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  1. im still here..its been a really crappy year and half or so. ive had some really bad health issues that have really slowed me down. im still casting, albeit very slowly. if you have an order with me i will get it out as soon as im able. im also sorry if i haven't answered any emails. i will get to them as well. thank all of you for your patience
  2. hello guys. i just emailed perry,(before i saw this thread) his kit goes out tomorrow. as stated, 2020 has been a sh%t year. for all of us. im sure you dont want to hear my sob stories, but those same stories have put me way behind. i am filling orders, and for awhile i shut down my website so as not to get more orders. if you have stuff on order, i will get it to you, but its tasking much longer than i want. jeff
  3. thats why we call you dumbo.....one of the reasons anyway......
  4. ive gotten several emails from a mark henson if thats you. and i have responded to the last one on friday the 13th
  5. i walk past the wright bros. home and workshop a few times a week
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