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  1. Brian J added a post in a topic Question about vacuum forming a whole body,,   

    Thanks for the help. I may have that issue, I'll dig it out and have a look.

    There's quite a few other bodies I'd like to do for doing Stock Cars.
    Everything i looked up on the web researching this so far states you can vacuum form over a plastic master, among other materials.
  2. Brian J added a topic in General   

    Question about vacuum forming a whole body,,
    I want to vacuum form the Revell (Monogram) '86 Monte Carlo SS Notchback kit body. I'm planning to do a Local Short Track Street Stock Stock Car, so fine details are not a problem, won't need them.

    How would i go about doing this?. I have a large Vacuum Former, and heat the plastic in a regular oven.

    Would i be able to Vacuum Form directly over the plastic kit body, or would the heat be too much for the "A" pillars, or roof to withstand and cause damage from the slight heat/suction.

    Or, would it be better to make a complete mold from plaster, or such, and make a "buck" to vacuum form off of?.

    I'd like to try doing it directly off the plastic kit body to save time.
    I have an extra body to try it, but thought I'd try to get some opinions first.

    Has anyone here tried vacuum forming a whole body before, and what were the steps taken to do so?.

    Thanks, Brian Jurgensen
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  3. Brian J added a post in a topic How old are you??   

    Just turned 43 here.
  4. Brian J added a topic in General   

    Hi Everyone, I'm new here,,
    I'm glad i found this forum. I'm not new to modeling, just this forum.

    I used to frequent another forum. Although i didn't post much on there, i always looked forward to reading all the great tips and tricks, news about releases, and pics of projects from the many modelers i admire.

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