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  1. Old 69 Yenko Build Up Cut Up

    Interesting concept. Looks good
  2. Has anyone built these?

    I've been wanting to do the Ivo T for awhile now, but what really got me jonesing for it was the article in Hot Rod Deluxe a few years ago on the restored car. Take the Little T, add the Nailhead from your favorite source(I'm planning on the Revell 29 roadster kit with a different trans), throw in the other necessary parts and it should be pretty straight forward. Personally the pinstriping will be the tricky part, I'm hoping I can use the decals from the Tweedy Pie.
  3. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Yeah, like that's going to happen. The people in power structure it so they give themselves the bonuses. It's like asking the members of Congress to write term limit legislation. They have no interest in it because it limits their own power.
  4. How many versions of Revell's Tweedy Pie Tee Bucket are there ?

    While many of the original kitted version parts of the Tweedy Pie were returned or retooled for the most recent version, not all the parts are there. The R+M conversion kit would still be quite handy, especially for the wheels and tires. I've owned this set twice and sold it off. Wish I still had it.
  5. Identify these resin bodies

    If the woody body is indeed the Jimmy Flintstone 32-34 Woody, I believe it's pretty accurate. The cowl is based off the AMT 32-34 pickup cab, which is generally regarded as pretty accurate. While it may look different from the R/M 32 Ford passenger car series, I believe it's still relatively accurate compared to pictures of the 1:1
  6. How many versions of Revell's Tweedy Pie Tee Bucket are there ?

    According to Dave Darby over in a similar thread in the Kit Reviews section, the pickup bed was always an option in this kit, it did not replace the fuel tank. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/57648-tweedy-pie-parts/?page=2
  7. AMT Surf Woody

    Yeah, and the roof too Notice the literal bucket seats? 😂 I may be inspired to try something similar on my own since I doubt we'll see a reissue
  8. AMT Surf Woody

    Anyone happen to have one of these in their stash to show the unique parts vs the Surf Woody? Looks like I may have finally found a way to use one of my Surf Woody kits
  9. Identify these resin bodies

    Hard to tell from the angle, but the woody kinda looks like the one offered by Jimmy Flintstone. If that it the case there should be a floorboard piece as well. Maybe some more pics would help identifying it.
  10. Vintage Revell Parts Packs -complete set

    While that may have been true then, I think they should revisit the idea (but obviously not reissue the engines they did recently) The concept still works for parts packs, look at how much fun Round2 is having with them. If they weren't selling they wouldn't keep introducing new ones, even spending new tooling dollars on some. Please Revell, reconsider!
  11. "Unchopping" the Revell 49 merc

    Thought I'd bump this since I stumbled across it today. Below is the link to it. I've been "searching" for this post for a long time(by searching I mean sitting wondering if it was really worth the effort to search for it since I had no idea who the OP was, and searching for chopped 49 Merc was probably going to turn up tons of posts) So, now I've bookmarked it so I can repeat Matt's "unchopping" procedure and actually build one of these. I've accumulated quite a few of these in the 10+ years since it was released, simply for the treasure trove of parts they hold, but never actually built one Would still love to locate one of those beautifully done resin wagons that are based on this tooling. Here's one built by Tom Kren. Anyone have one they would part with???
  12. MPC. Mickey Thompson (Cheater Slicks)???

    I have a set of these in my parts box. They are pretty nice, except for the exaggerated lettering. Hope to use them someday...
  13. remember the AMT "Iron Horse" Mustang?

    There is at least 1 more variant of this tooling, the Autolite Special. I think it's the rarest, but could be wrong
  14. AMT 32 Ford sedan-from double kit

    Mike, gotta say it again, this thing is stellar. What you did with a simple wheel and tire swap and a little detailing just makes this thing sooooo cool. So cool in fact, that it inspired me to build something similar. I had this idea rattling around in my head for awhile, but your build tripped my trigger, so to speak.
  15. Just a note, depending on where you're headed with this build. if you're looking for accuracy of the body, perhaps you should start with the Revell 32 roadster body. The AMT body has the look of being wedge sectioned ahead of the front door line, curving up quite dramatically. I know the original AMT '32 kits from the early 60's are classics, but the bodies in the cowl area just are not accurate. But if you're just looking for fun, then build away!