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  1. So I need to start gathering parts for a 32 build to showcase this grille huh? Like I said on Facebook, it's looking great. It's even better on my computer monitor instead of my tiny phone screen.
  2. Airbrushing Molotow is not a requirement. I still recommend buying the refill bottle. It can be applied with very convincing results by hand brushing. Keep a wet edge on whatever you're "chroming", and plan to handle it as little as possible afterwards. I usually do my Molotow immediately before the final time i plan to touch that part.
  3. Reported over on Spotlight after some direct conversations with Okey himself 1- final approval for production from the Powell estate has been received. 2- 3 versions of the truck are coming. Body only, body and interior, and Curbside + 3- Main reason this subject was chosen was ease of obtaining licensing. The Powell family has been very easy to deal with apparently.
  4. @Dennis Lacy, that thing is baaaaaad! And you know my affinity for 32's. I knew it felt like your bench was quiet for awhile. Now we all know why. Congratulations!
  5. Same kit, just has the SBC that was in the first version of the 30 coupe. And the current version of the coupe has the Nailhead now.
  6. I thought when Frank Luque over on Spotlight built one he mentioned that it's not there because it would interfere with the way the exhaust is routed from the new exhaust? Haven't made it that far on mine to know for sure, but it seems odd they would take the trouble to delete it with so many other extra parts still on the trees. Did the Rat Roaster have one?
  7. Bummed that it's not the Cosma Ray. But I'll buy one of the Chevelle's
  8. If you had any doubts about buying from this company before, throw those doubts away. This stuff it beautiful, and customer service is excellent. I put my money where my mouth is and purchased the new V12 flathead they just released. It is nearly impossible to tell these parts are PRINTED, not cast. No evidence of stepping as you see on many lesser 3D parts. Awesome stuff. Decided to pick up the turbocharged BOSS 302 as well.
  9. Fenders! Now you're headed in the right direction for a pro-streeter.
  10. Progress has been slow. Performing fall cleanup/winter prep has taken precedence. Also, the insurance company finally decided to pay out for all new siding after a hailstorm a couple months ago, so we've taken the opportunity to make some improvements (windows/trim/etc) before they come. Anyway, enough about that. I did grind some small indentations in the sides of the cowl to allow the windshield to sit better. Any further sanding on the underside of the stanchions would have altered their appearance. 10 seconds of gentle grinding yielded just enough clearance. Second up, I started making provisions for removable air cleaners. This is mostly just for fun, but there may also be a clearance issue when I run the hood, so I'm giving this a whirl. I purchased some small neodymium magnets and have made holes to glue them in the top of the carb and underside of the air cleaner. I also modified and installed the headlight/shock supports up front, but no pics. Hoping to finish the little bit of fab and prep this weekend so I can start paint. Too many projects stacked up behind this one to let this simple build linger much longer.
  11. Tim, thank you so much for sharing that little bit of history. I'm going to say this selfishly, but on behalf of the entire hobby. We are all better off that you decided to retire from competitive building. Because if you had continued you probably wouldn't have had time to devote to writing and building models for publication. Your articles have inspired countless builders over the years. You've been such a great ambassador for the hobby, thank you.
  12. Sorry, hoping that you don't think I was knocking you for it not being on ebay yet. Ordering from your website was very easy, but I had never done it before and didn't know how involved it was going to be. That's why I was entertaining the thought of just waiting for ebay. Plus, on eBay the shipping is free, wasn't sure if that was the case in ordering direct (which it IS still free on the website, my fellow potential buyers.!) In my mind I was assuming ebay was going to be easier since I'm already all set up to make purchases there. But like I said, your website was quick and easy, and has benefits over using the 'bay. So, again, for anyone interested in this stuff... USE THE WEBSITE!
  13. Ordered. Decided not to wait for if/when you put them on eBay. Also got the turbo charged 302. Looking forward to both!
  14. They already do it for the semi and large scale kits (and many of the military/aviation kits), so they are capable. But I do understand their argument that it would reduce the number of spots overall for automotive if they switched over the the "bigger face" boxes
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