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  1. Ranger was a trim package on the F-series from '65-81, before the compact Ranger came around...
  2. Sharp build w/ nice weathering... reminds me of the older 4x4s I used to see in the small mountain towns of Colorado I'd see when out exploring.
  3. Not interested in this, have several of the reissues of the stock '70 and '72 along w/ a '71 annual. Would be neat to see the '72 reissued in this version, though:
  4. Exactly...too many other kits have that problem... or worse, ones with no front support or cowl piece... open from the top of the windshield forward is a recipe for warpey...
  5. That kit is race only, though, so of limited use...
  6. They could have kept a solid panel in place and tooled up a separate grille and headlight buckets to fit onto it, but that would have increased parts count and cost.
  7. Separate would have facilitated doing a subsequent '73 version, but not sure there would be much demand for that..
  8. Yeah, can't see much point in that, esp. considering Revell has a very nice Daytona...better for Round 2 to do something new and different. Rerunning their tired MPC Daytona kit w/ the ill-fitting nose costs very little.. On the other hand, I don't know if Round 2 has Fast & the Furious licensing anymore, but a snap kit of the heavily customized Daytona from the 6th film would be neat.
  9. I can't think of another service that has the vast reach and # of potential customers as eBay. I know some sell on Amazon as an Amazon seller...but never bought a used kit on Amazon. I think of Amazon as a place to source new stuff, not sure how effective it would be for selling kits.
  10. The way I understand it, Instead of the seller directly receiving PayPal payments and using PayPal to print their address/postage label, the PayPal payment goes to the eBay Managed Payment account then to the sellers bank, and the seller uses the eBay Managed Payment system to print the label/postage... so eBay is more a middle man than before as far as payments. Using eBay Managed Payments is now mandatory for sellers is my understanding.
  11. It's happened more than once... I bought two builtup Johan '66 Cadillac hardtops on eBay a few years apart because I forgot I had one already (I had the earlier purchase in my spreadsheet as a '65). More recently, in 2017 after moving cross country, I thought I had a Revell of Germany Mercedes AMG GT... I remember thinking I had it, but didn't find it after unpacking all the models I'd moved, so I bought one. About a year later, I was unpacking some random boxes in my basement and found an unopened package from Model Roundup---had a RoG Mercedes GT and two Moebius '69 Ford pickups in it. Had to think about it, and what I think happened is that order came right as I was finishing up the packing for the move and never opened it, just put it in the moving Pod.
  12. eBay Managed Payments is what they call it. My sister sells occasionally on eBay, and she set up a separate checking account to link to it. Said it takes a couple days to get payments into the account compared to how it was when using PayPal directly.
  13. MCW has a ‘64 and a ‘65 Cutlass ht available.
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