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  1. Out on Kelleys Island (an Ohio island in Lake Erie) yesterday I saw a clean red/cream '55 Chevy Bel Air convertible, a clean yellow w/ black top late 60s-early 70s Jeep Commando, and a couple '59-60 Ford pickups that had been put out to pasture. After taking the ferry back to the mainland, I saw a dark blue Bentley Mullsanne and a dark red Lamborghini Aventador driving through Marblehead.
  2. Rob Hall

    What if...?

    Speaking of 'what if' Broncos, i saw a neat custom extended 4dr '60s Bronco in Arizona a few years ago... thought about building something like that out of a couple Revell kits.
  3. That's typical, though for an AMT tool from the early 60s..can't expect it to be like more modern Revell tooling. This thing is pretty ancient.
  4. I don't know the specifics of the board software, but in my experience themes can be very fiddly and frustrating... I've been fighting the last couple of days with a custom theme on an IBM Websphere portal cluster for my client in Barbados. The theme is working fine in the QA environment, but the production environment is causing headaches..
  5. All the optional parts (performance and custom) were in the 2015 'Heavy Chevy' reissue, this brings some unique parts--the dog dish hubcaps and fire dept lighting, etc. Though a 2dr ht Fire Chief car seems improbable, given the context of when it was originally issued, it would be a good piece to go w/ the Ford police car and Chevy police and fire vans.
  6. Saw a dark gray Aston Martin Vanquish on a back road yesterday evening, and a clean yellow Jeep Commando w/ black top a few days ago.
  7. I remember building the original issue of the kit when I was in high school...was molded in black, I did it in maroon to match a buddy's car. The optional parts in the original issue were a TPI and intake and slotted mags IIRC.
  8. Neat cart. I had a rental golf cart out on Kelleys Island on Lake Erie yesterday, it was a hoot driving around the island...gas powered, slow and loud.. had seat belts and cupholders, but no reverse gear...had to push it out of a parking spot at a restaurant.
  9. With the ESCI/Italeri, you can build a LWB 2dr. I don't have the ESCI, but like that appearance w/ the soft top. The Italeri ones only seem to have the hard top w/ the funny side windows.
  10. Lots of opportunities to scratch build variations, or for resin casters... I like the pickups, some seem to have a separate bed and some integrated w/ the cab. Or how about the funky tracked one?
  11. Here are some good reference photos of a restored one.
  12. Lots of good pics of a restored '75 here, will be useful for the upcoming Revell kit. 36 photos of restored '75 Land Rover 109
  13. Cool... I need to plan a vacation to Michigan to see various museums and car-related events. I lived in Ann Arbor from '94-97, was in Detroit last night for a concert at the fabulous Fox Theater on Woodward Ave...I could definitely spend a week exploring Detroit, been 20+ years since I've been downtown.
  14. This afternoon on my way to get comfort food (tacos) and visit my Sunday happy place (Home Depot) I was followed for several miles by a bright green Lambo Huracan. I’m sure he was annoyed by being unable to pass on the winding, hilly 45mph two lane road.
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