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  1. I think you just pulled off something many of us have had in our minds, a detailed, more accurate XR-6. You did a great job. Thanks for sharing
  2. If you're looking for a small skull, I'm assuming for the shifter, look no further than the Monogram Little T or 30 Woody. Obviously, the Little T shifter may be harder to come by, but I'm pretty sure the skull shifter has been in the 30 Woody since the beginning (although it may have been deleted when R/M revamped the tool in the mid-2000's
  3. Those are supposedly still an active project. But please note, no tooling was ever cut for those. the mockups presented at the shows were 3D printed.
  4. If I were Dave, I wouldn't let it effect my plans at all. The Racers Wedge features a not-very-prototypical dual rear axle setup for this size truck. And don't flip it over, because the way they handled the second axle when they made the kit is almost comical. While I do applaud Round2 for rereleasing the Wedge, and I'm happy for the guys that are excited about it, I'd much rather have an accurate and more prototypically correct one like Mr Burkett is apparently planning.
  5. They changed the name of the OneCoat line to Extreme Lacquer a couple years ago. Try searching for that and you should get better results. Same paint, different name.
  6. Cool concept, and clean execution. Following
  7. Any updates on these offerings, especially the sort box? I realize there is another on the market, but I like the quality of Greg's stuff
  8. The Metalizer line was officially discontinued within the last couple years
  9. Wow. let me start off by saying I like the look you've gotten so far. Sleek, yet tough at the same time. Now, you definitely went a more difficult route with regards to sectioning the body. Your results look great, but I feel you did a lot of extra work. And I'm not talking about just using the pre-sectioned vintage AMT body. Most guys simply raise the rear wheel opening and trim off the bottom of the body. Then add the bottom molding back on. But, you got where you wanted to go, and as long as you're having fun that's all that matters! I would definitely consider the airbag route. It's not a cop-out. This is exactly why it was invented. To get that low look without bags requires a whole lot of surgery to the chassis, and usually compromises the ride characteristics in the end. Are you sticking with the 3 window body? Or are you going to whack the roof off?
  10. The Testors company will continue to sell spray paints as well. They are discontinuing the product lines you listed and consolidating them under the main Testors brand. Some colors and items will be dropped during the consolidation, but they pledge to add new paints/items as well. Check out this thread, specifically the post by "blunote" about 1/2 way down the third page
  11. I know this kit has always had only one engine, but Chad (probably mistakenly) mentions "2 engines" in the video, and I'm making reference to someone else's inquiry about that
  12. Chad mentions 2 engines. Probably a mistake, but I think that is what John is asking about
  13. Many of us would love to have it back in this form (and the Little T too), but sadly it would probably take a bunch of new tooling. There is hope, since they did it to the Blue Beetle (Bandito), but this would require quite a bit more tooling. Sadly, if they were going to do the Little T you think they would have done it by now, but that one just came back recently. However, if you're not adverse to resin you can build a Little Deuce. Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland offered the grille and taillights. Drag City Castings does the full Pontiac engine (you can even get the Son of Ford FI intake if you want), grille and wheels. You can modify the kit firewall with Evergreen halfround to get you the rest of the way. The 2000's releases (except the teal car on the boxart) even have decals that are close to the Little Deuce
  14. I think there was an article in one of the mags back then about performing the conversion. Vince Lobosco from NY did a beautiful showroom stock version by bashing that body and the stock Revell Thunderbird kit
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