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  1. Well, as they have shown with the 63 Nova wagon, if the molds for the upper half of the kit are gone or damaged, they can recreate those parts. Question is if it's financially viable. If they did a new tool for the body I would vote to have the doors molded in (that may be an unpopular opinion 😋 )
  2. I'm sorry, I don't remember. And thank you for the complimnents
  3. Like Dennis, i built mine shortly after it came out too. it is a fun, well engineered kit, that practically falls together.
  4. I think most people are well aware of the weekly 40% coupon. But these sales where all model kits are 40% is a big deal because you can buy more than one kit at 40%. For people that live close to a HL that's not a big deal, but for people who don't live close to one it makes economic sense to make one occasional trip and pick up a bunch of kits than multiple trips to get one at a time.
  5. Ma, I've been wanting to try something similar if I could ever get my hands on one of those roof pieces. I love the subtle changes you made, especially the addition of the earlier taillight
  6. I could be wrong, but I think everything on the bottom illustration except the surfboard survived in the kit to this day, including the skateboard
  7. It has been quite some time since the 28/29 pickup has been released. Probably 15 years, and definitely before Round2 took over. So I'm hoping for a retro treatment with the smooth wheels (that actually date back to the 28 sedan version his tool sprung from) . And cool boxart will be a plus. And is it too much to hope for the Hot Curl to come back?
  8. Anyone have the instructions to this version showing the mods you have to do to fit the Hemi? This is the version I want to build of this kit someday. edit- I see now this version is being rereleased, but unless they really wow me over with cool parts and decals I'll save my money and build it out of one of the 4-5 kits I already have of this.
  9. Thanks for sharing. As a big 32 Ford fan I've been intrigued by these frames when i saw them on FB. They do look quite well engineered, and your fit-up with the Revell fender proves that fact. And now i know how much work it will take to get them whipped into shape. Now it's saving up my pennies to swallow that big shipping pill that comes with ordering from "down under"
  10. If you're on Facebook, find them there. They don't appear to have updated their website in awhile. But they are often sharing new products and ways to order them on FB, including all the 32 frames they offer
  11. I've bee really thinking hard about backdating a Revell 32 frame closer to stock and I was thinking the crossmember from the Revell 40 would fit the bill. Thanks for confirming it for me
  12. There is a company out of Australia that has some nicely designed 32 Ford frames. However, there appear to be a lot of "steps" in their prints, so that's what has put me off from ordering yet. But that may not be a big deal on a larger part like a frame. I'd love to hear feedback from someone that has actually bought their products before i buy He is also a member here https://bullyscustoms.wixsite.com/website
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