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  1. For a hemi 1966 and newer the only correct finish would be black wrinkle paint on the valve covers. The chrome you will see was for super stock option and have a different bolt pattern than the painted and are NOT interchangeible they were the 1965 type allowed when these cars ran ss, not stock
  2. Many many moons ago a company called The Good Guys used to make them. I thought they made nice stuff. Seems they had a falling out and I never heard from then again.
  3. I love different, all are very nice. If they were real life that metropolitan would be a real treat to hold on the road. lol
  4. Looking good Bob, mines still bathing but yours is my goal different colors.
  5. Just received and opened my Best Model 1961 Corvair rampside pick up. Its everything as advertised and nicer than shown in the ad. Got it in about 10 days, really nice. Now if I'm smart enough to build it it'll be great, Bubba
  6. Looks like you could climb in and drive away. Really nice.
  7. Maybe its me , but it seems like a lot less traffic here, fewer post etc.
  8. I use regular office desks both in the basement and upstairs. But no matter what dimensions I always end up working in a space about 8" by 12" with the rest of my desk filled with what ever. Good Luck.
  9. take the picture to your local auto parts store that supplies body shops and they can probably match it and put it in a spray can. A real store not auto zone .
  10. I read years ago the pattern makers worked in 1/10 scale and then scaled down from there. I think they might be called pantographs ? I think Art would have the best knowledge of this subject .
  11. No , you made a good observation. If you want smaller particles try mica size. The new regular paint today has to big of metalics verses from the old days in scale.
  12. A big thank you to Dave and Tim for the info. I'm sure they will all sell good. I had never seen a 2dr Hudson until the kits. Will there ever be any 4dr's ?
  13. I have found two part urethane clear will go over anything. Good luck.
  14. I agree with you Luc . Seems like it be easier.
  15. I knew when I posted I was probably wrong. My regimental commander had a m-38 , the only one around and it could of won any car show for cleanliness. The rest were m-151s. You have a mind like an encyclopedia and I find most of your writing interesting. Sorry , and thank you for the enlightenment. Bubba
  16. Its been a long long time but it looks to me to be a M-151 ford jeep. More to the Viet Nam era. I think the WWIIs were M-38s.
  17. Super glue first, if you need a stronger joint use epoxy or use epoxy on top of super glue.
  18. I got nothing until the 70's but you might check Phil Spector . He was a sessions player in the Wall of Sound. Hope I helped.
  19. Just seen on Model Roundup they are showing a december release date for the Model King 1965 Plymouth. Yahoo
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