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  1. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic '29 Roadster   

    Very clean build. And great color choice.
  2. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Sinister sectioned 32 Ford roadster   

    Missing pics are a Fotki issue.
    I knew I wouldn't get through to you guys, so I'm dropping it.

  3. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Sinister sectioned 32 Ford roadster   

    Nope, not buying it. Sure, it's a public forum. But as fellow builders, you  all should realize that once a model is finished it's extremely difficult to go back and add details without the risk of damaging the model, especially things like suspension parts. And also, it's the manner in which most of the "helpful" comments are delivered. While many may be truly trying to help, instead of potentially causing embarrassment to the builder, send them a message in private. That way the builder can address the issues if they decide to.
    Consider this. Yes, it's a public forum. But it's also rather anonymous. If you were at a show would you call out issues on a build with a megaphone for all of the other attendees to hear??? Honestly? Yes, you may mention to a friend of yours standing next to you "nice model, but what's up with that missing blah-blah-blah?" If you were truly trying to be helpful, and courteous, you would take the builder aside and maybe offer your thoughts. That's the parallel I'm drawing here. A reply to a thread here is the equivalent of standing in the middle of the room with a megaphone saying "hey, look at this mess over here" Sure, everyone may see the flaws with a build. Do we have the right and freedom to express our opinions? Absolutely. But, should we use manners, or just common courtesy to spare someone public embarrassment? I believe so. 
    This place has developed a bad reputation for the way certain individuals present themselves, and run down other builders and other obnoxious behavior. Soe of the other boards i participate on have threads dedicated to just talking about issues they have with this forum. crazy, huh? Unfortunately, because of this reputation, even the slightest comment, no matter how well meaning the intent was, has the higher potential to be taken the wrong way. There is no way to tell context or intonation on a computer screen. And if someone posts here, knowing the reputation, they already have a sensitivity. This is unfortunate, because 99% of the people here are legitimately trying to be helpful. but the reputation blankets the whole group. And consider how many people are out there lurking, that may want to participate here, but fear this kind of interaction. As this hobby gentrifies and shrinks, we should be more inclusive, shouldn't we?
    I'm sure typing all of this isn't going to change anyone's opinion of this topic, but I felt it necessary to say my piece. So, in the future, if you're truly trying to be helpful, maybe take the extra couple clicks to send a private message, instead of publicly criticizing someone's artistic self expression. Be cause that's what these things are, at their core.
  4. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Sinister sectioned 32 Ford roadster   

    Thanks for taking the time to publically point out all that stuff. People wonder why this place has a bad reputation. I post here with trepidation because of the poor reputation this place has, but there are many builder and friends that I know that aren't on the other boards I participate on. I wanted to share it with them.
    I don't have thin skin, and I do not profess to build the greatest models. But it's always fun when someone likes to point out the faults of a build publically rather than send a private message, or say nothing at all. Looks like I'm back to lurking, if I bother to come here at all. Feel free to lock this thread
  5. Mr. Metallic added a topic in Under Glass   

    Sinister sectioned 32 Ford roadster
    I had a couple ideas strike me at the same time, so I pushed aside what I was doing on the bench and ran with this one. I had been wanting to build a Deuce with the big wheels and tires from a Phantom Vicky. And then elsewhere I saw a sectioned deuce that was so cool. I decided to combine both ideas, and here's what you get...

    It's a Revell 32 body, with the rear wheel openings raised so the body lowers down over the fenders. I then took a hood with the smooth sides from a Speedwagon kit, and molded some Plastruct railroad items into the sides as vents. I also cut off the bottom of another roadster body, flipped it over and molded it in as a rolled pan in the rear. I took a top from a Monogram 32 roadster kit and chopped it, and mated it to the chopped windshield from a Rat Roaster. I actually polished out the Testors black lacquer paintjob on this one, a rarity for me.

    To get the low stance I hacked off the rear of the deuce frame and installed the suspension from a Revell 41 Willys street machine. Then I used the IFS from a Phantom Vicky up front. I simulated airbags on all four corners by slipping a piece of rubber fishing lure over the kit shocks. I also cut apart and repositioned the Revell exhaust

    I sectioned the interior by removing a strip along the bottom of the sides, and shortening the rear bulkhead. I then cut up another set of side panels to create the tuck and roll panel for the rear bulkhead since I was using bucket seats instead of the kit bench. I used the Rat Roaster dash, but foiled the gauge cluster and added epoxy lenses.

    The engine is the 302 from the Deuce kit, but with a Replicas and Miniatures Weber carb intake. I didn't do this thing justice, the resin kit is a real gem, with separate tubing you use to make the jets inside the carbs. The hoses I used for the fuel lines are too clunky looking, next time I'll do better


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  6. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic 41 Willys Lead Sled   

    Nicely styled build. I love the color too. I really like the idea of the taillights too.
  7. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic No love for the 1/24th scale Model A coupe   

    Well, if that's your point maybe you should have said that in the first place? Just asking about "no love" for that kit makes people think you're asking why people don't like it, which they obviously do. Ask a clear question, better chance of getting the response you're looking for.
  8. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic No love for the 1/24th scale Model A coupe   

    Who said there was no love for it? It's the only way to build a stock version straight out of the box. And some of the body proportions are superior to the new tool. Neither is perfect, but with a little work both this and the new tool can be built into a really great model.
  9. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic My first ever real problem with a Modelhaus kit.   

    This was part of their custom parts line, not a promo part replacement. The center sheet metal section is separate from the LH and RH bumpers. Really nice piece, just wish I didn't get 2 of the same side.
  10. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Speed Shop Dio-COMPLETE   

    Lots to look at. Very well done
  11. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Late '50s Slingshot Dragster: steering cross-shaft Sept.11   

    Looking good Bill. I love following along on your builds
  12. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic My first ever real problem with a Modelhaus kit.   

    It may not have anything to do with the crazy last couple years they have had leading up to the closing. Nobody is immune to an occasional mistake. I ordered a set of the 55 Pontiac front bumpers and surround from them a few years ago. When I went to use them I discovered I had 2 LH bumpers and no RH. Shame on me for not contacting them to fix the issue, now I'm out of luck. I'm sure they would have fixed it if I had let them know.
  13. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Revell '30 Model A Ford parts by R&MCoMD   

    I have a master in with a well known resin caster for a top with a heavier chop. Hopefully I hits the market soon because I want to build one too.
  14. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic '65 Riviera mild custom   

    Clean and stunning build, as always from you Steve.
  15. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic 66 Buick Riviera   

    Very nice buildup. The color is perfection. I've wanted to build this kit since it came out, just never got around to it.