

    The Revell '56 Chevy 2dr sedan 'Bad Dream' was my nemesis as an 8 year old. It was my first glue kit attempt. The Revell '59 Skyliner was a challenge also when I was a few years older...but I got the top mechanism working.
  13. Revell BMW E36 line

    I'm not sure if Dragon is still around..
  14. AMT to MPC Molds/Kits/Tooling?

    I have a '67 AMT annual boxed version of the Barracuda...but I don't know if the tooling originated w/ AMT or MPC, since MPC had '68 and '69 annuals.
  15. Revell BMW E36 line

    The Revell 325i is one I don't have..I have the Tamiya E36 325i and Dragon M3 coupe.