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  1. I've seen a few Cayennes towing trailers...I recall seeing one towing a small Airstream and another towing a car trailer w/ a 911 race car on it.
  2. '95 was when the Explorer went to the SLA suspension. The early Explorers ('91-94) had TTB similar to the Bronco II, but never kitted in 1/25th. There was an early Explorer 2dr in 1/20th by Lindberg, IIRC...
  3. Snapped a pic of my Yorkie Henry dozing in his bed in my office this evening. He is 16, had him since he was 6..
  4. I drove an '88 Bronco II for 6 years back in the 90s...was a fun little SUV w/ a manual. Biggest issues I had with it were the driver's seat back warped over time, 3 years in Michigan got it rusty, it was underpowered (struggled with the mountains on I-70 in Colorado), and was sensitive to crosswinds. It was my first SUV, and had my first off-roading experiences in Colorado with it. When it was tired and rusty I traded it and moved on to the larger, plusher WJ Jeep Grand Cherokee...22 years later, still driving JGCs..... My late brother's '89 Bronco II is sitting in my barn, need to put a battery in it and some air in the tires, get a key made and see if it will run...
  5. Regular cabs are definitely a rarity down here in the US also...my ex-brother-in-law's brother owns a construction company, saw him recently with his new 2022 Chevy Silverado 2500HD regular cab long bed work truck. Might be the first regular cab of the current gen Silverado I've seen in person.
  6. Yes...the scoop goes in front of the rear wheel well....
  7. Yeah, the AMT '77/78 Pinto was reissued a few years ago. MPC made a '78 Pinto hatchback and wagon, the wagon got modified into a '79 which has been reissued, but was the MPC hatchback ever updated to a '79?
  8. So MPC was still doing the year on the plate thing then... I've seen the year on the plate on late 70s and 80s promos, didn't realize the kits were still doing it.
  9. That is a great ad...never seen '70s MPC catalogs, I wonder how many of these were still in the catalog for '76, '77, etc.
  10. As far as favorites, It's a toss up between my '87 Mustang GT (5.0, 5spd) and my '96 BMW M3. Still have the Mustang, been in storage a long time..need to get it on the road again. Both were very fun to drive on the windy, twisty back roads of Ohio (the Mustang) and Colorado (both). Had others that were more practical daily driver cars (a couple Cadillac sedans, two Grand Cherokees, an old Mercedes S-class) but for fun, it was hard to beat the 5.0 or the E36...
  11. Uh, no..it's not 1982. The modern Blazer does have the 3.6 V6 as an option, though. The modern Blazer is basically the GMC Acadia with different styling. Bigger than the Equinox, smaller than the Traverse.
  12. They are neat little trucks, haven’t seen one yet in person. Reminds me of the size of the older Rangers. My Dad had one (‘93) and my brother had 2 (‘97 and ‘09). They were useful for light duty hauling.
  13. Yes, the convertible kits have a convertible interior w/ the convertible style side panels and narrowed backseat. I'd assume the fastback will have a different interior bucket w/ wider backseat and parcel shelf, different interior side panels, etc.
  14. Pics I've seen of old cars with them, there is usually a gap between the rubber stop on the bar and the leaf spring. I think they are supposed to prevent/reduce leaf spring windup under acceleration?
  15. Welcome.. Your country is a scenicl place, I spent a few hours in Locarno and Lugano when I was on vacation in the Italian Alps/lakes some years back.. I want to go back and explore more of the country..
  16. And the '85 Z/28 is the old Monogram Snap-Tite kit, last reissued in 2012. Decent kit IIRC..
  17. I like Prescott..used to go up there and Flagstaff often when I lived in Phoenix to try and escape the heat...
  18. True, it good to cut down to the essential. The forum software does collapse the quote though, if it's longer than a certain length.
  19. Quoting makes it clear which post you are replying to, esp. when there is a lot of activity in a thread. See the difference?
  20. Quoting makes it clear which post you are replying to, esp. when there is a lot of activity in a thread.
  21. I think more appropriate for this thread would be this one:
  22. That red one is gorgeous, love the modern sized honeycomb wheels.
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