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  1. Took a quick weekend road trip to Syracuse, NY and saw a couple new Ford Mavericks on I-90 yesterday, first I’ve seen in the wild.  A black one and a blue-gray one.  Sharp little truck.   Saw a couple Broncos also. Also saw a sharp early 90s Mustang LX 5.0 convertible, top down. White w/ a black interior.  Saw a couple Hellcat wide body Chargers--one black and one purple.   Saw a very clean '68 Coupe de Ville in dark green. 

  2. 29 minutes ago, Luc Janssens said:

    I'm wondering if the '69 & '70 Mustang annuals from amt would be good material to replicate and improve.

    Any Mustang specialists who can comment?





    I'd love to see the original AMT '69 and '70 Mustangs resurrected, but they would probably have to be mostly new tooling--the original annuals got modified into funny cars, I think.   The MPC '69 which has been reissued many times has always felt underscale (and lacking in some details).  

    I do like the modern-era Revell '69, esp. the latest Boss 302 version. I plan to kit bash it with the Revell Mach 1 to make an approximate replica of my Dad's '69 1:1.  

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  3. 2 hours ago, DZ7581 said:

    I hope a version with the 85-87 grill and a long box are being considered. 

    I do hope they do '83-84 and '85-87 Chevy versions.  The last Chevy version kitted was the '82, then they did the '83 and '84 GMC versions.

    I'd love to see an '83-84 Chevy.


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  4. 1 minute ago, deuces wild said:

    The decal sheet from the SS/RS convertible kit is a nice one... It has decals for the houndstooth seat covers...

    Yes it is...this kit and the SS/RS convertible would be good to mix and match parts with to do an SS convertible w/ steelies/dds and the plain grille and louvered hood. 

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  5. 7 minutes ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

    Where on Earth did you get that idea?    

    From what I’ve read on the Jeep forums. To get to the headlight clusters, have to remove the bumper/grille.  Standard approach, actually quite common with modern vehicles.  

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  6. 8 minutes ago, iamsuperdan said:

    I saw a post about this somewhere. Maybe Revell's IG account?

    Anyway, it mentioned that this would be the first of several iterations. So it sounds like an R/T first, and a Hellcat will follow.


    You mean Round 2.  On their FB page, they mention more variations will follow.  

  7. 3 minutes ago, Mark said:

    Not that anything newer really needs much in the way of service.  My current 2018 car is approaching 58,000 miles...original tires (I do switch tires for winter, but the snows go on late and come off ASAP), little else touched other than oil changes.  The rear brakes were replaced at about 45,000 miles...someone who heard that was surprised.  With my previous vehicle, all four wheels had been done twice by then.  The original stuff barely got through the warranty period.


    True that..I still have the original brakes and battery at 61k on my '14 Jeep...really haven't had to do anything beyond regular oil changes and filters, a set of tires.  Way more reliable so far than my previous '00 Jeep (it needed brakes and rotors at around 25k IIRC).

  8. 1 hour ago, Mark said:

    Newer vehicles aren't designed to be taken apart...they're designed to be put together as simply and quickly as possible, with the least amount of labor.  Disassembly is the buyers' problem...

    True, nothing is designed to be DIY either...my Jeep requires removing the entire front fascia to replace headlight bulbs.  About the only thing I do at home on it is vacuum the interior, leave all the servicing to the dealer.  

  9. My neighbor across the street was annoying for a few years w/ his late model Mustang--turbo 4 with an aftermarket exhaust that went BRRAAAAWWWPPPP down the street weekday mornings around 5:30.  He traded it a couple months ago on a quiet late model BMW 3-series.  No exhaust mods that I've heard yet....

    Alas, though this spring has been full of home improvement project noise on my street--one neighbor getting a new fence, another running a Bobcat through their backyard on a big landscaping project, tree trimming/removal up and down the street, roofs being replaced, etc.     I've missed a lot of the noise, esp. on the weekends as I go down to my inherited mud farm to cleanup and clean out 4-5 times a week (90 miles each way)...

  10. 1 hour ago, SSNJim said:

    I saw a Porsche Cayenne pulling a U-Haul trailer today. The trailer was about enclosed motorcycle trailer-size, not really big.

    I don't think I've ever seen any Porsche pulling a trailer.

    I've seen a few Cayennes towing trailers...I recall seeing one towing a small Airstream and another towing a car trailer w/ a 911 race car on it.

  11. 12 minutes ago, Plowboy said:

    One would have to use an Explorer for a Bronco II donor. But, I'm not sure if the Explorer had the TTB in '96. I have one that I can check. There were no 4X4 Rangers. AMT did make a long bed 4X4 Ranger as a promo. But, it has everything molded in.  

    '95 was when the Explorer went to the SLA suspension.  The early Explorers ('91-94) had TTB similar to the Bronco II, but never kitted in 1/25th.  There was an early Explorer 2dr  in 1/20th by Lindberg, IIRC...

  12. I drove an '88 Bronco II for 6 years back in the 90s...was a fun little SUV w/ a manual.  Biggest issues I had with it were the driver's seat back warped over time, 3 years in Michigan got it rusty, it was underpowered (struggled with the mountains on I-70 in Colorado), and was sensitive to crosswinds.  It was my first SUV, and had my first off-roading experiences in Colorado with it.  When it was tired and rusty I traded it and moved on to the larger, plusher WJ Jeep Grand Cherokee...22 years later, still driving JGCs.....

    My late brother's '89 Bronco II is sitting in my barn, need to put a battery in it and some air in the tires, get a key made and see if it will run...

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  13. 54 minutes ago, Michael Bentt said:

    We do not have those cars here where I live, but does it looks to anyone else that the body sill trim may be backwards? I may be mistaken merely compare to the package.

    Yes...the scoop goes in front of the rear wheel well....

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  14. 36 minutes ago, Mark said:

    That's what I said...just wondering if any were produced with '75 bodies.  Other than that plate detail, the two Vega kits would have had the same plastic in the box, just different paper...

    So MPC was still doing the year on the plate thing then... I've seen the year on the plate on late 70s and 80s promos, didn't realize the kits were still doing it.

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