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  1. Worked on one a couple decades ago, I don't know what kind of mold release they use but if it ain't really clean it will give you fits. I ended up washing with alcohol and then doing a normal wash with dawn.
  2. I found when swapping engines if I stay with the same brands it is easier, Amt/Mpc to Amt/Mpc and Revell to Revell.
  3. I have a desk calendar on my desk so the paper changes every month.
  4. 1955 two tones 594/626, 594 is shadow gray met. MCW # 5511 air brush or2604 spray can and 626 Coral is #5510 air brush and 2741 spray can, per MCW book.
  5. IMHO in model paint its Tamiya bright red, in auto paint its GM flame red from around the 1980's which will be a base coat clear coat.
  6. A few months ago I was going to build a Maverick by Johan and it was going well until I realized there was no chrome. So I grabbed another and yes again no chrome. These kits are up to about $50 to expensive to keep opening.
  7. I was not happy with how my black paint turned out on a couple old Fords that only came in black and wanted to do a 1970 454 Chevelle in black. I ended up spraying flat black Tamiya rattle can and then 2K cleared it. Came out so nice I haven't finished it I am afraid of screwing it up, but sure looks good.
  8. NHRA had their own ideas of what the horsepower was. Your engine might be factory rated 275 h.p. but the NHRA felt it was 325 h.p. That's what they used to factor. NHRA stock class was weight divided by horsepower, other sanctioning bodies might have used cubic inches into weight.
  9. GM that had the swirl on them were grey, Mopar that I saw were black.
  10. Did Moebius ever come out with a B/FX comet ? If so I missed it. Where would one get the Weber's and intake manifold to try and make one ? Any ideas ? Thanks in advance.
  11. Bought a can over Amazon a few months ago that is supposedly truest candy apple red there is , Have not tried it but the name is something candy apple red.
  12. Grump's Nova was a 1968 before they came out with Camaros. I am unaware of any 72 but I could be wrong.
  13. Your local auto supply that carries paint should have clear enamel in spray cans. Modern paint have stuff in the paint to keep it from turning yellow and You ain't gonna leave this model sit in the sun and weather.
  14. For model cars I just wash them with Dawn and let air dry. Winter is bad. Ive had to stop painting and let dry and rewash to finish painting. Sounds stupid but it works for me
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