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  1. Always liked these. When I lived in Colorado in the 90s-00s had several friends and coworkers with them. Saw a lot of them on the trails and roads of Colorado. Looked at buying one in ‘00 but went for the larger Grand Cherokee…
  2. When I lived in Colorado Springs 20+ years ago, I remember driving on Kelly Johnson Boulevard that was named after him..it is close to the US Air Force Academy.
  3. I like the new interior from the pics, esp. with the red seat trim.
  4. First models were a bunch of Lindberg and Revell 1/32nd snap kits around 1975-1976. First glue kit was the Revell '56 Chevy 'Bad Dream' in 1977, followed by the AMT 1/43 Peterbilt truck and Dannon yogurt trailer and Johan '60 Plymouth wagon, and several of the AMT Countdown Series kits for xmas 1978. I still have them all, some a bit worse for the wear...this summer I boxed them up and have them in my basement after cleaning out my childhood home where they spent the last 40+ years.
  5. I remember when that came out, and people on the modeling social media of the day (Usenet's rec.models.scale channel) were talking about the error in the box art...
  6. Nice weather today, went to the beach and saw a lot of Corvettes out and about. The oldest one I saw was this bronze ‘68 in a parking lot.
  7. Yep...went there for grad school from '94-97.
  8. Look forward to seeing the new gen in person...I like the current version. I'm thinking of a late model GT six-speed convertible would be a fun summer car once i get my garaging sorted. Would go well w/ my '69 and '87 Mustangs.
  9. Speaking of streaking, my college I went to for my 2nd round of grad school had a tradition called the ‘Naked Mile’ for the last day of classes. A run around the quad. I did not partake.
  10. Many of these have all been posted over the years, but I thought I'd update my thoughts: A new tool '65 GTO. The old AMT is tired. (or maybe retool the existing kit to the '64 LeMans convertible annual!).. A new tool '67-68 Cougar. I have a few of the AMT annuals, I have a couple resins, have my Dad's 1:1 now..just always had a soft spot for these cars, would love a new full detail kit. A '68-69 Mercury Cyclone GT. Never kitted before, kind of a missing muscle car. A '68-69 Buick GS. Never kitted before, kind of a missing muscle car. A full detail late model '15+ Challenger...infinite variations, and would be a good companion piece for Round 2 to do to go with the upcoming Charger. A full detail '15-22 Mustang GT...variations could include the Shelby GT 350, Shelby GT 350R, Shelby GT500.. A full detail C8 Corvette. Any current full size pickup. The most recent full size truck kits are over 20 years old. Any current mid size pickup. The most recent midsize or compact truck kits are over 25 years old. The modern Ford Maverick pickup. Neat little truck. Any current Porsche 911 variation or 718 Cayman/Boxster. Likewise for Audi, BMW, Mercedes...just a real dearth of modern subjects out there.
  11. Not complacent, but content...nothing to complain about..there are many factors..I genuinely like my current team, it's low stress, I work with interesting technology, pretty much 40 hrs a week from home and make over $150k/yr, which is reasonable in my field, though I could get more elsewhere if I went back to contracting, went to an intense, risky startup, or moved to the West Coast. I have good benefits, 401(k), unlimited PTO, bonuses, and a sizable company stock grant that pays out over the next few years. Don't need to job hop just to pay more taxes.. Been in the game long enough to know the grass isn't always greener...I have worked at too many places that seemed good at the interview but were miserable, dysfunctional sweat shops w/ long hours..
  12. The job market is strong currently in my field (software engineering)...I'm constantly getting inquiries from recruiters.. I'm happy at my current job and have a great salary and am 100% WFH, but in the current market I could probably make an extra $30-50k pretty easily by jumping to another gig.
  13. I built the Revell kits back in the day, and remember them to be quite nice I have an unbuilt Lindberg somewhere in my stash...never had the AMT kits.
  14. AMT did a '97 2wd....IIRC it had a 1:1 regular cab longbed on the box in blue... they also did a SnapFast extended cab in red.
  15. Looks like a 1959 Continental front bumper.
  16. I built that one as a kid also in the early 80s...was disappointing. I still have it, a bit worse for wear but complete..dug it out of my bedroom closet in my childhood home a few months ago when I was cleaning the house out before putting it up for sale. Recovered about 150 models that I built from around 1975 to 1990, some mint unbuilt, some build well, some damaged..got them all in my basement, plan to go through them this winter.
  17. I pay all my bills electronically, only use one stamp (and check) a month to pay my yard service. And stamps for voting by mail. Other than that, using a stamp has been a rarity for me for a decade or more.
  18. Speaking of Acuras, I'd love to see a Legend coupe, either generation. My sister had a first gen in gold like the gold one below, I drove it occasionally years ago, was a sweet car...and I like the 2nd gen also..
  19. I wonder if it’s available in that dark green I’ve seen the RS5 and RS7 in.
  20. A retool of the MPC '80 Duster to a make a Dodge Aspen R/T would be neat.
  21. The slotted wheels on the white version look like they might be the same style as came with the red 'Street Rat' version of the '66 Malibu flip-nose?
  22. Interesting. How about some 1/25th bags of trash or trash cans to go with the new garbage truck kit?
  23. Stiff suspension can be great at the track or a winding road, but uncomfortable on rough roads.
  24. Automation of manual processes can have unintended side effects.
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