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  1. Man, that is one classy looking street rod. The subtle color combo and 4 doors really kind of make it a sleeper on first glance. The stance and wires are great. Well done
  2. IMHO, the use of the terms has shifted over the years. Both terms originated at the same time. They were originally used to differentiate between two different types of modified vehicles, but as their definitions got blurred they became interchangeable (for better or worse) But as time marched on "hot rod" got left behind referencing cars built with pre-1960's components, and "street rod" kept advancing in use to mean a car produced before 1948 with modern (for the time it is being applied as a label)) components used. The thing is that none of these "rules" are hard and fast and there are many exceptions to each "rule" which is what causes the confusion. Just to throw another term into the confusion, the term "Rat Rod" is now (incorrectly) used by lots of people in reference to any old car especially pre 1948 body styles, even if they're actually not true Rat Rods. Ain't American lingo great? 🤣
  3. I think the issue is storing them "cap up". This is probably allowing the ink to dry out faster than the "cap down" method. But you should be able to restore the tip by soaking it in alcohol.
  4. Man, sold out. Thanks for offering these Randy. I hope this isn't a one-shot deal and you'll offer more in the future
  5. Thanks for the heads up on the Helller Hotel Taxi re-issue. I secured one of the first issue with the intent to do what you described, but have been avoiding cutting it up because it was rare. Knowing I could get another would make it easier to cut up the one I have
  6. Several months ago many of the stores underwent a reset that kept the shelf space for automotive subjects the same, but about 1/3 of the spaces that were previously occupied by plastic kits were taken over by diecast kits and pre-builts.
  7. i don't see any evidence of that. Seems like he's just reading stuff right off the box He seems like a nice guy, and I applaud him for putting himself out there every month only to be scrutinized by the internet. I hope for his sake he stays away from all social media. I appreciate what Round2 is trying to do with this video every month. Instead of releasing some throw away press release every month, they are actually putting a human face to their company. But they should really take 15 minutes to put together a little script or cue card for him to read off of so he can relay important information about the subjects they're trying to create interest in. Just reading the stickers that we can all see on the box and saying cool constantly doesn't sell the product. Keep Chad, because i like the guy, but help him out a little bit rather than having him "wing it" about product he doesn't seem to know whole lot about. If I'm wrong about his product knowledge then i apologize, but it sure doesn't come across that way in what could be a much more effective sales tool.
  8. How do you know they completely recreated the tooling? I have not heard that anywhere else. My understanding is they re-tooled (or repaired) the trees that were common to both kits. That's why neither one could be released until now.
  9. That's a great looking car. This will probably make my short Tamiya "must-have but will never build" list of kits. I plan to build them all, someday.
  10. Those were 3D printed design ideas based on their preliminary CAD models. With the purchase of Moebius by Pegasus, they kinda got put on the back burner, but the new owner insists they are still coming.
  11. You're doing some really cool stuff on this one. Especially digging the engine and bodywork. Are you close to a point you could do a mockup so we can see stance and such?
  12. What???? I thought they ceased publication early last year. Now I have to go on the hunt. If this is true that they're still publishing, that's great news! Edit- Traditional Rod and Kulture Illustrated ceased production after issue 57. According to this article on the HAMB, a new magazine called Speed and Kulture is taking it's place. Trying to find a source for it now. https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/speed-and-kulture-magazine-traditional-rod-and-kulture.1165943/
  13. I'm not sure why you want to toss the DeSoto engine if you're trying to stay "period correct" That engine has been in the kit since it was tooled in the early 60's and is based on the 1:1 mid-50's engine. But if you're looking for something different from box-stock I agree with David that because the engine compartment on that truck is so big, you can fit just about anything in there. I'm really digging your idea of a Nailhead, but that's because I have an affinity for them.
  14. Thank you Lorne for sharing your experience. it's sad that all your work is slowly turning into a twisted mess. Curious, who made the body? If you're reluctant to say I understand. But everyone else, lets not jump to "the resin sky is falling" mentality. First off, not all resin is the same. I have resin bodies in my stash that are now 25+ years old, not a single sign of warping. Then other bodies from 5 years ago, some warping.
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