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  1. My construction irk of late is this... over the last 2 years the city I live in has dug up the road to redo all of the water and sewer lines, they would dig up a section, replace the pipes, then patch it, and move on. Winter wasn't kind to their patching efforts and the road became the equivalent of the moon's surface. They finally repaved the whole thing last fall as the asphalt plant was shutting down. Things were great, but now the local gas utility has decided the gas lines need replacing, so the whole thing has started over. I dont understand why this couldn't have all been done as one coordinated effort, not to mention the whole question of whether or not they will repave the whole street again, and who gets to flip the bill for it.
  2. Awesome, I was hoping it was true. Thank you again
  3. Just wondering if I missed something, I saw somewhere a listing for the mack dm800 kit as mpg kit 899. Did I miss an announcement? It looks like the release date would be q3 this year. Can anyone confirm or deny this. Thanks
  4. Excellent, thank you guys so much for the info!
  5. I've often wondered why they haven't come out with something more for big rigs. How about releasing some of the dump bodies, cement mixers, or flatbed bodies they already have tooled up. I know italeri has a couple of truck detail sets for mostly European trucks, I wonder how well something like that would sell for American trucks? Also curious to know how well the moebius truck wheel and tire sets sell/sold. In a slightly smaller world, how about a utility bed, or one ton dump body,etc. Just throwing my few ideas in the ring.
  6. Just wondering if there is still a model car show in Taunton,ma? I know it was usually in March or April and at one point was run by masscar, but I haven't seen any info on it in a couple years, anyone know if it's still a thing, or have I missed out? Thanks,
  7. Who do you guys recommend for decals? I need a few door decals made up for a couple trucks, the down side is that the door logo is gold. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be helpful. Also how much would something like this typically run?
  8. Wow, insane amount of work. I have a couple questions. 1st what is the rest of it going to be made out of? 2nd how hard do you think it will be to work with/ clean up the rails you've done so far and bond everything else to them? Again, it's coming along. I'll be following along as well.
  9. Thank you for the reply, I know that my state's laws vary a bit from the norm. I found this online... In general, circumstances under which a special permit is required are as follows: A motor vehicle or vehicle combination requires a special permit if the vehicles weight exceeds the following maximum vehicle weight:Motor vehicle with two axles - 46,000 lbs.Vehicle or vehicle combination with three axles - 73,000 lbs.Vehicle or vehicle combination with four or more axles - 87,000 lbs.Vehicle or vehicle combination with five or more axles - 99,000 lbs.... Someone told me that there was a difference in the manufacurers' ratings on the 22.5's and the 24.5's but I don't honestly know about that. I guess that's the starting point of my question.
  10. Hey guys, I have a really dumb question for you guys. It's going to take me a bit to get to it, so here goes. I live in Massachusetts, which as far as I can tell will allow a truck to gross 73k with 3 axles. And as far as I can tell this would require an 18- 20k front axle and most likely 58k rears. Now in order to achieve this I believe you would have to run 11x24.5 or 12x24.5 tires. Does this sound correct? Now for the hard part, what are my options for these? I currently have a few dump trucks coming down the pipe and am trying to line up some parts and get my ideas figured out before I start, so I can make sure things play nice together. Thanks for the help.
  11. Would any of you happen to have a set of the instructions for this kit? I have one, but I got it second hand and it didn't have instructions and may be missing a piece or two. Any help would be much appreciated.
  12. I'm looking for a set of zoomies that will fit the 32 5 window kit's hemi, or some sort of megaphone set up. I thought I saw some somewhere, but now that I have the kit I can't find them. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. What amazes me most about all of this is how many systems are vulnerable to attacks and how many people don't seem to see this as an actual threat. I have been doing a ton of smart home integration at work lately, and one of the biggest things I have noticed is how many people use the default passwords for everything. I would estimate that 90% of people's computer networks are running with the default passwords intact. I recently had it out with a big name security supplier because they sent us a new security system with home automation capabilities, that is made to run via an app that you log into, but all of the set up is done through a Web browser. Do you have to log in when accessing it this way? Nope, so if someone can get to your network they now have access to your security system and anything else you've tied into it lol Ike door locks, lights, etc.....real smart. And their software engineers see no issue with this. And this is a huge multinational company. So we stopped using them. I also had someone who used 1234 as their voicemail system password, until someone used their voicemail system to place several calls to several foreign companies after hours by logging into the voicemail system to place calls. It's a strange new world we live in and I don't see it changing anytime soon, I would suggest reading up on what's going on and reacting accordingly. Sorry for the long rant, that is somewhat borderline off topic here.
  14. Thank you for the help guys, I found a selection of bottles that will work out perfectly for what I need. It was one of those instances where the answer was staring me in the face, but I needed a push in the right direction. Anyways, thanks a million.
  15. This may seem like a dumb question, but what do you guys use for bottles for your airbrushes? I would like to start storing and mixing some more of my own paints etc, I got some bottles at a local craft store that said that they were impervious to solvents, however they do not seem to play nice with any of the solvents I use, lacquer thinner ruined the seal at the top of the jar. Just wondering if you guys have any sort of recommendations. I was thinking I could decant some primers, mix up some flat and semi gloss blacks, and have an assortment of paints I use on a regular basis so that I could just plug them into the airbrush and go, instead of mixing up small batches when I need them. Thanks in advance for the help.
  16. Clayton, I know exactly where you are coming from, and have to say you made the right decision. I've been working for the same place for 10+ years and when I was single it was easier to deal with the lean times especially since that left me more time to do side jobs, but now that I have a 7 month little girl, it's not so easy and any side jobs take away from time with the family, so that's a double edged sword. Things have picked way up at work, and that takes away a huge weight from my shoulders, so I know first hand that the ability to put food on the table will greatly improve things all around. Good luck with everything!
  17. some sensory deprived person probably took offense and sued causing the signs to be amended to not include using your senses...
  18. They're definitely not like jb weld. They're a lot heavier than a typical resin part, they have a real grainy texture where the pour spout was. They also have a shine in places that is definitely metallic, almost like an older pewter piece. It's not pewter. I'm imagining that these castings date to the 80's, possibly from illini replicas? I haven't had a chance to really play around with them or get any pics.
  19. I recently ended up with a few older resin truck conversions of unknown origin, they are cast in a dark grey resin that seems to be impregnated with aluminum powder, has anyone encountered this before? How is it to work with? I would assume that it would be more brittle than typical resins. Anything else I need to watch out for? One of them has the quarter fenders molded to it and they would have to be removed if I were looking to make the hood operate. Any advantages of this type of resin over others? Thanks for the help.
  20. My confusion lies more in the fact that he didn't deliver the mail, but did deliver a note saying he couldn't deliver it? Seems to me that if you couldn't deliver one you couldn't deliver the other? If it was possible to walk all the way up my unsafe walkway and porch to drop a piece of paper in the mail slot wouldn't it also be possible to drop the mail in with it....just trying to use common sense.
  21. I think I would have figured it out when we stopped getting mail. He didn't have to risk life and limb to let me know.
  22. Last winter after one of the big snow storms, I got a not from our mail carrier stating that he could not deliver the mail due to the walkway not being clear enough. The thing that confused me was that he walked up the walkway, up onto the porch, and delivered the note, but couldn't deliver the mail? I'm still confused by this almost a year later.
  23. Dennis, I knew I had seen this discussed somewhere before, here is a link to an aths forum discussing this. Doesn't go into enough detail to build it, but it it's a start. http://forums.aths.org/70495/What-Am-I-for-Sunday-120609?PageIndex=2 Also, I believe the company still exists as a Barnhart company, you might try contacting them. Hope this helps. Chris
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