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  1. Hardly my intent! Actually, there's a story about that very cross-over. When the first issue ended, @Rocking Rodney Ratand I scooped up about every coupe kit with in a fifty-mile radius of Atlanta. A number of sealed kits passed through my hands and the only one I got to open and peak at soon disappeared just as fast as all the rest. Having that opportunity stuck with me thinking how alike the roadster and coupe really are and share many of the same parts. Takes me back to the many variations of the Deuce. Shortly after the latest release of the 2nd version of the coupe I picked up a case and ended up with a couple here in my care. Picking back up the '29 Track Nose Roadster and RRR reminding me that the Bare Bones parts were still in the coupe kit. Grabbed one of the two still in the house and here we are. Couldn't place in my mind having seen it having been done... Glad we gave it a go! I'm going to skip forward to earlier today... With the direction of my design team this is where the roadster sits this afternoon. Not having shared this picture, until now,,, Notice anything? Did I mention a full belly pan is going under the '29 Track Nose V-12 Potvin Blown Flathead! -KK
  2. After a bit of fiddling (with all the parts moving around), decided a couple of clamps might help give us a mockup look at how this is going to come together. Here's the "Bare Bones" roadster channeled over the narrowed Deuce frame. Using basically unmodified kit parts, that fit together, the '30 Coupe Deuce Floorboard slides right inside the '29 Roadster Body like they were made for each other. The floorboard attaches to the narrowed '30 Coupe Deuce Frame that was spliced up earlier. -KK
  3. With just a very little actual work the '30 Coupe Interior Sides have been recontoured to fit inside the '29 Roadster body... This is going swimmingly! -KK
  4. So, I get a call this afternoon from Paul @Speedpro to talk about the '29 Track Nose Roadster. It's clear where like minds collide great ideas harden into actual meeting of the minds on design concepts and how the lines are begging for a change in rear door lines. @Dennis Lacy& I exchanged ideas regarding engine placement relative to the cowl and the firewall. @Rocking Rodney Rat collaborating on the '30 Coupe Interior Sides (Skelton Frame Structure L&R) conversion to the '29 Roadster Body. And all the individual comments as I've trickled out information have flushed out some awesome support and inspiration! The Revell '29 Model A Roadster Kit is the 2nd iteration on the original Revell '29 Hot Rod Kit and it may be pretty straight forward the similarity of the two kits. Then you compare the original '30 Coupe from Revell (same as the new one except for an engine change) '30 Coupe from Revell is the latest addition to the base line of early and late Model A Hot Rod parts! Check out the screen in the background... Great design work just laying the groundwork for so many variations and combination of parts! Back to the reason I wanted to follow up on where the '29 Track Nose Roadster is headed at this juncture. The Roadster Interior Side below the '30 Coupe Interior Side and the '29 Roadster Body at the top... By adding a bit of structure where the Roadster bodyline cuts into the Coupes upper sill and the contour and slope of the rear deck and a trim off the top should allow the interior swap to work seamlessly. Take note of how and where the bead lines come together... and form the door beltline. The black line represents the location of the '30 Coupe Interior Side rear door line. The trim will find its new location about six scale inches aft and the rear door line will be pulled a couple three scale inches forward. Wait 'til it all comes together. Oh, there's a new twist to the nose coming, too! -KK
  5. Thanks, Guys! Here's a peak into the future... Going to lace the interior metal work from the '30 Coupe into the '29 Roadster! -KK ps Thanks @Rocking Rodney Ratfor the above picture!
  6. @alan bartonI know I'm not the only one watching over your shoulder... Just an update from @Speedpro he's been painting over on his Just imagine the paint job that Paul is planning for our '29A Closed Cab Pickup Tim Boyd Tribute Build! -KK
  7. You know that you are an honorary member! -KK btw I've sent models to a show with someone else, before!!! The way things are going with the cancellation of the WC NNL... while going to the GSL is still on my bucket list, it's not a death wish ;-)> -KK
  8. When you told me what you were doing, I couldn't wait for you to post your progress, Brother! You have an eye for detail lost on too many models... you've brought the detail on the Chevelle to a level appreciated by more modelers than just me, Brother! Contrast finishes that complement one and other is not easy to achieve!! To the extent that most of you detail work will never be seen by the average observer. Thanks to this platform, we have an opportunity to follow a master at work and be able to share in the fruits of your labor. I've always been in awe of the endless level of patients you display in the results you get from your every effort!
  9. Try this on... ACME is having a club build using the '30-'31 Coupe from Revell as a Common Kit Club Build for our Southern National NNL! Stay tuned film at 11!! -KK Cheap Ad Placement
  10. Here are the step-by-step pics of the '28 Ford Sedan De-Construction: Cut measured strips of masting tape to create uniform cutting guidelines: The same width was used all the way around: Started by cutting alternate places to retain as much of the intrinsic strength as long as possible: Making sure that the cuts through the C-Pillars are cut all the way through... Just about done decapitating the Model A's top! Thought about stopping right here and going with a Chopped Model A Sedan! ...but, NO! We will be sticking with the plan!!! Lining up the cutlines across the first section cut: ...then lining up the parallel second cut... ...made sure that the cut lines were made as close to being right angles to each other! Let's check... Looks close... Let's move on with shortening the body... Off with the backend... Now, let's build the XPU Cab! Clear tape will assist in lining up the aft cab... Set it together and apply some adhesive... Check door fit... Rubber band the forward cab to the A & B Pillars! How does it look so far? We'll leave it here for a little while to let it setup...
  11. Chop it and put a Potvin Blown Hemi in the front seat! Or, something like the Model A Ford Tudor Sedan Panty Dropper!!? -KK
  12. ADL, we are so on the same page! From my initial measurements and considering the centered single seat version: The Steering Gear (suit sprint car) is from The Parts Box: http://www.thepartsbox.com/ It may require both centering the weight of the engine rearward and retaining legroom for the pilot as a rationale for a bit of frame extension. A longer wheelbase is also a plus along with a slightly stretched hood will add to the sleek style of a '29 Track Nose Roadster! -KK
  13. Thought has crossed my mind! After having the stock heads chromed and the fact that these are narrower than the Ardun counterparts. -KK
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