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  1. Last one I knew about was ModelHaus so I grabbed one my very last order.
  2. Why not do both and Good Luck and be Safe
  3. I think one of the 1966 442's had wire wheel covers, it would be pretty hard to make out the center cap.
  4. The Revell nova, ss 350 I forgot the 1968-1970 kit. try that
  5. I'm sorry, going by your numbers here it was scheduled for 4th qtr 2010 and released july 2016. So I should of said 6 years and Not 7 or 9. If them Vega's come out before 2020 i'll be surprised.
  6. I won't hold my breath, the 1964 Plymouth they kept showing at shows took 7 or maybe 9 years to get made. We have been hearing and seeing this on their website since 2016 so I figure sometime after 2020.
  7. I'm sure I read somewhere that the AAR and TA only was available in 5 different colors only, and no black. Anybody else ?
  8. Thanks again guy's. there was a difference with color on models, 202, 404 or the fancy one and if they were cloth and vinyl or all vinyl. Blue beige and black was available on anything, the 404 all vinyl you could get red and palomino also.This thing does not have to be a museum piece, probably just go with black unless I find something certain. Again Thank You, Bubba
  9. Does anybody know the interior colors of the 1964 ugly duckling wagon and the 1964 comet caliente ? Help.
  10. I think its just the Moebius kit issued by the Model King. Have not heard about Revell doing it.
  11. If I remember correctly there was a 1/24 die cast of this subject. The people were at all the shows years back, I think there was a jenkins car and sox and martin and maybe the motown missle. They were pretty nice.
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