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  1. Ryan Quantz added a post in a topic 57 Chevy 150   

    Nice work! I'd love to put it next to mine for some pictures.

  2. Ryan Quantz added a post in a topic Who rides bicycles here?   

    I built this one for blowing down the bike trails in Colorado. Full rebuild, new bearings, hardware and everything. It rides like new and it rides fast. The frame and tank are early 1950s Huffman. the wheels are from the same era, the seat is late 30s, everything else is just random parts, except for the crappy repop springer fork, the crappy generic chrome fenders and the new Schwinn grips. I'm still looking for an old Schwinn springer fork with the lock to graft onto the frame, and "peaked" fenders are in it's future. I repainted the frame, wheels and fenders, and am leaving everything else patina'd for now. That metal seat is more comfortable than it looks, but I will upholster it someday. I still have a 2-speed auto. hub I need to rebuild for it.

  3. Ryan Quantz added a post in a topic Building Dad's 68 Chevelle   

    Thank you Kevin. Much appreciated. I'll contact you if the time arises when I need those.
  4. Ryan Quantz added a topic in General   

    Building Dad's 68 Chevelle
    So I spent 3 hours today digging out my building supplies from the mess which is my stuff still packed from "the move". Still can't find all my kits.... I'm ready to start building something. I'm going to be building a replica of my Dad's 68 Malibu convertible. I need to start planning now so I can hopefully have it done for Christmas. So I have a rundown of what I need with some questions attached where applicable. Just to be clear, I am strictly fishing for info. here, not fishing for parts.

    1. AMT 69 Chevelle- Check
    2. Modelhaus 68 Chevelle conversion kit Unless there is a better one??
    3. Need a 327. What type of engine is in the 69 Chevelle kit and can it be fudged as a 327? If not, what can? If yes, what does it need?
    4. I'll worry about a bench seat and interior later...
    5. Convertible top boot. Is there one made in resin? Will another kit's top boot fit the role?
    6. Paint. Is there any company that makes GM Butternut Yellow or a color VERY close in a spray can? I do not have an airbrush and will not have one or access to one any time soon. But for kicks, does anyone have this color available for airbrushing?
    7. Any PE sets that include Malibu scripts?
    8. Wheels, I need these wheels. Once again, are they made in resin? The only kit I know of that has these is the Revell 65 Z-16 and the Lindberg 66 Chevelle(?).

    -One more thing! Does anyone on here do their own Photoetch? I'd love to replicate the "local dealer badge" that is still on the trunklid. I'd like to avoid just making a decal.
    I think that's it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

    Oh, here's what I'm replicating.

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  5. Ryan Quantz added a post in a topic 50 Ford pickup painted   

    When I saw this I literally said, "Wow." SHARP looking truck! Makes me want to dig out mine and build it. What wheel/tire combo are going under this thing?!
  6. Ryan Quantz added a post in a topic Gasser56   

    Good looking car! Are you going to foil the scripts and "V" emblems? Or are you going for the "painted over" look?

    Really is a sweet looking Chebby though.
  7. Ryan Quantz added a post in a topic 67 Mustang   

    I second that. I've heard nothing but good things about the quality of MCR.

    Bill, the only reason I was asking about the casting is because if you have yours cast, i'll save myself the work and take advantage of yours. I don't blame you. Heck, I lose interest in some projects just finding reference photos.
  8. Ryan Quantz added a post in a topic 67 Mustang   

    I'm sure it's a nice piece and I don't doubt it's quality or it's maker, but to a perfectionist like me i'd be happier with the end result of making my own, me thinks. I'd really like to see the rear of the MCR resin 67 Mustang to see the modification to the window and the trunk/taillight area.

    Bill, if you beat me to it, are you going to have yours cast?

    If you have a chance, put a AMT 67 Fastback next to the Revell 68 Fastback. You'll notice the AMT's heavily sloped rear quarters and it's lack of the subtle sexy curve of the beltline from the "sweethear dip" to the headlights. It's too straight and... upward? Also, the little "hip" after the sweetheart dip is too high. The Revell Fastback is much more accurate as a starting point for a(my) coupe, in my opinion. Keep in mind Bill, that even though you need the 66 roof, the area around the rear window will need to be modified. While the 66's window trim lays flat and has a little hic-up in the metal surrounding it, the 67-68 window trim curves inward with the window being slightly recessed. The little hic-up isn't there either. Then there's the trunk lid... quite a project. Like I think i've told you before Bill, if you need specifics of ANYTHING let me know. My 68 is outside the door to my left.

    But thanks to MCR (and Missing Link's 68 GT/CS), a lot of builders won't have to go through the trouble of doing it, which is a good thing..... except for the people like me.
  9. Ryan Quantz added a post in a topic 67 Mustang   

    Well, I'm not going to start an argument on this subject, but I'm standing by my statement. Nothing against Jeff, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with my bone-stock bodied 68 Coupe that i've owned and worked on for 8 years.
  10. Ryan Quantz added a post in a topic 67 Mustang   

    This looks like a well-executed, fairly accurate 67 Mustang. I've been throwing around the idea of buying one, but those rear quarters just have too much rearward slope in my eyes. I have no doubt, though, that it is a quality product from what i've seen and heard about MCR.
  11. Ryan Quantz added a post in a topic Runaway Prius   

    But remember, his story was that both of his hands were firmly on the steering wheel, even when he was on the phone!
  12. Ryan Quantz added a post in a topic what does every one use as reference material   

    Wow, I need to hire you to do mine. I've tired but my cats are too needy. I'm in Vegas too, seriously, do my magazines!

    My reference comes from Google search, my 200+ magazine stash, eBay, my thousands of carshow photos, webistes specializing in "parts cars"... and pretty much everywhere I can find even a halfway decent photo.
  13. Ryan Quantz added a post in a topic Whiskey a Go-Go!   

    Nice looking interior!

    Funny, I'm building an almost identical 40 Ford. Same engine, axle, wheels... spooky.
  14. Ryan Quantz added a post in a topic Restore or "Restify?"   

    NICELY put, my friend.

    Seriously though, in the end we cannot take ANY of this ###### with us. So enjoy what you have while you have it, and do it however you want- Because it's yours. The nay-sayers and boo-hooers are all probably just jealous anyways..
  15. Ryan Quantz added a post in a topic What's the weirdest thing you found in junkyard, while parts scrounging   

    I'd really have to see pictures to believe some of this stuff.