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  1. Pretty sure every generation of Supra (and Celica) has been of unibody construction....surprised none of the kits of this generation have been made w/ the targa top, I remember that being popular on the 1:1s back in the day.
  2. This is the box art to the kit I have. Opening hood and 6 cyl engine. There was also a Craftsman version that I didn't realize existed.
  3. Interesting that they list the wagon as a Craftsman model, which was a designation used on curbsides in the 60s. IIRC, the stock wagon kit had an engine ( mine is in storage). Regarding the above question about the Falcon, it’s a tube frame altered wheelbase drag car, last seen in several Model King reissues in the 00s.
  4. Cool...never built either of those, esp. like the JPS livery on the Europa...
  5. ERTL released 4 ESCI tools under the AMT brand in 1988--Porsche 928, Lamborghini Countach, Ferrari 250 SWB, and Ferrari 512BB. There were ESCI/ERTL branded kits a few years before that, I believe. (I don't recall ever seeing ESCI/ERTL branded kits in the US—early 80s, maybe?) Kind of odd for an ESCI VW Golf to reappear like this, would have thought they would have reissued the AMT tool Rabbit...
  6. Lots of movies where stuff like this happens... there was a chase in the movie 'Arlington Road' where Jeff Bridges was driving a Ford Contour, that seems to change from an early model ('95-97) to a later model ('98+) and back during the sequence. Another one that was just way off as far as the year--the film 'The Debt' had a scene set at a W. German air force runway in 1966--there was a '66 Impala, and next to it..an early 80s Olds 88.
  7. I watched that movie a couple weeks ago and noticed that scene... heh heh...transforming Plymouth police car..
  8. Could be a one-off..who knows, things done by dealers and aftermarket tuners seem like they were more variable in olden days..
  9. The Yenko package also seemed to include a rear spoiler.
  10. A Baldwin-Motion 427 version would be a neat variation....Revell has done B-M kits in the past.
  11. I can't seem to delete my duplicate post. The forums don't seem to allow deleting posts..the formatting ended up weird when I quoted your post the first time.
  12. The 68/69 GTO was developed by Monogram around 40 years ago. Different management and development processes than what the Revell of today has...so really, no correlation.
  13. No correlation. Different company almost 40 years ago.
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