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  1. Not since the mid 70s. The video shows the hood molded in, and he mentions early in the video it can be cut out.
  2. The Street Machine version of the ‘68 El Camino apparently had mini tubs in the rear, or so I’ve heard. I’ve only had the stock version so I don’t know.
  3. I am wondering what pickup they are issuing. They have a photo of a 1:1 stock Chevy fleetside 4x4, which the old Revell kit definitely isn’t. There is the Chevy 4x4 stepside which was reissued a few years ago and the GMC fleetside 4X4 (both Monogram 1/24th). Could make a Chevy fleetside easily enough with a grille swap…
  4. Note that it says CJ-7. Just a reissue of the Monogram CJ-7, I’d assume. And the photo of a 1:1 they used is straight from the Wikipedia article on the CJ-7.
  5. Reminds me, I have a builtup '60 Edsel convertible kit that has a '61 Impala interior and chassis...got it in a collection about 30 years ago in decent shape.
  6. Lots to look forward to from Round 2...looking forward to the Coronet convertible, '66 Mustang, the reissue of the '66 T-Bird (looks like it has some new/restored parts), the Sodbusker pickup, the GTO recreations, etc..
  7. Different trim levels. The lower trim had 2 headlights, the higher trim had 4 headlights...
  8. So with the usual delays, the GTO and Mustang probably won’t be out until March or later..
  9. There is a kit of the TDF Pointer from one of the Japanese kit makers, I think.
  10. Barrett-Jackson was always fun...I think I went at least a dozen times to the Scottsdale event between 2000 and 2017.. a lot of walking, a lot of interesting cars. Sensory overload. I went to a few of the R-M and Gooding & Company auctions over the years also when I lived there.
  11. ...and the new AMT '21 Charger R/T kit looks like it has a nice 5.7 in it.
  12. I heard back from him on the 18th and placed my order. He told me the same thing. No worries.
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