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  1. There have been a lot of nice looking 57 Fords posted. Here's my version of it. I really like this kit and plan on doing a couple more.
  2. I built this as a small desk top display. It is the simple 1/32 lindberg kit. I built it for a co-worker who has a custom 49 Ford.
  3. In winter I get a bit more time to do some building. Here's my latest of a few forgotten projects.
  4. Since chrysler stopped being a major sponsor every time a mopar comes across the block they break to a comercial or some other stupid item and you usually miss the bidding. Let's see them do this when the hemi vert comes up for sale.
  5. That is just way cool. What is the overall size of the display. Must be quite a job to move and set back up tho?
  6. Thanks all. I got the figure from a Hallmark christmas ornament. A skate boarder coming off a curl. Wish I would of got a couple more. Here's Bobby up to no good, stealing a bit of gas from the back of the local used car lot. Got to keep the car on the road some how with a limited budget.
  7. I think I would be a bit more colorful in my expletives if this happened to me. Seems young Bobby decided to try out the new motor in his car. Got a bit to much traction and then BANG ---- WTH ????? I need to find a bit different fiqure for this, but he relays the look I was after.
  8. Here are some more abandoned cars I have done. I am a huge mopar fan so I will start with a few E-bodies first.
  9. Very cool. You do nice work. I like how you also use a picture for the background settings.
  10. Here are a couple more for your viewing.
  11. Here are a few shelf sized displays I have done. I will break them up into a couple of posts so I don't overload you with.
  12. bentmetal

    The Barn

    I like the trucks/cars in barns scenes so I have been doing a few different barn styles. I still need to add a lot more clutter to these. As you know these always seem to be a WIP.
  13. Howdy all. Been lurking on this site for a while but did not have a computer that I could post pics with. I think I have that fixed now so I will be posting a few of the dio's I have done. I like doing the abandoned cars - cars in barns type of scenes. If this works, stay tuned for a bunch more. Thanks----Doug
  14. That was so cool. I got my first car when i was 16(1973). It was a white on white 1965 Chevy Impala SS. I had just enough extra to put on hijacker air shocks and ET slotted mags. Sure looked good but with a 283/powerglide - not a lot of go for such a big car. Ended up parting it out after a couple of wrecks. Would love to have another one. Have the revell kit I am going to build as a replica of it--- guess I will start that now.
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