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  1. Disteel Wheels Model T

    I'm very interested in a set of these wheels for a vintage speeder I'm formulating. Please let us know when they are ready, and if they fit any other, more widely available kit tires
  2. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Maybe an admin can take all this Revell discussion and move it to the appropriate thread? Is it possible to cherry pick certain posts to move?
  3. Disteel Wheels Model T

    Is the tire separate from the wheel? They look pretty nice so far
  4. That's what I was afraid of, so that's why I ask. And now others are aware of the issues too. Thanks for taking the time to relay your specific experience
  5. I did a search and the only things that come up about him are in one of the "recaster alert" threads. I won't knowing buy a recast product of another casters product. But what caught my eye was the 427 DOHC engine he is doing that is a copy of the Moebius Comet engine. For half the price of the whole kit I was entertaining the thought, depending on the quality.
  6. Has anyone bought their resin? I've seen them on eBay, and they have a few pieces I'm interested in. Seller is listed as meditrans65.
  7. Stock 1932 Ford?

    Ok, lets keep this thread going. I'm a huge fan of 32 Fords, and I'm always looking for building alternatives for the Revell 32 kits. A closer to stock build could prove quite interesting. 1- if someone was to use the beautiful Rep+Min frame, or modify the Revell kit frame, what would be a source for a good rear crossmember? Would the Revell 40 Ford piece work, especially since it's a separate piece already? 2- Wheels- Would the 34 Ford wires work? I know the Monogram pieces are technically 1/24, but mixing scales doesn't bother me if they're close. What about an alternative source? How about the wire wheels in later issues of the Monogram 30 Woody? 3- Front axle. The detail on the AMT kit piece isn't great, so how about an upgrade. Personally a slight drop would be acceptable, but I know others out there would be interested in bone stock 4- engine. As suggested, the AMT 34 Ford 5W stock version has a very nice flattie. I'm sure there may be small details different between the years that i could sort out, but specifically the bolt pattern on the head(water inlet could be different too. Is the one represented in the 34 kit ok for 32. Or are the heads in the AMT 32's correct? Sorry, I can't easily do these part comparisons on my own since most of my kits are in storage.
  8. Not to be a jerk, but just do a search here for Reliable Resin. Several threads about them. And it's more than just a couple dissatisfied customers. It's a definite trend formed after years of poor customer service
  9. Seek out Drag City Castings. The owner, Ed, is a member here. So you can message him directly if you like. He does make some drag associated items, including ladder bars. He has just recently brought back his line of racing hoods, and he has a ton of wheels that would be gasser appropriate. Here'a link to Drag City Castings Fotki page. His casting work is excellent. https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/member_dealer_directory/drag-city-casting-/
  10. AMT Mod Rod '29 Ford Roadster

    The Lil John Buttera T Sedan kit (bottom right on combo kit pictured above) is actually pretty nice, and to my understanding accurate. But when Revell tried to fit a 34 Ford body on the much smaller T chassis, that is what made that 34 kit highly inaccurate.
  11. 1937 chev pick up

    FYI, years ago Tim Boyd did an article in the other magazine about turning the OBS closer to stock(though still a street machine), which might be worth a look before you start yours.
  12. Anyone need a range hood for a paint booth?

    I heartily agree with this sentiment. However, this hood would make the fine basis for a spray booth, with it's integrated lights and hood structure. if it is like a typical range hood, build a box for it to rest on and upgrade the fan. Could be cool., and it would save someone money on materials.
  13. According to Tom Carter from Spotlight Hobbies these kits are "on the water" over from China, so we are supposed to see them in May
  14. MapleLeaf Modelworks

    Some new items i got for Mapleleaf Modelworks Ford Y-Block dress up parts. they look great on the Revell 57 Ford engine And some Buick Nailhead headers and valve covers
  15. Off to an interesting start. i'll be following