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  1. FirePig added a topic in General   

    There's something in the Air ... Mail.
    Wait til you guys see what Bob and I have been up to!

    See you in Phoenix in 2010!!
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  2. FirePig added a post in a topic Detailing Tractor & Trailer chassis   

    That's all very helpful info & illustrations. I appreciate it!

  3. FirePig added a post in a topic FORUM NAME TAG   

    'We Doan Need No Steenking Badges'

    OK, now that we've gotten that obvious gag out of the way ...

    LOOKS GOOD, GREGG. I'd wear that! Now I just have to find somewhere to go to wear it.


    "Mahalo? Right over there, sir." [i love that story!]
  4. FirePig added a post in a topic AMT's Jawbreaker   


    Thing to do is buid it as you want to build it, from whatever is in the box. Take the instructions (usually required by the rules in most box-stock classes), but also ... take the box.

    To really nail it down, take an un-opened Jawbreaker kit along ... if you have one. Any argument with the judges would be quickly dispelled by cracking open a mint, sealed kit.

    Speaking from the experience of years of 'head-judging' that would do it for me!

    Good luck! Nice model.
  5. FirePig added a post in a topic How old are you??   

    Well, this was new ...

    And this was how you 'instant messaged' if the party line was already in use ...

    And the visionaries were convinced this was going to be in everybody's garage by 1960 ...

  6. FirePig added a post in a topic KW 925 Crane truck, It's another Carnie build....   

    That's nice. Thanks for sharing it.
  7. FirePig added a post in a topic Check out what followed me home today ...   

    The planets were certainly aligned for you!

    But, what? No Thunderbolts?
  8. FirePig added a post in a topic Final Update! '59 Buick.......8/13/06 Pg.4   

    ... for posting it and your buildup. Very enjoyable, and inspirational!! I like how you work.
  9. FirePig added a post in a topic And yet another new member with a completed model to show   

    Some models you look at, some models you inspect, and Bluemoose's models always inspire lengthy gazing!

    Glad to see you here.

    As always, nice work! That's a great color for a Mopar.
  10. FirePig added a post in a topic Working Rear Shocks and Driveshaft with articulated U-joints   

    Hard to follow Dan's comments, but oh, so true!

    This is such amazing modeling ... your work is just so incredible! Keep it up! It keeps the rest of us on our toes.

    -- Dan
  11. FirePig added a post in a topic Who makes this?   

    That looks like Reliable's photo backdrop.
  12. FirePig added a post in a topic Here's a thought for us "imported"...   

    ... gettin' used to! It NEVER thaws here ... 'cause it NEVER freezes!

    But, I'm up for it! Sounds like fun.

    And I agree, the Woddington should stay where it traditionally has been. (I'm big on traditions.)

    Good to see so many old friends ... some long (almost) lost friends ... again. This is gonna be great!
  13. FirePig added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Detailing Tractor & Trailer chassis
    Looking for some good resource material for air lines, hydraulic lines, and their associated tanks, reservoirs, pumps, valves, etc. What do you guys suggest? :?
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  14. FirePig added a topic in General   

    It's about time I showed up!
    Yes, It is I. "Don" Baker! So this is where everybody went.
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