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  1. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Revell 60's Drag Master Parts Pak Retro Drag   

    Looks great. Glad to see you back on this one
  2. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Star Models resin belly tanker   

    Sorry keyser. I realize your trying to help. I had my defenses up because this place has developed a reputation for having members that are pretty condescending and dismissive. My apologies.
    There are a few vendors that I order from without seeing their parts in person (Modelhaus, Rep+Min, Ed Fluck, the collaborative from Detroit (their name escapes me) But I've been burned by other vendors. Resin Realm caries a good reputation as sellers of other vendors products, but I've never seen a review of any products from Star itself, so I was just looking to see if anyone here had one themselves. But, I think I'm going to bite the bullet and make the purchase, and I'll be sure to post a review here when I do.
  3. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Star Models resin belly tanker   

    I see that. That is where I found it. But I'm actually looking for feedback from people who actually own one or have at least seen one in person. I'm not saying it's the case here, but there are casters out there who will put there absolute best example on their website or ebay, and it doesn't really represent what customers get.
  4. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Star Models resin belly tanker   

    I appreciate that, and I've heard the same thing. But I am looking for specifics on the salt flats belly tanker resin kit
  5. Mr. Metallic added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Star Models resin belly tanker
    Anyone have one of these? I'm curious what your thoughts are on quality. I've heard good things about service from Resin Realm, and I know they are a retailer for other resin casters, but I'm specifically curious about this belly tanker kit they have from Star.
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  6. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Red Runner 32 Ford cabriolet   

    Well, of course it's a custom top, it's chopped.
    And if the guy had enough money to spend on all that speed equipment, he probably had money for the inner roof liner...
  7. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Show us your Engines - Post Dedicated to the Engine   

    Ford flathead with Frenzel style 30's era supercharger created from part out of my parts box. Scratchbuilt generator/pulley mount. Dual distributor/coil/plug head ignition setup.
  8. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Red Runner 32 Ford cabriolet   

    Why not?
  9. Mr. Metallic added a topic in Under Glass   

    Red Runner 32 Ford cabriolet
    This project started with an engine, or more specifically, an induction setup. I've seen pictures of the Frenzel and McCulloch superchargers from the 30's and have wanted to replicate one of them for awhile. During various trips through the parts box I saw pieces I thought I could make work. Well, one day I just sat down and tried it. It's not a replica of either design, but there were quite a few others floating around during the same time period. I had an engine, but had to figure out what to put it in. I've had the Replicas and Miniatures of Md 32 Cabriolet body for quite some time, so I decided now would be the perfect time to use it. So, the Red Runner was born
    The entire intake is made from parts box parts, but the blower housing is from the AMT 57 Ford. It's all mounted to a Revell 37 Ford pickup engine. The pulleys are from Model Car Garage. I made the mounting bracket for the generator. I took the set of Edelbrock heads from the Revell 32 sedan and turned them into dual plug heads. Dual plugs means dual distributors, so I made a mount to hold two distributors from Rep+Min. I made the ignition tubes from aluminum. Lots of wires...
    The interior is from the Revell 32 5window. The seat and steering wheel are from the Revell 29 A roadster. Dash is from the 37 pickup also. The under dash heater box is from the Revell 40 Ford. I made the steering column, and custom mixed the paint color from Vallejo paints.
    The frame is the cleaned up version from Rep+Min, with suspension parts from the Monogram 32 roadster (former Lil Deuce) I made the exhaust from parts box headers and the aluminum and plastic tubing. Wheels and tires are both from Rep+Min

    Windshield was chopped slightly. Trunklid is hinged to open. Hood is from the Monogram 32. Headlights are from the Revell 30 phaeton. Aluminum spreader bars on both ends. I also scratchbuilt/kitbashed the folding mechanism for the convertible top. Photoetch grille from Machined Aluminum Specialties mounted in a hollowed out kit shell.
    Thanks for looking.
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  10. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Edsel Ford Model 40 Speedster   

    Very nicely done. Clean build of an interesting subject
  11. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic '32 Ford 3 Window - Late 50's Hot Rod   

    As always, very cool Dennis.
    I have tons of those Revell 3 window bodies, and I don't think I've ever seen one with such heavy mold lines on the rear of the roof. Wow
    I'm tuned in, waiting for more
  12. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Great Traders List   

    Slusher (Carl Slusher) is a great trader. Sent the item quickly and communicated well. Thanks for the help!
  13. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic Edsel Ford Model 40 Speedster   

    Those 3D rivets look great
  14. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic AMT Surf Woody   

    Not true. I think you have some kits confused.
    This kit is original tooling.
    The 33 Chevy kit became the Barnabus Vampire Van
  15. Mr. Metallic added a post in a topic 1/8 1969 Corvette C3 finally done   

    That's incredible. Looks like the real thing