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  1. I started one years ago, took pics of my buddies real shop and cut wood to proper size. It was so big it would not fit on the top of my real tool chest. I live in a small house and no where to put it ,  work ended. But it looked great.

  2. Steve this has nothing to do with this build, we don't know each other. But I love looking at your builds. Subject matter, quality of workmanship etc. While reading Classic Cars issue # 201 june 2021 on pages 16 & 17 there is a man Noel Wilson who builds the same thing. If you get a chance to look at the piece I think you might like it. Have not read all the comments on your build but Hemi and air conditioned cars used the same fan. Hope that helps. Bubba

  3. Any chance when you redo this site you could put like buttons on it ? It would save alot of the same things said over and over on the built models . I would like to show I like  but not a typer and am ancient.

  4. I bought a 1965 Cuda 273/235 and after the warranty was out I spent alot of time underneath it,13 rearends, b4 i found a big one off a 1966 Dart to put in. The only primer and it was light gray was by the driveshaft tunnel, the rest of the underside was painted same color as car. And it looked like it was dipped with runs and etc.But that was 1965 and it could of been built in Canada because the medium blue paint matched 1964 not the 1965.

  5. I quit buying off e-bay. Too many times I had a decent bid with no other interest only to get beat out the very last minute. Then the same model comes up for sale again. I think some of these people don't want to sell they just want to see what they can get. If you really want a kit hit a toy show or swap meet in person.

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