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  1. 1/8 top alcohol dragster

    Outstanding work dude... love the brass work..
  2. 87 comaro

    Hey guys,Sorry it has been awhile sence my last up date.But i have donee somethings.please have a look.any comments welcome as always........Sorry for the crapy pics,Had to use cel. for them.

    all i can say is,,almost a shame to put a body over that..........BLOWS MY MIND.....

    What can i say to that?Wish i was as talented as you are! Love those jackstands too i might add:)

    Your work on here just blows my mind dude!!!!!!!!what else can i say........

    All i can say is dammmmmmmmmmmmmmm great work goin on here dude.
  7. 1/12 Tamiya Datsun 240ZG

    Only one thing i can say WICKED,LOVE IT,AWSOME. Well maybe three,but none the less you do great work.
  8. 87 comaro

    Thank you George for the comment,but i cannot except i am noware near the talent as STUMPbut thankyou just the same,Glad you like it.
  9. 87 comaro

    Hey guys sorry been so long sence i've shown any work so here is the work on my seats.sorry pics,don't know why the finished seats leather looks grey but is black,are not the best but hope you guys like it.As always comments are very appretiated,thanks.
  10. U-JOINTS.

    that should be an easy one just use two small peices of tubbing.and put one smaller one inside the other for the movement should be quite simple actually(or you can us aluminum tubbing). just my thoughts though.
  11. An Inexpensive Weathering Set,

    not to step on toe's but the darker grays work wonders for getting a very realistic looking tire,(just remember it is easier to rub some one with a tishew,)not derectly with the crayon it's self. again just thought i would add a little advise,take it how you like.Just my thoughts.
  12. Chop or Not?

    I say chop that sucker.
  13. '62 Bubble Top

    Not to side track you,but i was woundering in that great lookin shop is that a ford maveric or a chevy vega just woundering. Also your work on this model is top notch...
  14. 87 comaro

    hello, the engine is mostly stock other then wire's fuel line etc.(kit)as for the rest is styrene aluminum tubing and yes some brass tubbing as well.
  15. 87 comaro

    Hey Goerge 53 as you are right the craftsmanship on that model is very,very good as i too watch for his progress to come.I only wish i had the tools to make some of my parts, Oh if it were only possible but the funds are just not there.So not being out done i try as best i can to make it appear as real as i can with what i have............My hat goes off to this great builder as his work has definitely inspired me to try harder for the best results possible