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  1. At this year's Heartland contest, along with our regular awards program, we're going to try out a new concept. We will be awarding "Master Modeler" hats to no more than five modelers that exhibit exemplary skills in the main areas of model car building. This will include paint & finish, engine & chassis detail, interior/trunk/cargo detail, photo realism, and technical & scale accuracy. Our Grand Champion (Best of Show) winner will very likely take one hat. The others will go to builders exhibiting a model that excels in all the listed categories regardless of the contest class entered. To leave with a hat, you will truly need to be a Master Modeler. Hope to see you on the 11th and 12th of June Regards, Alyn Loya, KC Slammers president
  2. Old Timer pretending to be a newbie testing photo upload
  3. until
    The 30th Annual Heartland Model Car Nationals is THE Big Show of the year in the Midwest. 31 model categories plus 15 additional Master awards, Theme, People's Choice, Specialty and Heartland Grand Champion. 80+ Vendor tables, drawings, live DJ. This year's Theme is "Drop Tops".
  4. Congrats on a successful DSC V16. You guys had some outstanding entries. A big pat on the back to you and your club for the effort put forth for a great Covid-19 work-around. Alyn Loya FYI: check your count down clock. If my calculations are correct, it's counting down to the end of May, not the 1st.
  5. We were looking forward to getting at least one model show in this year, but recent events have created some insurmountable logistics. We are forced to cancel this years Heartland Nationals. In May, the Kansas 4-phase plan for reopening was moving right along. At that time it appeared that by now we would be well into the last phase which allowed for decent crowd sizes and a major easing of most restrictions. Now, with the large increases in negative virus statistics, restrictions are tightening up again, making it all but impossible to manage face mask and social distancing rules with the large crowds we get. Health and safety comes first. Sorry to bring the bad news. Hopefully we can put on one heck of a show next year and make up for it. regards, Alyn Loya KC Slammers president
  6. The KC Slammers has rescheduled this years Heartland Nationals to August 22 & 23rd. We will still be at the same location, The Overland Park Convention Center with plenty of vendors, Rock & Roll with our live DJ and plenty of eye candy on the tables. We are looking forward to a break from the current Covid-19 troubles across the country and a return to some good old model building. Details and a copy of the contest flyer can be found on our website at https://kcslammers.com/ Hope to see you there, Alyn Loya
  7. I would be inclined to fudge a little. Start with some 1/16" x 1/8" (or thereabouts) plastic rod and just round off the two corners of the leading edge that will be exposed to the from of the grill shell. Round them off enough create a half-round profile on the leading edge. Leave the rear edges as is. No one will ever see them from the back side, so from the front it will not be evident that the cross section is not tapered.
  8. Great call with Leonard Poppe's Camaro convertible custom. That car just begs to be blown up to full size so you can jump in and drive it.
  9. We had a great show this year with an amazing number of beautiful paint jobs and superb detail from some of the best modelers around, including those mentioned previously. The model count, including a handful of "display only" cars was around 460. This easily outnumbered last years count, which was a pleasant surprise. Here's a link to the KC Slammers Fotki pages for a complete array of model pictures and category winners. Congrats to Klay Kemp for taking the Best of Show and Peoples choice awards (among others) with his unbelievably cool Mustang. https://public.fotki.com/kcslammers/heartland-model-car/2019-heartland/ regards, Alyn Loya - KC Slammers President
  10. until
    Heartland Nationals 2018 - One of, if not the largest model contests/exhibitions in the Midwest. Hundreds of entries, huge vendor area, 50's, 60's music by DJ Elvis
  11. One week away to the start of the 2018 Heartland Nationals in Kansas City. One of the largest, if not the largest model show/exhibits in the Midwest. There's usually 400+ entries and huge vendor area; around 80 tables just for vendors, plus 50's - 60's rock with our friend Elvis covering the music for that "drive-in vibe". Always a good time and a great venue to get together with fellow modelers. regards, Alyn
  12. Chuck, I'm sure you're thinking of an article by Scott Colmer. He's done several very interesting how-to's published in MCM Pat, I'm not sure how you could achieve the metallic look after trying this directly on plastic, but it will be an interesting addition to this thread if you pull it off. Pete, your work (as usual) looks great. I used the toothpick and compound for mine as, from what I've read, it was common for hot rodders to do it this way with a wooden dowel in a drill press and similar rubbing compound. Your technique has a superior look in scale. Was size tubing is that?
  13. Let's see if I still remember how to post a pic. Engine turned aluminum firewall. I used a round toothpick mounted in a Dremel (with Dremel drill press fixture). The end of the toothpick was cut off square to the end and cleaned up. Dupont No. 7 compound was used for cutting. Another vote for tedious. This picture doesn't do it justice. Looks pretty good in person. https://public.ch.files.1drv.com/y4mGM4VEyN9Qup2X69gl-9YxUFuRWH8ngfB5803IFvN-1IGucFttrHV2cM6Q7yag1EyzYIeE9qKA9m-W3YQrzMNEcro-IhsBEqeSwF53i3gtYN8FxQYP5_fQDmHaesGOMOMK8XMbardEkdHKPfHXiItyQ5zzmXSVa11kREmqdYX8Gx9HzxoUNWlT9v7VSLhUHvAAsHsNz3C_WYwXf9UOJG1mg/Img_2134c.jpg?psid=1
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