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  1. Innovative use of the roof by turning it into the seat. You have a good eye
  2. Back to the broader subject at hand, issues with scratchbuilding. I've been delving deeper into it a little at a time. My most recent project (which is now in a box because I moved) was an entirely scratchbuilt hot rod frame. I just felt compelled it give it a try to challenge myself, and because I have gotten tired of hacking up kit frames to get the length and stance i want. This frame is based on a 32 Ford, with a slight stretch ahead of the cowl, a higher arc to the front to allow a lower stance, and a heavily Z'ed rear. It is channeled, so i didn't have to worry about the characteristic reveals in the frame of a 32. It was a lot of fun, and I hope to get back to it soon. But the new technique learned was how to make 2 matching parts. So, I made one rail with the exact dimensions and profiles i wanted, but then how to make another exactly the same? Clamping, sanding, etc. It was tedious, but I'm pretty happy with it. My question is how do you make repeat parts of the same profile? Parts that aren't really candidates for resin casting. Like shock mounts for example.
  3. Just got mine in the mail last week. these bodies are superb. Dennis master work is excellent, and Drag City's quality and service are some of the best in the aftermarket
  4. Well that's just great. After seeing this, I now have to add project 1297 to the mental list of future projects, using the GMC stepside. Thanks 🤪
  5. I also find it odd that Round2, this far along into their existence, hasn't run either the 5W or roadster yet. Unless their is something wrong with the tool? AMT/Ertl even brought back some of the missing parts when they did the ProShop edition back in the late 90's, so that one is quite close to being ready for a retro style release as far as tooling goes. I love the Snake Eyes box art, and that would definitely have my vote for the reissue boxart. And i think most (if not all) the parts to do that version were still included in the last version RC2 released.
  6. Thanks for sharing. I built this kit as a kid when it came out. It was actually one of my better builds as a kid. But being a kid, I tore it apart to pillage the pro-street parts for other projects. I did finally acquire an unbuilt a couple years ago with the intent to build again. It's really a well done kit, despite the complexity of the actual car, especially the engine and all it's plumbing. I also built the Corvette and Beretta based on the same tooling. Fun times.
  7. Thanks for sharing the video starting right at the car kit part. Looks like Chad was operating the camera this time too. Wonder if it's a result of social distancing? But in all seriousness, glad they're still up and running shipping kits.
  8. Yes! It certainly does. Love the color as well. Nice build with cool touches all around
  9. Very nice amalgamation of parts from two kits. I especially dig the color, and of course the Nailhead!
  10. Since you seem very knowledgeable on boat racing, could you shed some light on the older boats, like the one depicted by the AMT Chris Craft in the thread below? I've been gathering parts to build a race boat version with a flathead, and your insights on the kit would be appreciated. If possible, maybe make a post in that thread?
  11. Yup, appears to be residuals. The new wrinkle is that a well respected LHS in Burbank CA posted something on their website and it was then shared by other outlets on FB, causing the spread again.
  12. Really wish they had formulated them into their lacquer line. Seems like ages since they've added any new colors to that line. But it is nice to have these colors back either way.
  13. Great job splicing in some parts box and aftermarket pieces to truly make this your own. The blue is a great color, and the red interior compliments it nicely.
  14. I'm with you Scott. This is one of my favorite pieces of box art of all time. I have several of the "rat rod" issue of this kit, but if Revell saw fit to offer this kit again with this artwork, i would buy one. Great parts kit
  15. The HUD is cool. But, here's another option. How about a couple pods or a cluster mounted on an arm that swings out of the way. Possibly mounted on top of one of the wheel tubs?
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