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  1. 1931 Model A Show Gasser

    Love this thing. Can you fill us in on some details? Especially the paint color, wheel/tire combo etc? Edit- found the buildup thread. Apparently I liked it while you were building it too For anyone interested, here's the buildup thread...
  2. Snow Cobra

    I dig this a lot. In 1:1 I would probably prefer the hard top to a tonneau cover though I've been eyeballing those tracks on eBay for awhile now, but was skeptical of the quality. Now i may have to pull the trigger. Are the backsides finished?
  3. Micro drill bits

    Thanks for the suggestion fellows. I just checked McMaster because i have an account with them. I'll order a few just to try them out. I never really thought of going to an industrial supplier to get these tiny bits. I just figured they were hobby specific in such small sizes, so I was stuck with what was available at the hobby shop.The couple times I've tried to drill through even thin brass, they don't do well.
  4. Clearly Scale

    I doubt there's much "cashing in". Most aftermarket businesses these days have an automated website and/or Paypal. So if someone hasn't disabled the website from taking orders and people sending him money it's probably just sitting in an account somewhere. If he's sick he may not even be aware it's sitting there. But, someone should disable the websites ability to take orders
  5. Sometimes I hate Hobby Lobby

    It should also be noted, that this 20% off sale they do at this time every year isn't for us hard core modelers. It's to entice the person shopping for presents. They see the 20% and can buy multiples to cover many people on their list. I'd be willing to bet that sales of Mustangs and Camaros see a spike this time of year as well. When the general public is shopping for random presents they go with what's most familiar. Name recognition= sales
  6. Renwal The Visible Automobile Chassis

    I recently found one on eBay and passed along the info to my friend Chuck Darnell. He digs this kind of stuff and has a great collection of rare and unique items, especially big scale stuff. He's the guy that built the 1/8 Uncertain T that got some magazine coverage back then. So i figured he'd be into it. It didn't have a box, so he had to cross his fingers that it was complete, but bought it anyway. When it arrived it turned out to be complete, and he set about building it right away. It took him about a 10 days, but it's all done, and all he can say is that it is MASSIVE. He does have the V-8 to put in it when the mood strikes. Next time I go to his house I'll be sure to get better pictures, but here's a couple he sent me. Note the 1/8 dragster under it for some idea of the scale.
  7. '70 ElCamino Grande

    Very nice conversion work. Stunning build, but I always expect that from your bench. Looking forward to what comes from your new one
  8. 40 Ford Custom

    Looking silky smooth in all it's satin goodness. Beautiful job on the chop, it flows very well.
  9. Hobby Lobby 20% Off All Kits

    I know I'm not imagining it, and it wasn't clearance. it was a true sale. It was about 15-16 years ago when i first moved to the mid-west. I'd never heard of Hobby Lobby before i moved here. Last time I remember one of those sales was probably around 2010
  10. Hobby Lobby 20% Off All Kits

    Anyone else remember the days where they would regularly have all plastic model kits at 30 or 40%, no coupon? Used to happen 2-3 times a year. And I'm not complaining, because I still get to use my 40% once a week and no waiting for the sale. Just reminiscing
  11. Educate me on Model T speed equipment

    I think, for whatever reason, the seat, or at least the cushion is missing. Look at the driver position compared to the steering wheel. It's like he's sitting on the floor. The bodywork is tall, but I think the drivers position is over-exaggerating it. But, I have been known to be wrong
  12. 1/25 MPC 904 '57 Chevy Flip Nose

    Which is exactly why comparison articles exist, to show the reader the differences, high and low points, possible kitbashing opportunities, etc between similar subjects. Some of my favorite articles of all time from either magazine have been the comparisons they used to do. For example, comparing the available 57 Chevy kits years ago in the other magazine, showed each kits high and low points, and what kitbashing opportunities would provide between them.
  13. How about a Bonneville/dry lakes category?

    I think the multitude of categories is a direct result of people not using the "tag" function (which I am guilty of). If ALL members were using the tags there wouldn't be a need to have so many separate categories. So maybe the board can be set up so that it forces the poster to apply at least 1 tag to their thread when they start one. It should be able to be done because it already won't allow you to start a thread without having a title, so the code exists. I think a "refine" and "combine" process needs to be applied to the current categories and sub-categories on the board. Renaming, re-contenting and consolidating would make the board more intuitive to use, and foster more cross-pollination. It would allow better sharing of ideas, techniques and in turn would make for a stronger hobby overall. Just because someone is building a model based on a die-cast doesn't mean there's not something to learn from what they're building. Maybe they've introduced a better paint technique that could help make my model better. But because that thread is currently housed in the resin/diecast category, i might have missed it. I'm not advocating to combine everything into one big General category, but i think it's time to make some refinements that make sense.
  14. 1/25 resin turbine engine

    Anyone have pics of one of these built up?
  15. 1/25 MPC '32 Ford Sedan Delivery

    Thanks for the mock up. I was assuming that this body was going to suffer from the same problem I found on a recently acquired 5W Switchers body. I realize the tooling is different for the roadster/5W and this SD/Sedan/Phaeton tooling, but since they were designed at the same time and with the same methodology(Switchers) Here's the issue. It is very narrow at the cowl, but fine at the rear of the roof when compared to the Revell body. Switchers body on the left, Revell on the right Anyway, I'm glad that the SD body doesn't have this issue.