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  1. THANK YOU! I've been thinking that all along. Along with the thread about the 74 RoadRunner
  2. There's a lot of interesting things going on with this build so far. But the "smack my forehead" moment is the use of the interior tub as a body shell. Smart move.
  3. "Why do guys always say this"??? Because that's the fact of the matter. No company who wants to be around very long goes forward with a plan knowing they will lose money. All I said was that it needs to make financial sense for them to proceed. Obviously, Moebius did that financial evaluation of their projects before they spent dollar one on tooling. And they are very forward thinking about how many different versions they can get out of their tooling, with minimal expense to make subsequent version factored into their decision making. They seem pretty savvy when it comes to this aspect of the financial analysis, which is what keeps them viable. I don't forsee any one and done kits in their business plan for automotive subjects And when talking about these parts packs specifically, if the tooling is sitting somewhere ready to go, I say RUN IT! If the tooling is ready (or requiring minimal cleanup or repair to be ready for production) with a small investment in packaging, marketing and materials, they have a viable product. But as soon as you get into cutting new molds, that's where the expense of the project escalates exponentially.
  4. I have this same body, as I'm 32 Ford obsessed (saying deuce obsessed just sounds weird 😂 ) I'll be following this one, as you do nice work, and it's a Deuce. Looking forward to what other ideas you come up with. For steering wheel i vote upper left.
  5. When Dave first posted his I immediately started searching eBay daily for a listing. Thanks for the heads up. I'll definitely be picking one up. Thanks for offering this.
  6. People don't even need to switch the case, just slide the adhesive backed mirror piece out and put it in the lower price box. I've been bitten by someone doing this before. I open every case I get because I've been burned by broken cases, so I look for that. But I didn't notice the missing mirror piece, so now I have to remember to look for that every time as well. HL was more than happy to make an exchange for me though.
  7. Yes, they probably could. But the cost of cutting steel molds to actually make the kits is the $$$ part of the equation, which forces any company to decide whether the costs outweigh the demand.
  8. The word is that any molds run in China in the last 20 years is now under control of Blitz (owners of Revell Germany and Revell USA) Anything that was stored or run in the US was sold to Salvinos JR and Atlantis. So, I'm holding out hope that Atlantis ended up with the molds for the parts packs. Then they can either offer them up as originally packaged (as Round2 has had recent success doing with theirs), or offered as "kits" like these double kits featured in this thread.
  9. Thank you fellas. I haven't decided which way to go, more of a speed record chaser or the single seat show car. I guess that decision will determine what frame I should slide underneath.
  10. If the part in the 66 Monoco and the Magnum GT II are truly the same, i may be able to help you out if you're still looking. I just acquired one of the GT II's and I'm thinking about upgrading the chassis. If I can find something acceptable I may be willing to get rid of the chassis that came with the kit i have
  11. Reviving an old thread, but curious on info. I just acquired one of these magnum gt 2 kits and was looking for options of a better detailed chassis?
  12. Those pics are too cool. I wonder what the trailer was used for since it doesn't appear big enough to house the dragster
  13. Well perhaps the reason you're getting "snarky" replies to your question is because the thread started with questionable rhetoric? (and I don't read them as snarky, but it is hard to tell sometimes) Revell USA is not dead, at an end, and has not failed. Yes, all the NEW tooling projects that were under the Revell USA banner while Hobbico owned it have apparently seen the light of day now. We need to give the staff at the "new" Revell USA time to get things up and running again. There was zero activity going on with regards to research and development between the shutdown of Hobbico and the hiring of the new staff. That dormancy created a time lag between new product, which is what we're in right now. I'm not trying to beat you up, because you asked an important question. It was just the way you asked it that may have brought on what you perceive as snarky responses. And with regards to the 30 A specifically, there has been confirmation from Ed Sexton himself that the 29 and 30 A's are coming back, with the 29 returning in the first half of 2020.
  14. Are the inner "tins" on this kit clear? If so, the usual Round2 tinted clear would look pretty cool
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