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  1. Update on Scale Motorsport

    Thank you for the update. Maybe you should go back and delete the original post so as to avoid confusion?
  2. NEW Round2 AMT 2018

    We all want to know more. There has been no formal announcement from Round2 on either the 34 pickup or the 77 van. It's only thought to be coming because a retailer put it on their website as a future release. So, there are no details yet.
  3. '32 Ford 5-Window Coupe

    This is looking good. That color really pops! Try Tamiya white primer next time you're spraying whitewalls. It has less of a tendency to crack over time on the flexible tires, and has the right sheen.
  4. You don't move it, you just start a new thread in the finished section with your pics. This came out great. Nice conversion work.
  5. MapleLeaf Modelworks

    Here's some examples of Maple Leaf Modelworks stuff from the order that I just got. Very happy with the quality of these parts, can't wait to use them Shotgun and lakes style headers for the engine out of the Revell 50 olds 1/16 and 1/25 Stromberg carbs Fishtail exhaust tips (note, they are molded open all the way back to where the frosted portion starts) E+J headlights (note correct badge highlighted in blue)
  6. 32 5 Window Hard Chop (6/20/18)

    Glad to see this one back on your bench. The Olds looks great, wiring it is definitely worth it with the unique way the wires run through that loom on the real ones, you pulled it off here
  7. Dry lakes ‘29 roadster

    Nice build. Looks TRoG ready.
  8. The Little Drag - A Monogram "Never Was"

    Very well done. I've been wanting to do this myself. It's just such a cool concept. Your version is excellent.
  9. Early 60s T roadster

    I'm guessing the top is just on there for show. When it was driven (either on the street or on/off a trailer) they probably had the top off.
  10. Hot Rod 2958 (Johnny Cash) MOCK UP

    Please don't think I'm not saying your work isn't impressive. The narrowing job you did on the bumper is executed well. But the height that it adds to the overall appearance of the rear takes away from the hot rod feel of the build. If you want to keep that bumper, since it fit the body well, maybe just shave some material off the bottom? You do nice work, so I'm sure you'll figure something out. Or you can ignore me
  11. Hot Rod 2958 (Johnny Cash) MOCK UP

    Nice work. However, IMHO, the full height bumper makes the rear end look heavy. In my head I was envisioning a blade bumper, like something based on a 59 Chevy bumper?
  12. '57 Ford Del Panel

    Wow, the paint on this looks deep enough to dive in. And very nice conversion work to the panel.
  13. Status of Revell's '69 Boss 302?

    I changed it to read "former" But I contend, we still don't know anything about where the actual production and distribution of kits will happen for the US market. To my knowledge, no formal announcement has been made. Yes, they may have closed the Revell US offices, but maybe they plan on establishing a new US headquarters? Again, no formal announcement has been made(to my knowledge)
  14. Havin' Too much fun

    Great pic, beautiful car(and the driver isn't half bad either ) Photoshop out the guys in the background and if it was black and white it could easily pass for a pic from the 40's
  15. Status of Revell's '69 Boss 302?

    My understanding is that both tools were rendered out of commission by whatever happened because they share tooling. And i am referring to the roadster, because that was the one we were getting first with box art depicting the SBC in the roadster instead of the Buick Nailhead.