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  1. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Monogram '32 Ford Street Rod Classic Cruiser   

    Thanks for backing me up Danno. i thought that was the sequence of events on the Big T and Deuce
  2. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Galaxie LTD Product   

    Kit goes together awesome, and is beautifully detailed. The only thing i remember is be very careful with the fitment of the front clip. If it's angled slightly up or down the hood wont fit. But get it right and the hood fits perfect.
  3. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic first resin hudson veriant.. hollywood...   

    Wow, what a difference a roof makes. Nice conversion work
  4. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Replicars and Miniatures of Maryland   

    Here's a link to my album of Replicas and Miniatures of Md items. There is also a copy of his latest catalog.


    Norm IS the best. Great guy, great businessman, great hobby historian, and a great builder too.

    BTW, I'm always looking for good pics of his stuff to add to my album. Trying to make it THE place to see his stuff online since he has no time to make and maintain a website of his own. PM me if you can help.
  5. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic OKAY. The new Hudson's out. What are your plans for it ?   

    Stealing the engine out of it already. Hello hot rod!
  6. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Replicas and miniatures   

    Lyle just mastered a cabriolet for Norm. I would love to see a phaeton

  7. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Looking for Parts for Revell 1/12 Choppers.....   

    Just picked one up from him a couple months ago. Nice piece
  8. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Replicas and miniatures   

    This is a drop on conversion for the Revell 5window kit.

    BTW- Thanks Lyle
  9. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Replicas and miniatures   

    Not sure if you were kidding or not, but this is a '32 Ford Sport Coupe

    And here is the resin conversion offered by Rep+Min

    And here's one I just finished building from the Rep+Min conversion, based on artwork by Keith Weesner

  10. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Monogram '32 Ford Street Rod Classic Cruiser   

    That grille was included in the Little Deuce issue, not sure if it made it into the Son Of Ford issue. The Little Deuce and Big Deuce were actually based on a real car, with magazine coverage in at least one major mag. If you like I can get the exact issue info

    And Larry, the up-top made it back into at least one issue of the 32, the one that came with the diecast included, from the early 2000's
  11. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Ulrich 1/24 scale Minimen   

    The same parties are involved that were originally gauging interest and taking pre-orders in Nov 2008. They have overcome the various bumps in the road and are very close to taking true orders for these. Stay tuned
  12. Mr. Metallic added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    AMT 25 T Double kit review with pics
    Just picked mine up today and figured I'd share some pics. All I have to say is...awesome. I'm no expert on the various versions of this kit over the past 45+ years, but I'll comment on what I see so far

    The chopped coupe body is back. And there is both clear and red tinted "glass" for it. Also a set of beautifully chromed wheel covers and chromed steel wheels. The interior for the roadster has been retooled to tuck and roll rather than the square pleats of the last few issues.

    Also included are a pair of the sweet, pad-printed, narrow white wall slicks and 4 medium white wall tires. A really well done decal sheet is in there too, as well as the standard "mini-box" and "Kat from AMT" sticker that have become the norm from the new AMT.

    I will be getting more of these, without a doubt. Now I'm just torn on which way to build it first, but as you can see by the pic I've kinda made my choice

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  13. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Revell is watching your dialogue on future versions of their '32 Ford kits   

    Rather than continue the debate of whether or not another 32 kit is wanted or needed from Revell, I'm going to participte in the actual intent of this thread...

    As I stated in the"reviews" area after the 5w kit came out here's my idea. Closed cab or RPU pickup. An Olds J2 engine(Rocket) would be outstanding since it is the only GM small block from the 50's that hasn't been treated to new tooling(SBC-multiple times, Nailhead-in the AMT 66 Riviera, Caddy-in the Revell 49 Merc) As someone else suggested, a quickchange with coilsprings using the current mounting setup would be great for vintage stuff, but could also be used by street rod builders if Revell didn't want to still include the Ford 9". Guide or commercial headlights would be neat. Putting a buggy sprung rearend in this kit, while very cool, doesn't seem to fit economically given the guideline of being street-roddable too.

    Thanks for listening Revell.
  14. Mr. Metallic added a topic in Under Glass   

    Revell 5w completed
    Threw this together in one week from the brand new Revell 5w kit. This can be done because just like all the other Revell 32's, this just falls together. I decided to personalize mine a bit by adding some parts box and aftermarket while still highlighting most of the great new parts this kit offers.

    The engine is the kits new "hemi" with a few details. I added the 8 carb intake from an AMT Boss Nova, air cleaners from an AMT 53 Ford pickup, Parts by Parks distributor, air compressor for the rear airbags from a Monogram 59 Caddy, and a chrome generator from an AMT AlaKart. I also added the oil filter from a Revell Merc, and scratchbuilt a fuel system with red transparent fuel lines.

    Here's a trick for some over the fender exhaust headers. The kit headers for the "hemi" route under the car and connect to the "stock" exhaust. If you flip them side for side and turn them over you get over the frame headers.

    The exterior features the beautiful stock height 5 window body. First, I unboxed the framerails forward of the grille shell. Then I added Lincoln taillights from a Revell Merc, bar grille and headlights with seperate bezels from a Lindberg 34 Ford pickup, and wheels and tires from a Revell "Rat Rod" with parts box caps. These wheels and tires are very easy to adapt to the 32 suspension by just drilling larger holes. These are a big improvement over what I feel is the only week point in the 5w kit, the tires with wide whitewall decals. Color is Testors OneCoat Inca Gold

    The late 50's showcar theme carries to the underside with a more traditional rear airbag setup(which is plumbed with airhoses into the trunk.) Modified the kit ladder bars to a single bar setup, and used the new hairpins up front.

    The interior is all from the kit, except for the Kens Kustom Fuzzy Dice.

    Great kit, just wish that since Revell was tooling up new wheels for this kit that they had made them to fit the "Rat Rod" tires instead of the crummy whitewall decals. Otherwise, this kit is great. i am fermenting ideas for a fendered and chopped build. I will definetly be buying more of this, especially for the kitbashing possibilities.

    Thank You Revell!!!!

    p.s.- the front of the body sits high because I made my own motor mounts(because i stole this frame from another project because it had the old style airbag mods done), which sits the emgine too high in the frame, which hold up the floorpan, which holds up the body. The position of the body is not Revells fault!
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  15. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic New Revell '32 Ford 5-window coupe   

    First off, i just want to say thanks to Tim for giving us the inside scoop and great pics of this kit.

    Secondly, I'm stoked for this kit. i didn't initially think I'd buy more than a couple sedans at the new high price, but I can't stay away from it with all the new updated parts they threw in it (thank you Hobby Lobby for those 40% off coupons!) I'm sure it will be the same way for me with the 5window. Great move by Revell for including different parts than the ones from the sedan. they could have easily tooled up a new body and interior and left it at that and still sold a ton.

    Now, here is my wish for the next kit in this series. Issuing this kit this way would ensure multiple purchases by builders because of the kitbash possiblities:

    Closed cab or roadster pickup. Hopped up 50's olds engine(Caddy, Chevy and Buick have all been treated to new tool versions from either AMT or Revell, now it's Olds turn) traditional rear suspension, Guide or E+J headlights and wide 5 artillery wheels. 2 carb setup for the 5.0. And, of course, the wide whites from the "Rat Rod" series. I know, tooling costs money, but with these parts9especially a buggy spring suspension) they would sell a ton, don't you think?