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  1. judge ... new guy visit

    To this sites Moderator…. and Hi to everyone. I will not be here long, but I have come to the Pro’s for help. I belong to a truck site, a site for full sized trucks that we all love. For the month of February on our site I will start a contest for building our truck from model kits. (This is to build a stronger bond with one another.) We are not current model builders, most of us are 50 plus and myself have not built a model kit since the Undertaker, monkey mobile, Dragula and endless number of 57 Chevy’s. I am here to ask if some of you here would form a judging group to visit our site on March 1st and view one thread of model truck photo’s and judge them for me. You need not post on the site and are only needed to visit the one day to view the entrant’s photos. Please talk amoung yourself and with your moderators permission form a groupe. I will not post the truck site till I needs to be judged on the first of March to keep a clean sheet and no peeking till then. Can this be done ??? Below is what I posted today to our site members. Model contest. February is model building month. Any Family member can build one, or build one together as a family project. There are plenty of kits of our truck on E-bay or local stores at this time for $12. Make it stock or custom, but make it as real looking as possible. I will ask everyone one to post three pictures of each entrant. ¾ front view, a side view, and ¾ rear view. You may add more photo’s of details if you wish. You can start anytime now, or use one you have already built. Please state in this thread if you’re in this event, how many entrants from your home and maybe who the builders are. No photos of the trucks are to be posted till the first of March. I will start another thread at that time for photos, so we can keep them all together for the judges to look at. I will have Judges from an on line modeling site come here to view the photo thread and make the call on the best built, detailed, real looking TRUCK. Let’s have some fun in the worst month of the year. Who can out do who? Any questions / suggestions / or donations for prizes please post here.
  2. judge ... new guy visit

    I hear you Terry... And agree with you. I have been know to set a date to get people going and then reset the time knowing they need more to finnish. Some people don't start till the week it's due... on some stuff. I'm the type that once started I can not let it sit. I see it in my mind and need to see it completed. Terry I will wait till the last week of Feb. and take a vote to extend time or not. We all get along real well on our site. Thanks for the insight
  3. judge ... new guy visit

    I have a few kits saved up. But time is short, I do not retire for 5 years and I work in food factory as millwright. summer is 12 hour days, 7 days week, for two months. I also do custom paint on the side WWW.REBEL-AIR.NET But in time I can join you guys.
  4. judge ... new guy visit

    The green/white one is from your part of the woods Mark S. from Janesville Wis.
  5. judge ... new guy visit