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  1. I remember this build Tim. Such a clean and straightforward build. The overall look is stunning, but those rare wheels and tires really set it off
  2. King Cobra drag car

    I've never seen this kit in person. I'm sure the tires are different from the regular cobra road car kit, but what about the wheels? Are they a deeper/bigger rears?
  3. I have a set of those front wheels too. I think this is the first finished model i have seen them on. Good to know they finish out nicely. Nice build
  4. Such a deal!

    I wish Testors would reformulate those old colors an bring them into their lacquer line. Maybe even "copy" some of those AMT and Pactra paints too? It's been a looong time since Testors has added anything to the lacquer lines Cash in on nostalgia like Round2 does. Now is the time!
  5. '53 Ford pickpu tuck'n roll interior

    Should also be mentioned, it does fit the former MPC 53 flip nose pickup as well. You'll have to trim the front of the side panels a little to fit, but otherwise fits it nicely.
  6. Bronco half-cab

    Sweet looking Bronco. I like the color combo. Nice job finishing out the Olsen conversion parts too.
  7. Scout Parts

    +2. I have a few Scout builds that could use some well done detail parts
  8. You're a wild man Kerry. i love it i expect to see it in primer at KKIM
  9. Been trying to keep my eyes open for one of these 30 resin cabs for awhile now. Seeing your builtup makes me want one even more. Nicely done as always Tim
  10. What's the latest Revell North America News

    I think they have the ability to add and delete spots as new product comes. If they created a bunch of slots only twice a year they could potentially be sitting with holes in their wall for extended periods. Not saying they don't do the reset twice a year, because i know they do it. But I think that is more about doing a refresh so that stores all have their displays relatively the same. For example, I started looking at my store for the AMT 60 Chevy pickup as soon as it hit distributors, no spot carved out on the wall. And then one day the kit was on the shelves in a spot with a sticker.
  11. Somehow I missed you sharing this one here Tim. I remember this build from a few years ago. The color combo is my favorite part, but you hit so many great styling beats with this one, it's just so cool.
  12. Creature’s Crate

    I dig this concept. Have fun with it. I think you will find that stuff in the model railroad area of shops.
  13. Round2 Feb. 2019 video

    And that's why I said "many of you", not specifically calling anyone out.
  14. Round2 Feb. 2019 video

    You can skip over parts you don't want to see. At least i could. Just hover your mouse over the progress bar at the bottom and it shows a frame from the video at that point. When you see a point at which you want to view it, click it and it advances to that spot.
  15. Round2 Feb. 2019 video

    In regards to the wheel part pack, I think many of you are missing what's going on here. These aren't newly tooled specifically for this pats pack. This is a combination of wheels they have recently tooled for specific kits over the last few years. This is not to say this is a bad thing, I'm actually happy Round2 is doing this. It makes financial sense as an opportunity for a further Return On Investment that they made by tooling them up in the first place. If this keeps the Parts Pack ball rolling, I'm all for it! Because on the whole, in my opinion, the releases in the new Part Packs have been really good.