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  1. BubbaBrown added a post in a topic How were the late '60's - early '70's Cadillac Chassis' painted?   

    It depends on how they were made and what kind of paint used. Mopar and ford used enamels and the over spray does not dry as quickly as laquer . Bodies were painted before the marriage with their chassis, so there should be no overspray on gm cars wiyh full frames. Mopar painted their cars before the front k member and engine and drive train were installed, with enamel and over spray the rockers should have a mist of paint. not entirely painted like for show cars. just a mist that gets finer the farther away from the rocker panel. most people tend to over do it on models. on chassis and  parts  most companies used some form of protective coating, paint ,wax, undercoating what ever was cost effective, most in some form of black. they weren't building master pieces. 
  2. BubbaBrown added a post in a topic Paint Question   

    Yes it was lacquer and it blushed. I'll probably leave it sit until this weekend and give it another coat. I usually use a 2 part clear and I wouldn't want to risk screwing it up at this point. Thanks guys
  3. BubbaBrown added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Paint Question
    Just got thru painting 3  models, one white, one black and one dark metallic blue. The blue one fogged up on parts of it.  Tops of fenders , side of roof, etc.I know rubbing out will remove this, but my question is can I just clear over it ? The fogged up parts look like base coat that's why I asked. Thanks for any help, Bubba
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  4. BubbaBrown added a post in a topic Moebius California Flash 1965 Belvedere   

    When will we get it ?
  5. BubbaBrown added a post in a topic Moebius California Flash 1965 Belvedere   

    I thought the Fenner Tubbs car was just all black. At least that's what I remember, wasn't the casr in Mopar ads?
  6. BubbaBrown added a post in a topic Accelerators-Compromised Strength Of Bond???   

    In my observations I agree that a natural cure has a stronger bond. With that being said , maybe I use the accelerator on stuff which should have a better fit
  7. BubbaBrown added a post in a topic about how many models have you   

    Got back into the hobby in the 80's. Started buying 3 of every thing I liked,  one to build now , one to build later and one to sell at swap meets when I retired. We use to like going out of town and eating and drinking at new places. She passed and I can't get one hour down the road without  a pee break. Have several hundred , too many to count. Have several hundred started, when they make me mad I put them back in the box and work on another. I build to relax..Not for contest, no place to show so they stay in the box. I'm usually good up through paint and all are stuck on BMF.
  8. BubbaBrown added a post in a topic Fantastic web site   

    Great photos
  9. BubbaBrown added a post in a topic 1961 Pontiac Ventura   

    Very Very nice
  10. BubbaBrown added a post in a topic AMT '66 Mustang New Release   

    It would really be great if round2 or whom ever it is now would step up and create some new tooling. Yes I'd really love a 1965 2+2 or a 1/25 1965 Shelby. No I'm not interested in stuff that has been re-issued to nausea . I would love to support my LHS but I want new stuff. Thank goodness for Moebius .
  11. BubbaBrown added a post in a topic Small Block Chevy   

    When swapping engines, Ive found if you stay within manufacturers its always easier. The Nova would be the easiest plus you could use the big block in the Nova SS.
  12. BubbaBrown added a post in a topic Multibrand Dealerships in 50s and 60s   

    My town they were all separate except for Chrysler/Plymouth. I think multi brands might of been in outer or small towns.
  13. BubbaBrown added a post in a topic Buick Avista Concept   

    Harry, I always wondered why they didn't keep Olds, I think that was the oldest.