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  1. Great call with Leonard Poppe's Camaro convertible custom. That car just begs to be blown up to full size so you can jump in and drive it.
  2. We had a great show this year with an amazing number of beautiful paint jobs and superb detail from some of the best modelers around, including those mentioned previously. The model count, including a handful of "display only" cars was around 460. This easily outnumbered last years count, which was a pleasant surprise. Here's a link to the KC Slammers Fotki pages for a complete array of model pictures and category winners. Congrats to Klay Kemp for taking the Best of Show and Peoples choice awards (among others) with his unbelievably cool Mustang. https://public.fotki.com/kcslammers/heartland-model-car/2019-heartland/ regards, Alyn Loya - KC Slammers President
  3. until
    Heartland Nationals 2018 - One of, if not the largest model contests/exhibitions in the Midwest. Hundreds of entries, huge vendor area, 50's, 60's music by DJ Elvis
  4. One week away to the start of the 2018 Heartland Nationals in Kansas City. One of the largest, if not the largest model show/exhibits in the Midwest. There's usually 400+ entries and huge vendor area; around 80 tables just for vendors, plus 50's - 60's rock with our friend Elvis covering the music for that "drive-in vibe". Always a good time and a great venue to get together with fellow modelers. regards, Alyn
  5. Alyn

    Engine turning

    Chuck, I'm sure you're thinking of an article by Scott Colmer. He's done several very interesting how-to's published in MCM Pat, I'm not sure how you could achieve the metallic look after trying this directly on plastic, but it will be an interesting addition to this thread if you pull it off. Pete, your work (as usual) looks great. I used the toothpick and compound for mine as, from what I've read, it was common for hot rodders to do it this way with a wooden dowel in a drill press and similar rubbing compound. Your technique has a superior look in scale. Was size tubing is that?
  6. Alyn

    Engine turning

    well, this one is one more try ...
  7. Alyn

    Engine turning

    One more try ...
  8. Alyn

    Engine turning

    Let's see if I still remember how to post a pic. Engine turned aluminum firewall. I used a round toothpick mounted in a Dremel (with Dremel drill press fixture). The end of the toothpick was cut off square to the end and cleaned up. Dupont No. 7 compound was used for cutting. Another vote for tedious. This picture doesn't do it justice. Looks pretty good in person. https://public.ch.files.1drv.com/y4mGM4VEyN9Qup2X69gl-9YxUFuRWH8ngfB5803IFvN-1IGucFttrHV2cM6Q7yag1EyzYIeE9qKA9m-W3YQrzMNEcro-IhsBEqeSwF53i3gtYN8FxQYP5_fQDmHaesGOMOMK8XMbardEkdHKPfHXiItyQ5zzmXSVa11kREmqdYX8Gx9HzxoUNWlT9v7VSLhUHvAAsHsNz3C_WYwXf9UOJG1mg/Img_2134c.jpg?psid=1
  9. Check you messages, Ben. I sent the following; "I use plastic from both Plastruct and Evergreen. The .030" half-round was from Plastruct. I buy both locally in Kansas City hobby shops. The Plastruct part number is 90879. catalog number MRH-30. I would assume you could find this online." A quick google search on "Plastruct MRH-30" brought up numerous sources with product in stock. Alyn
  10. Off to your usual fabulous start. You make it look so simple. Do us all proud with this one.
  11. The typical VW engine, if I remember right would be around 1200cc to 1500cc. That would put it in the G engine class. Bore or stroke it past 1523cc, up to around 2000cc and you'd move into H. Lakesters are designated with the letter L. So if you build a lakester powered by a stock displacement VW motor running on gas, you would run in H/GL. Switch to alcohol or nitro and you would run H/FL. Adding a blower to either gas or fuel; add a B as in H/BGL or H/BFL. good luck with your project
  12. I would think that after 9 pages, most of you guys would get it. There are modelers out there that are not building to the Morrison standard. There are magazine editors that are not selecting content that is up to the Morrison standard. This has got to stop. If only Van Gogh had been alive to paint in our modern times. The night sky in "Starry Night" could have been so much more accurate with Jonathon's guidance. Surely we can all step up our game and start building to the Morrison standard. Surely we can all provide Jonathon with acceptable answers to his clearly and precisely worded question. Sorry, but the arrogance of someone to think others need to change their standards to fit his is off the charts.
  13. lovely little bits of jewelry, Bill. The spacing of the various holes are deadly accurate. You must have some secret computer driven laser drill hidden in an underground workshop, three stories below the surface. You have come up for air and blind us with your machining brilliance. I was recently thinking of how Mark and John had raised the bar so high it could go no higher. No more raising the bar. Then you show up and what do you do; raise the bar. Way to go, buddy. I'll look forward to seeing the finished car at this years Heartland.
  14. Mark, you're pushing the envelope to the point she's gonna blow! some beautiful examples of the level of modeling skills you've mastered.
  15. Great looking chassis, Art. The detail and metalized finishes really set it off.
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