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  1. Dang, that replica of Alexander Bros Limelighter 60 Pontiac is pretty nice for the time it was built. Cool stuff
  2. That sounds like a great idea. Maybe open it up to more than just 29 A pickups? The 80's Retro Billet Build-off? I'm intrigued.
  3. I keep bouncing around in my head whether to do a faux-vivor from the late 80's of stuff that was only available back then and what I would have done at the time, but finished to my current skill level. Or doing a full detail build throwing the full gamut of parts and techniques currently available. They may sound the same to everyone else, but to me they are quite different things, and I just don't know what to do. The faux-vivor should be a relatively quick build, so I may lean that way.
  4. Anyone remember who made this body? I've been after one for years. Morgan Automotive Detail (or one of the other Detroit guys) made a chopped wagon body, but it was based on the woody kit. This is all steel. Tom Kren did a beautiful build with that body way back when, and now seeing Gerry's beautiful build it has reinvigorated my search.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I think a lot of the differences in the rear roofline and lower window contours has to do with the slightly different angles that both photos were taken. even 1-2 degrees will make a difference. Notice how all the upper surfaces of the blue car are higher than the red model. Or I could be off my rocker. I'm still buying one
  6. Can't wait for vindication on this if this kit is truly made up of a few "parts packs" like it sounds. I've been saying since Atlantis bought the R/M molds that weren't in China, that the parts pack tools were probably in the purchase. And that releasing them as kits instead of separate packs was the better idea with regards to potential sales. I guess we'll wait and see when more details arise.
  7. Purposeful alterations to the basic kit, well executed.
  8. Thanks for sharing the side by side. This is close enough for me, I'll be purchasing the new kit for sure
  9. That wheel/tire combo is excellent, especially the fronts. And you nailed the stance. Great looking hot rod you have there
  10. Dang it Dennis, you're killing me. In the back of my mind I've been toying with the idea of doing a billet-ed out 80's/early 90's street rod for awhile now. Like you, that time period was when I was just getting into the hobby and it was all the rage. This build may just push me over the edge into actually doing it. I've already started gathering parts in my head, and I may just have to pull together a mock up over the weekend. But almost certainly I'll be using those wheels from the first issue 37 Ford. That kit was huge for me in my formative model building years, and even now I still think they're a great looking wheel. Which is why I'm glad you decided to switch to them for this project. As an ode to the man that provided so much inspiration to us over the years. Yer killin me.
  11. Never the one at the back of the stack either, because that's where news stand readers try to stash their evidence 🤭
  12. I dig the rear tires. May I suggest a slightly deeper offset wheel for the rears if you have any available.
  13. Jimmy Flintstone offers the panel truck body.
  14. Exactly my point. And the fact that people will continue to miss that point or deflect it into a different meaning is why I knew while I was typing it that it was a pointless endeavor. But I posted it anyway because I am just expressing MY opinion too.
  15. So, after all of this, what is the actual point of a thread like this? I don't like this thing, who else doesn't like this thing? How does a thread like this enrich the community? Sure, it sparks debate (obviously). But all it really does is ... 1-reinforce the opinions of people who agree with the opinion 2- identify those who are opposed to said opinion and most importantly, though usually not the intent of the person who starts a thread like this... 3- alienates people who happen to not agree with said opinion. It's not about everyone liking the same thing or that nobody can have a difference of opinion. What it is about is developing an air of exclusivity on what is supposed to be a general interest automotive model forum. If it is a niche forum or board where it's clearly defined that only certain types of models are discussed, then sure, exclude away. Because those parameters are set. But for a general interest board for a hobby that is struggling on it's own to be inclusive of younger/new members to completely dismiss what many of them are into is just shooting ourselves in the foot. How do you think a lurker, or incoming person would feel if they can see that what they are interested in is looked down upon. Even if it is by a vocal minority, someone coming in doesn't see that. All they see is the negativity. Opinions, everyone has one, and is entitled to one. But I just fail to see the purpose of a thread like this. And jamesG, this is not directed at you. it's just my take on this type of thread as a whole that has been present since message boards and forums became a thing 20+ years ago. +flame suit on+
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