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  2. Another Diorama Done

    Any one know where to get scale ferns that the sellers DON'T think there made out of gold?
  3. Another Diorama Done

    It's all done. Time to clean the bench and plan the next one.
  4. Another Diorama Done

    I cheated, I bought them, but as you can see, I need to do more with them.
  5. Belair Dio

    Man, I got ta tell ya, I like this. It's a compact little thing but there's a lot to see. By the way, how are the brick walls made? Again, very nice.
  6. Another Diorama Done

    The base is 3/8th Styrofoam, with raised areas made with the same Styrofoam. I roughed up all surfaces and used white glue. I then put a layer of plaster cloth over the whole base, after it dried and looked like it will all stay put, I added a layer of celluclay, I first added color, that way if it ever chips there won’t be a big white spot. Then added a fair amount of white glue to the mix for more sticking power. After it’s all spread out and textured , here’s where patients comes in, depending on how thick it is, it may take days to dry. BUT this is what I forgot to do, after it sets up a little and not so sticky, make any tracks, ruts or if there will be anything laying around that looks like it’s been there a long time, push those parts temporarily into the celluclay so they will look sunk in instead of just laying on top. I then cast the rocks with Lightweight Hydrocal and color stains from Woodland Scenics, there not really that hard to do, then glued them in place. I added little rocks and gravel, then sprayed with diluted white glue. I have one of those Static grass Ion generators that make the grass stand on end, but I’ve heard that using a balloon with a static charge works also., I smeared white glue in the patterns I wanted then added the grass with the generator. I put the trees together by twisting and bending the branches then adding clump foliage on some and fine-leaf foliage on others, the skinny ones were ready made. At this point all the ground foliage is the same as in the trees plus I’m using this stuff called foliage and field grass. A final note, One of the hardest things to learn with a Diorama and the details, is knowing when you done. Hope you all enjoy.
  7. My first Diorama

    When I started this, I started making scale roof shingles, but very quickly I realized I'm not that much of a masochist. So after looking at other dioramas and seeing I'm not alone in this thought, the shingles got bigger, and I got to keep my sanity. I recently found this stuff that might age the roof easily, will be testing it soon.
  8. My first Diorama

    Thanks a lot guys, after seeing all the other great Dioramas here these complements are nice to hear. You’d be surprised to see what this started out to be. The more I did, the more I wanted to do. The original idea started out with a base of 12in. sq. it ended up 30in by 24in. when I started looking at a full sheet of plywood, I slapped myself and said, down boy. I found out I really like doing the ground work. It’s too bad there’s no one around here that likes just building the models. I started another one and will post pictures soon. And to one and all, thanks again.
  9. Shelby GT500 and Dodge RAM in garage

    To be honest, I don't post alot just to say ataboy, but.. I really like this. The detail is Great. The balance of the diorama over all, is well done, your eyes never want to stop moving. This is a job Well Done.
  10. My first Diorama

    Hello All, I've been threatening to do a diorama for a long time, so one night I just started, this is what turned out. its 30in across, 24in deep. it took about 4 to 6 weeks to complete. any comments are welcome.
  11. Model Work Areas

    Hello, some of you indicated that I may have a bit of a sick mind with my too clean work space, and to be honest, there is a little truth in that. But anyway does this picture make me look a little bit healthier ?
  12. Model Work Areas

    Hello all, I used to own a espresso stand, but that is another story. It’s 8’x12’ and took everything out but the walls and outlets. Put in a new floor, painted, added a bunch more outlets, benches on three sides and shelves everywhere. I have most of the stuff in like a small refrigerator, microwave, wall heater, TV w/5.1 stereo. You know just the basic things. I told myself I won’t start another project until this is done, is that incentive or what. Any comments or ideas are welcome. Looking forward to seeing what others look like.
  13. My very First Diorama

    Well I'm going to try again. oh and the reason the bench is so clean is I just got everything in there and it's almost setup to build again. Thanks for all the help with everything, and my name is Scott Wheeler. sorry I didn't put this out there sooner. I have added this to my signiture. thanks again
  14. My very First Diorama

    Hello, i know this will sound lame but what does mean and how do I not get it to show up again "Sorry, dynamic pages in the tags are not allowed" thanks for any help, Scott W.
  15. My very First Diorama

    Hello All, first time here and it looks like a nice board. I just finished my first diorama. Its 30x24,base is 1/2in ply and a ceiling tile. Never built a building, trees, bushes or grass before, but it was quite enjoyable and can’t wait to start the next one. I also just finished my new hobby room and looking forward to getting it dirty. If you would like to see all my pictures there at photobucket.com on the search line put in javathehut4 , Were it says to see this file , say yes Any input will be appreciated, til next time still can't post pictures, please go to photobucket