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  1. Got a bunch of goodies today, incl the new Bronco and trailer set. Interesting it didn’t have plastic wrap but tape on all 4 sides. From eBay got a cheap extra Revell Suburban with a bad box, that is to use with the Jimmy Flintstone phantom shortened Suburban body. Also got a Jimmy Flintstone ‘61 Ford Fairlane 2dr sedan.
  2. I generally don’t have issues w/ the USPS, UPS, FedEx or Amazon. Sometimes items get misdelivered to a house with the same house number and a similar street name 2 streets over. My mail delivery person drives a slick Mercedes RHD 2 seater.
  3. Ah. Interesting. Ideal is an old toy company. Made all sorts of stuff.
  4. The last pic looks like someone's parts box buggy made from random parts put together...looks like maybe a Corvair engine? Not sure about the origin of the Thunderbird. '56? I don't think it's the Monogram...I do see on Scalemates that Premier and Korris Kars made them in 1/25th, never seen one though.
  5. Yeah, their websites aren't very accurate for either the EU or US side as far as current kits and upcoming releases.. they don't seem to put much effort into it. They still have the Porsche 918 in the Street Rods category on the US site, for example.
  6. I missed this year's event--went to the Ashtabula Covered Bridge Festival on the other side of the state...want to go to the next one, though.
  7. I think it’s all random now as to when certain items appear in certain markets, lots of chaos in global transportation logistics is my understanding. Things appear when they do. I have a number of kits on preorder in the US and Japan, they will appear eventually I figure.
  8. Model Roundup has it for preorder, release later this month... we'll see. I plan to get a couple.
  9. I've seen the 30 coupe listed as a November release by some US vendors. I have one on preorder w/ Model Roundup, they say November, we'll see...
  10. I like this Killers album and the album art w/ the stylized '70 Challenger.
  11. Not a Nickelback fan, but I like this cover w/ a '60 Thunderbird. Not a Kieth Urban fan either, but I do like his song 'Days Go By' and the album artwork appears to have a '75-78 LTD (that funky pillar w/ a window nails it).
  12. I hadn’t heard of freeze plugs, core plugs or Welch plugs, but the Wikipedia article was interesting.
  13. My understanding is that the current battery packs are very heavy. At least that weight is down low. I'm sure as battery technology evolves, the weight will come down.
  14. That's pretty average to light for a midsize CUV and for an EV CUV. The Tesla Model Y it competes with is about the same size and weight...by comparison, my Jeep which is slightly larger with a V6 and AWD is close to 5000lbs. The larger Tesla Model X is 5000 to 5500lbs. Some EV CUVs are much heavier--the new GMC Hummer EV is over 9000lbs.
  15. Over the weekend, I took a tour of the covered bridges of Ashtabula County, Ohio (far northeastern corner of Ohio, on Lake Erie and the PA state line)... miles and miles of driving down backroads, some paved, some gravel and dirt with mud and potholes. Visited 12 covered bridges over two days. On one leg, I was behind this Porsche 911 Turbo cab (996 generation), and the driver was going slow dodging the mud puddles on several miles of gravel/dirt roads. My Jeep faired well w/ the occasionally rough road conditions. Got in a couple beaches last night also.
  16. I assume the ‘68 tooling was reworked to do the ‘69. Chassis and engine likely were carried over. I’ve never compared mine, though. By the way, I don’t think MPC did a ‘67 Impala. Never seen one. I have the original AMT ‘67 ht & convertible.
  17. Machine some tiny bolts to bolt down the bracket...
  18. I also have the red non-turbo version, got a few years ago along w/ a 911 in the same series. Those Monogram small box curbsides are neat.
  19. A Meijers opened here in June, haven’t been in lately. Will have to check it out.
  20. I really haven't bought much since August..been quiet until the last week...these came over the last few days..
  21. I’ve thought of reworking a 2+2 body to fit the Grand Prix chassis, which would be the right wheelbase. The body would require sectioning in two places—the Catalina has a shorter wheelbase than the Bonneville, and a shorter rear overhang IIRC.
  22. I don’t see a side marker on the rear quarter, so maybe a ‘67..
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