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  1. Is that the same boat & trailer that was packaged with the '70 Pontiac Bonneville convertible (Model King release) maybe 15 years ago?
  2. Sounds like it might be a January release...Model Roundup has it and the Coronet as preorders for January.
  3. Canuck 3D Model Parts has wheel covers for the '67 Impala 4dr (and also the '70-72 Chevelle), Fireball Modelworks makes a variety of wheel covers and hubcaps for various '60s-70s cars. http://wylde.ca/canuck3d.html https://fireballmodels.info
  4. I get a lot of Amazon emails (I buy a lot from them, subscribe to their Prime streaming channels, etc). My email routing rules filter well, so anything that is bogus pretty consistently ends up in my spam folder. And even if they get to my inbox, poor grammar, typos and bogus email domains flag them as suspicious.
  5. Grass can be frustrating to maintain, with the cycle of spring/summer/fall/winter care…
  6. I was a customer for 20 years, dropped them a couple years ago for Mint Mobile. For the most part been happy w/ Mint, about $240/year, 10gb month data. Not unlimited data like I had with Verizon, but since I work from home I’m mostly on WiFi. About the only downside to Mint I’ve seen is I get weak signal (dropping to LTE) in rural areas. Still using my 2020 iPhone SE, though thinking of upgrading to a newer model.
  7. I saw Herb Alpert in concert a few years ago...great music.. for people and bands known for nstrumental pop/rock music, I do like some The Ventures, The Shadows, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Mogwai...
  8. Yes, a long time ago...quite good IIRC...
  9. Heat is in my all time top 5 movies, probably seen it 20 times...I Love Michael Mann films, incl. Collateral, Thief, Manhunter, The Insider, his Miami Vice movie....love Mann's use of music (his movies have great soundtracks) and cinematography. I saw Heat in the theatre back in day, have had it on VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K..
  10. Ronin had a good cast and great chases, IIRC the cars were an Audi A8, BMW 5-series (E34 generation), Mercedes 6.9/450 SEL (late 70s), and various Peugeots..
  11. Nah, Elon Musk said this last week.
  12. There is a resin kit of the EV concept, got one on order.
  13. Should work on the '68 GTO also. They look so good w/ steelies and dds, esp. in dark colors, IMO...
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