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  1. Deuce de Madera: CUSTOM 32 WOODY

    Wow, that is one way to take the uniquely stylized Dan Fink cr and make it your own. I especially like the hidden cowl and the way you handled the x member on the chassis. Very nicely done. That long hood begs for a v-12 under it, but the Hemi is well done.
  2. SD Rat Roaster

    No, this is the only kit they have been available in, to my knowledge. The fronts would prove especially useful to most hot rodders, so you may want to offer them separately from the rears
  3. I have to disagree with that 99% assertion that we should just assume that we will have to do a bunch of work to make stuff fit. Back at the turn of the century ( ), there were really only a handful of firms that had resin bodies that were "drop on" conversions. Drop on to me means you may have to trim webbing out of the windows and engine bay(although the true top shelf guys do that for you), and perform minor mold line/pinhole cleanup. Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland, Modelhaus, F+F Resin Casting are the ones I can think of(not a slight to anyone I didn't name that produced great stuff), while pretty much everyone else was supplying bodies that required a bunch of work to fit their donor kit, or even worse were just bad quality in general. Today, we are blessed with a bunch of top level casters whose work is truly drop on. Rep+Min is still there, but now you have Morgan Automotive Detail, Missing Link and the other Detroit guys, Drag City Casting, Harold Bradford, Air-Trax, Altered States, Fireball Modelworks, Futurattraction, and many more. (again, not a slight to anyone I didn't mention, these are just ones I have personal experience with) There are lots of casters out there right now of varying quality, but really need to step up to the level of these guys. It takes solid master work, dedication, and good equipment, but these guys show, it can be done. There are enough casters out there doing true drop on stuff right now that we should raise our standard for what is acceptable anymore, and ask all casters to reach that level.
  4. Revell farm tractor

    Pardon my ignorance on old farm equipment, but was this 1:1 tractor available in the US? I'm assuming it was a Europe only offering, but figured I'd ask. It does seem pretty neat, and there's lots of positive feedback about it. If it ever shows up at my HL I just might grab one.
  5. When looking at Flinstone products, it all depends on when the masters were made and the bodies produced. He has made strides over the last 10 years or so to keep the thickness of the bodies down. But, he deals in volume to keep his prices lower, so concessions are made to enable him to pop out bodies very quickly. The best way to buy his stuff is in person, so you can see exactly what quality you are buying.
  6. SD Rat Roaster

    You didn't say what you used to remove the chrome. I've always had good results, even with the lacquer underlayer, with Castrol Super Clean.
  7. Testors Automotive Paints

    Well, I may have to see if my LHS can still get some for me before it's gone, especially the magnesium.
  8. Testors Automotive Paints

    Perhaps the distributor the hobby shop deals with is not carrying the line anymore and it's just a miscommunication (game of telephone?) I would think we would have heard something. If anything, I want them to expand their lacquer line. Tamiya continues to add paints the theirs.
  9. Moebius 1966 F-100 now in stock

    Soooo, can I stick it in the Moebius 65 Comet when i steal the 427 SOHC out of it? Or is this the smaller Falcon/Mustang six?
  10. Kaufman Falcon Tribute

    Love first gen Falcons, and really like Aaron's build, so you've got my attention.
  11. Looking for PE '32 Ford grill inserts

    I agree. I've purchased the MCG sets, which are really nice. But i usually only end up using the grille anymore.
  12. J Flintstone 53 Stude SD Body question

    Jimmy Flinstone has been around for 20+ years, and his quality has increased quite a bit over that time. Since the beginning, his bodies were priced well below his contemporaries, so there are a lot of them floating out there. His prices are lower because he deals in volume. And prior to about 7-8 years ago, the quality was representative of bodies that were designed to be produced very quickly. Most casting were quite thick, and required work to be able to be used with kit donor chassis and interiors. More recently though his bodies have been much better with regards to thickness and window/hood openings. One thing I have noticed in this time though it a very stubborn release agent that can be present and must be thoroughly dealt with before painting. So, his bodies are best purchased in person so you can evaluate exactly what you're getting. Here's an Edsel wagon i built from one of his bodies. This body was almost a drop on, quality wise.
  13. Chinese tariff war and models

    Apparent;y, it's just not that simple when dealing with the Chinese government. You can't just "move the tooling somewhere else". I speak from experience. The company I work for has gone through similar scenarios, with injection molded and cast metal parts. They have had to cut new tooling for parts formerly sourced from China to have the parts produced in the US.
  14. Moebius 1966 F-100 now in stock

    Thanks for the response Mike. I was hoping it would work in one of the full size cars. I do have a 69 galaxie floating around the stash. Hmm
  15. Moebius 1966 F-100 now in stock

    Thank you. I knew the AMT kits were LWB. But I was hoping the front suspensions would be the same. Oh well.