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  1. Dennis suggested simple rectangles of plastic glued to the backside of the insert will work. Doesn't have to go all the way around the circumference because the wheel hides any gaps.
  2. Dedicated vises for a commonly used bit size is a great suggestion. I've been doing that for awhile now. I pin a lot of assemblies together using sewing pins. So i have a vise set up specifically with the bit I use to make the hole for those pins. That way i always know it's the right size, and it's ready to go at a moments notice. Pete, I'm going to investigate the industrial bits. as i dabble more and more in brass the hobby bits won't even touch drilling through bras, and barely aluminum.
  3. Chassis looks great! I love the wheel/tire set from the new tool AlaKart. Something that was pointed out to me by Dennis Lacy on one of my current builds is that the rear whitewall needs spacers put behind it to get it flush with the tire surface.
  4. MAD is one of the best casters in the business right now. Kris is also a member here, so you can try sending him a direct message through this board. Scroll up a bit in this thread and you'll see he has posted in it. Click on his name and send him a message.
  5. Dennis, great job deciding on your concept and sticking with it. You really brought the whole thing in for a landing with your thoughtful updates while still keeping that 80's flavor.
  6. One tough looking T you have there. I love the stance, with it slung low to the pavement but with the rear still in the air a bit. Bonus points for using the Nailhead! Any idea on the source for those scoops? I know, 50 years ago and all. but they are sweet.
  7. Odd that you couldn't find Molotow at HL. My local HL even moved it into the model kit aisle, it used to be with the markers and art pens. Did you look in both places? I suppose they could just be out of stock, but I know they carry it. I used to get my wrapping wire at Radio Shack, but since they aren't really a thing anymore you may have to search online for an easy source.
  8. Replicas and Miniatures of Md does make Ford 4 cylinder hop up parts. Here's a couple
  9. Thank you Mark and Jens for the info. Now i just have to find that bubble.
  10. Thanks for the info. Back to my original post, did any of the 70 issue custom and drag stuff continue into further versions? Just trying to figure out how to get my hands on those parts, especially the bubble windscreen
  11. I've recently developed an affinity for customized 60's and early 70's vettes. That lead me to discover the original 1970 Corvette kit, and looking to get a little history on it. As was the practice back then I'm guessing it was modified into the 71 the next year. Any history on what became of this tooling? I'm really interested in the unique bubble type windshield and other custom parts and if those parts survived into other variations of the kits.
  12. Since they have 2 tools I guess making one stock is a good idea. However you know whichever one they choose will be the "wrong one" to somebody 😵 But I wonder why they aren't issuing the actual Ghostbusters car (at least not yet announced) since the third movie is supposed to be out this year and the ECTO-1 is prominently featured in the trailers.
  13. -"If the Nova wagon body was, in fact, completely cloned from an old kit" - "Well, if it's truly a cloned body" As the old adage goes, you can lead a horse to water... I just don't understand, when 1-someone who is clearly intimately familiar with the actual tooling of the kit 2- plus a highly respected and published author and hobby historian 3- plus a different industry insider All three people having proof that it is what they say it is. And then add 4- the sticker on the box says "all new tooling" (saying so without it being true could open them up to legal issues) But you continue to have doubts?
  14. Thank you for taking the time to show us the difference. i've heard good things about these enamel paints from several European builders. I'm looking forward to trying them, if I can ever find some locally
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