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  1. Not everyone has a LHS. And online merchants often charge a bunch in shipping. In my case, if I have marginal interest in a subject that I wouldn't be willing to spend full retail, I don't mind buying with a 40% coupon.
  2. Thank you for doing the legwork on that
  3. Still seeing lots of Mount_n_Goats on eBay that were clearly bought at HL because the price sticker is still on there. Even worse is when they leave the clearance sticker on them and then put the minimum bid at 20 😒
  4. Very nice looking street rod. The interior improvements that you have made really compliment the overall feel of the build. Nicely done
  5. They do it at least once a year, sometimes more. here is the link to the thread concerning this years summer clearance...
  6. Revell has been making new 1/16 scale kits recently. Mostly VW's and Porsche's. My understanding is they are quite well done as well.
  7. Mr. Metallic

    GT 40

    Revell offered reboxed version of the Fujimi kits. Others will have to fill you in on liveries offered in this line.
  8. Thanks for this info. I've looked at the Thom Taylor kit a ton of times since it was released years ago. I always looked at that cabriolet body and threw it right back in the box. I just couldn't get excited about that body style. Now I have ideas forming in my brain with the easy conversion idea you provided. Thanks!
  9. Nice work so far, especially with the body, which can be tricky on this kit. Good job backdating and improving the running gear as well.
  10. You guys do realize this is the Revell GERMANY announcement? Revell USA is a separate entity both owned by the same company (Blitz). So, just because there's not a lot of US market stuff on the list I wouldn't be too concerned just yet. Actually, 4 out of the 9 announced items are US subjects, pretty good representation of US domestic auto kits intended for the European market.
  11. If the OP can't change it anymore, Mods absolutely can... Edit- I messaged the mods to update this and they have.
  12. Could you possibly change the title of your post now that you know they in fact aren't "gone"? I know the ability to edit posts is only available for a limited amount of time, so possibly a mod could change the title as to stop the rumors? Sadly, in this day and age many people only read the headlines 😞
  13. With their recent streak of offering kits with "extras" (60 pickup, 86 Elco, 66 Elco, etc) this kit would fit right in with that methodology. Or maybe release the cycle a s a parts pack? It's fun to daydream
  14. To me it looks like only one "chrome" option, the Halibrand style wheels that were originally in the 30 Coupe. On the builtups the set on the black car appears to have its centers painted. Here's a closeup of the side of the box...
  15. Haven't seen anything new at my local HL since the reset about 3 months ago. Never even got the Porsche tractor like other places did. I'm really hoping to pick up the Subaru BRAT, 78 Dodge pickup and 23 T at HL since I don't know that I will actually build them. But so far they haven't shown up. I have no problem paying full retail for stuff I know I'll build. But stuff on the fringes of my interests I'd rather not.
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