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  1. Did you sell this already? Swear I just saw it go on Ebay. Beautiful job!!
  2. You beat me to it. I have this idea on my "to build" list. Saw a YouTube video of the SS/A class finals at Indy and that gave me the idea. Problem is I have about 25 on my "to build" list so it could be a while!
  3. I can now put an end to this story. Started out with the tracking number telling me when I would get the package, and I actually got it a day early, BUT........when I opened it up it was someone else's order so I emailed Gravity and they called me the next day and apologized and explained that they accidentally switched labels, so he said he'd resend my order with some freebies to make up for the mistake, along with the proper label so I could send the other guys paint to him. So the new order came today along with 2 free bottles and a shipping label to send the other guy's order. So overall I'm satisfied even though it was a lot of extra drama to get my paint. As for whether I'd order again, I can't say for sure but probably would give him another try at some point, but I will say Splash colors give better service and are a good product. But gravity is also a real good product. As a side note, I had the phone number for the guy who's order I received so I called him and he said he had been waiting a pretty long time for his order and I don't quite understand how if they switched labels why he did not get my order.........Something doesn't quite add up. So I guess take it as you please and use your own judgement whether to order from them.
  4. After waiting 10 days for my order and reading all these posts, I went through PayPal and told them I have not received my order. Within a few minutes I received an email with a tracking number, however a whole day went by and the tracking number still shows no movement, waiting to be picked up I think is what it said. I know there is a hurricane coming towards Florida but it's not there yet, should be able to have the order picked up. If nothing in another week I'll contact PayPal again. I'd like to have the paint but won't keep waiting too long.
  5. Thanks for the information.
  6. Anyone know if Altered States resin is still in business? The website says updated in 2007. No contact info on website except mailing address. The email link seems to be broken. Nothing from him on Ebay lately either. Thanks for any info
  7. interesting, thanks for posting
  8. As everyone else already said, absolutely gorgeous! Did you make your own decals or are they available somewhere?
  9. I've had it happen too with some Slixx decals, they always sent me replacements when I had problems, they are good people and sell good decals but sometimes things can go wrong. I've been coating them also with the Testors decal clear and it makes a difference.
  10. I also know that he is very busy with a full time job, and the resin is just a sideline, so he gets behind sometimes. I've had some orders ship very quick and others not so quick. Be assured he is a stand up guy and will not cheat you!
  11. Actually found a Testors lacquer today that seems about right. It's called star spangled blue. Should be OK
  12. I recently purchased that body too. Was wondering if anyone knows the correct blue for the blue version?
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