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  1. Yes, I had preordered mine in digital form several months ago, and they sent me a link to the Zinio version today.
  2. I thought the Saturn was the better looking of the two. Haven’t seen one of either in a long time
  3. Got my 2nd Pfizer shot a little over 24 hours ago, no side affects so far except for a sore shoulder yesterday.
  4. Probably 85%. I started getting AARP mail when I was 39. The forum does skew older, I'm probably amongst the younger at 50.
  5. Sweet...I built the Revell Bora kit as a kid, never got the Merak kit.
  6. Other than shipping delays, I've never had a problem w/ Amazon delivery..I get packages from them sometimes 4 times a week, they always put them by the front door. With 3 cameras I can see them walking up the drive to the door. Walmart delivery has been fine also, along w/ Instacart for my local groceries. I've had USPS, UPS and Fed Ex leave packages for other neighbors at my door...once got what was clearly an Apple laptop left at my door for a neighbor 5 houses down the street..walked it down. The most annoying thing is even after over 4 years here, i still get mail addressed to the previous owners.
  7. I've had that happen more than once...with the USPS, I called the local PO and told them about it....the package showed up a couple hours later. A couple times, the package had been delivered to a house w/ the same number but two streets over on a street with a very similar name..
  8. Isn't it usually 'gewgaws'? First time I noticed the spelling difference in this thread....
  9. This has been covered in a couple threads..several new and modified releases coming from the German side (the Jaguar XK-E coupe and roadster, VW van variations, new tool 70s Porsche 911, etc), and the Bronco pickup w/ off road vehicle on a trailer...
  10. Have you tried asking about in the FSM forums? Seems like the appropriate place.
  11. I wondered about that....the estimated speed came from the SUV's telemetry, that may not be admissible for a citation, since it wasn't recorded by a speed camera (stationary or officer-used).
  12. Yeah, and those probably won't be available at the usual vendors until May...
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