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  1. Painting parts

    Sometimes I drill a tiny hole that will not show and use a toothpick which is then held by a alligator clip. Me and superglue don't play well alot of times.
  2. Some guys just cut the belt off and use narrow masking tape thats been hit with black magic marker.
  3. Just my observation, but if you get a booger with auto primer you have a booger. If your using tamiya, don't panic and leave it sit and when you come back the next day it will be smooth as silk no blemish at all. More costly yes but a very good product. I used to use plasti-coat t-235 but they have had to of changed the formula. It seems way thicker and squirts alot more no matter which nozzle you use. Longer dry times it just seems like a different product. I only know of 2 places that still carry it around here everyone else switched. Never had a problem going back or forth between auto and tamiya maybe ive been lucky.
  4. AMT Gas Man 49 Ford

    Well no matter what intake it sure is a pretty build, nice job
  5. AMT Gas Man 49 Ford

    Very nice but I don't understand. The class is A/Gas Supercharged but you have three two's on it.
  6. Seriously??

    I noticed he was crazy on the posters also. I can only hope no one is that stupid
  7. Painting tips for me

    Never throw away kits. Save them for parts. I have no idea what will strip that paint, but Castrol Super Clean not purple power will strip just about anything. The extra money for the name brand is worth it. I have both and the Castrol works better. Put the kit in something and let it soak for a few days, you are not going to hurt it. I just got a car that was sitting in the soup for over 2 months and its OK. With true lacquer you might want to try 90% alcohol . Some guys for years have used oven cleaner which is lye, I don't like being around or smelling that stuff. And lastly brake fluid which worked well on metal parts but not so much on plastic at least for me. As most people here will tell you is practice practice practice what ever paint and equipment you decide to use. Good Luck
  8. Johan 1963 Plymouth Fury

    Steve, in real life the Ply had a shorter W.B. than the Dod. That is what got Landy into messing with the W,B. and creating the the 1964 awb Dodge. The shorter W.B. hooked up better and his Ply ran faster than his Dodge even after switching all the parts from Ply to Dodge.
  9. 64 Hemi Savoy

    MCW lists a 1964 Ply 2dr sdn part no. PLY-64SD for $40.00. They also have a hardtop and there made to work with the lindy kits I believe.
  10. Reapiring A Pillars.

    There was an article here or in our trade mags about using fingernail stuff. The article made it look like someone as challenged as me could do it. It was 2 part epoxy basically .
  11. Isn't it time....

    Re-issues would be fine by me if they wern't exact re-issues. What I mean is make the trans an option for stick or auto, console or no, different intakes and carbs. Something that other than paint the same model on the shelf. I think revell would do good just by doing this to the tri 5 chevy's.
  12. Desirable Reissues

    I don't fool with 1/24. With that being said I got an honest 15 to 18 feet of so called 1/25 models and believe me the term 1/25 is used Very Loosely. There all parked parallel and its very easy to spot the difference. I know some run small and I think some of the Rev/mono run large. But thats an opinion. I guess most people see the same thing but different. In the end its just a hobby.
  13. Desirable Reissues

    I don't want any arguements but one castor advertised 1/25 and when I got it was 1/24. When I went back online they didn't list it anymore. If I knew in advance I would not of ordered it.
  14. Why in the world they made the 56 a del ray and not a bel air I'll never know. Seems like the bel air would appeal to more people . The del ray is even hard to find on chevy info. Its like it didn't sell enough real cars to exist. Thank goodness for MCW.