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  1. Thanks for the tips - looking forward to my visit, and to seeing drag boats at Wild Horse that weekend
  2. I'll the there the week of the 19th, so I'll miss that Thanks for the tips!
  3. Would anyone happen to have an email address for Chuck at Altered States Models? The web page doesn't list one. TIA!
  4. I bought several of their items from eBay without an issue, but then I had an issue similar to Ben Wicker's - had to open an eBay case to get a response. They put out nice product...but you pays your money and takes your chances
  5. Hi all, I'm going to be visiting Phoenix, AZ next month, and was wondering if anyone can recommend any local hobby shops? TIA!
  6. Chuck does a fantastic job on his decals - superb quality and interesting subject matter. I just picked up one of his Vel's-Parnelli Jones Mustang F/C sheets.
  7. Anyone know if there are any resin-casters that make a Baldwin-Motion style hood for the Revell Nova kits? TIA
  8. Question for the group - are there any currently available 1/25 kits that have a small block Chevy with a separate front cover and water pump? Gathering pieces for a T-bucket, and with the engine "out in the open" I'd really like to have the 2 separated. Thanks in advance!
  9. Bought one of his Slingster Resin Truck bed T Comp Dragster bodies from eBay - great quality, almost no cleanup needed.
  10. Here's a link to a short Hot Rod Magazine article on the Turbonique: http://www.hotrod.com/techarticles/engine/hrdp_0403_turbonique/viewall.html Interesting to note that it didn't use peroxide as a propellent - that was used on the rocket dragsters/funny cars. A short Wikipedia article on Isopropyl Nitrate: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isopropyl_nitrate
  11. http://celebritykustoms.com/show-cars/#prettyPhoto
  12. Anyone looking or funny car pics should check this out, close to 800 pages http://classicfunnycarboard.com/CFB/index.php/topic,834.0.html
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