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  1. Got the 2020 SA Contest Cars issue and a couple Revell reissues in the mail today.
  2. Got a check from my mortgage company today for 62 cents. Apparently, there had been an overpayment from escrow for property tax.
  3. I like that '83-84 Mustang convertible...the TR6 reminds me of my ex-brother-in-law #1's car, he had an orange one he repainted in that same maroon. I remember riding in it as a kid, and that he was always working on it..always had some electrical issue...
  4. That color on the RR reminds me of Winchester Gray which I've seen '70-71 Challengers in.
  5. I saw the box art pic for the upcoming reissue on the FB, it says it has a turbo V6...I assume that means the Syclone engine parts...I don't have the original issue S10 kit, did it have that also ?
  6. Ok. Anyway, since the 70 kit tooling was derived from the ‘68-69, the convertible style tub was continued. 50 years ago, accuracy wasn’t as much of a concern to the model companies as it is/should be today..
  7. There was a convertible promo, I think.
  8. Yes, real. An AMT rebox of the Johan kit. From the early 70s.
  9. Most annual kits from the 60s that had both a hardtop and a convertible version have convertible interiors in the hardtop. There are many examples. This resin interior tub was no doubt mastered from a kit part.
  10. Didn’t he used to be a regular on these forums? George53 or something like that?
  11. Definitely would require a lot of cutting. Some size comparisons:
  12. At first glance they appeared round and black. I'll have to check again. Edit: pics of the tars. The front ones are narrow generic tires
  13. I watched this movie last year and googled it then, it was a Mistral kit car body on an Austin-Healey chassis. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hemmings.com/stories/2010/11/03/spinout-slipup-what-car-stood-in-for-the-wet-cobra/amp
  14. In the US, that would easily be $5k worth of damage. This was over $5k on my sister’s Trax a couple years ago.
  15. The Taurus was a largish US specific model, there wasn't a UK version. It was larger than the Fusion/Mondeo. The US had the Focus (1st and 3rd gen), and the US Fusion which was a sedan version of the 4th gen Mondeo.
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