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  1. BubbaBrown added a post in a topic HVLP Mini Spray Gun   

    Steve, I tried a gun known as a jamb gun and I didn't think it atomized the paint fine enough. I didn't buy it for models, it was for 1 to1 projects in the driveway. I know alot of people like the Iwata's but for the life of me I don't know how you can beat the pasche VL VLS or the Badger 175. There probably cheaper. Lots of luck, everybody likes something different it makes the world go around.
  2. BubbaBrown added a post in a topic FAB Resinworks Carbs   

  3. BubbaBrown added a post in a topic Bandit Resins-Still around?   

    Just got 3 models from him last week. 64 ply sdn, 65 ch 2 and 65 valiant , all nice.
  4. BubbaBrown added a post in a topic hobby shops in Atlanta GA   

    Isn't Model Roundup from around there ?
  5. BubbaBrown added a post in a topic Master Modeler?????   

    I had a friend who is now passed, he was a tool and die maker. On one of his tool boxes had his name and under it said Master Craftsman . I'd always look at it  and one day I asked about it. He told me the college awarded him that and all it meant was he was able to teach there.
  6. BubbaBrown added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Castrol super clean on windows
    Does super clean react to the plastic window glass in kits  Thanks in advance.
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  7. BubbaBrown added a post in a topic $30+ kits - hows it affect you?   

    Well I don't want to start a war, but the higher the cost for a kit I think the kit should be more accurate , with a better fit and finish . Quality through out . For a $1.49 errors were okay , but at $30.00 not so even with inflation figured in ,
    . Do you or anyone accept the fit and finish of your new 1 to 1 auto like was accepted back in the 60's. I think not, I am probably more of a collector but I enjoy when a kit falls together. If I have to do major surgery I want to do it on stuff I dream up not fixing factory screw ups. We need better quality control on all brands of kits, at least American kits. Thank you for letting me vent, and no I don't buy re-issuse from round to nausea .
  8. BubbaBrown added a post in a topic Detroit engines   

    Thanks so much guys I really appreciate it.
  9. BubbaBrown added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Detroit engines
    Whats the differences between the 71 and 92 series engines, and where would one look for an accurate detail of the V-12 ? Thank you
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  10. BubbaBrown added a post in a topic I am in the hospital   

    Think positive and get well soon.
  11. BubbaBrown added a post in a topic Bootlegger '40 Ford   

    Saw a TV show years ago interviewing Jr Johnson at his farm. He had a 1940 Ford coupe, black and his words were to go to a Caddy engine and if you needed more power go to a superchager. His had a Caddy and looked like it ran real well around the farm.
  12. BubbaBrown added a post in a topic Shout out for SPEED CITY RESIN!   

    I have dealt with them and they are great. Quick turn around nice parts , You name it . All Good.
  13. BubbaBrown added a post in a topic Mike Dowd   

  14. BubbaBrown added a post in a topic Primer Sealer   

    Duplicolor makes a spray can of primer sealer , but I agree with snake .
  15. BubbaBrown added a post in a topic Cheaper source for cutting/duplicating jig?   

    I have one and it works great. recommended.