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  1. Dave, correct me if I'm wrong. But aren't the stock and hot rod parts thoroughly intermingled on the parts trees? If so, wouldn't eliminating the stock parts be rather labor intensive?
  2. At one of my local stores they have taken about 21 spots that were formerly occupied by styrene car kits, and put diecast kits in their place. It appears they are re-arranging the entire aisle. But so far, no effect to the military and aviation kit sections. The holes that were created by the clearance sale have not been filled with new kits, but instead simply eliminated to help the consolidation effort. Nothing new from this year from either Round2 or Revell (with the exception of the 69 Stang and 68 Chevelle from Revell) I frequent my LHS, and use them to buy brand new kits, supplies and special orders. I use HL for purchases of kits I probably wouldn't purchase for full price because I have marginal interest in them. Or for purchasing parts kits. HL doesn't really take my business away from the LHS, so if HL is not going to carry as many of these kits I have "marginal interest" in, that's their loss.
  3. Very nice mods on the frame. Gets that stance down a bit while maintaining the elegant "swoop" of the stock 32 frame. I know you said the wheels are Scale Motorsport, but I've only ever seen the American Racing style 5 spokes from them. These look really nice, which is to be expected from SM
  4. Greg, you may want to consider offering the chopped windshield from the Rat Roaster. A good looking chopped windshield is a much needed part on the market. With a little work this particular piece can be made to fit the older Revell bodies, and possibly even the old Monogram based roadster bodies as well.
  5. Here's one I built back in '07. Its the Phantom Vickie body and interior mounted to the Revell frame and drivetrain. I'm looking forward to yours to see what you can pull off with a more stock outer appearance.
  6. As luck would have it, there is an update on Moebius in this thread
  7. Not everyone has easy access to Tamiya paints would be one reason. To answer your question Bucky, yes you definitely can. I have found all of the Tamiya lacquers in their standard line (not the Polycarbonate specific paint line) can be used without issue with the Testors 2 part and Extreme lacquer paint lines. But as always, test first.
  8. Really looking forward to the 23 T. And possibly the Drag 500 tires.
  9. Steven and I have gone rounds on this subject before, we are not going to alter each others opinion, so I'm not going to try. But I'll present my opinions for anyone else following along. To me, the Starliner looks great. But it looks like it's painted with solid grey paint. There's no metallic or metal flake effect to it. My point, with regards to this issue is, build what makes YOU happy. If you like the look of whatever paint you choose to use, that's all that matters. Building for 100% accuracy is a great endeavor as well if that's what makes YOU happy. But if building to 100% accuracy is your goal, you should probably steer clear of this line of paints. Some people enjoy building for accuracy. Some people build for creative expression. Some people build for stress relief. People build for many reasons. The important thing is, build what makes YOU happy. Don't let anyone else diminish your enjoyment or satisfaction with your build with their expectations.
  10. In my opinion, they have changed the size of the flakes over the years since this paint line launched 10-ish years ago. I beleive they made the flakes smaller to address the criticism of the flake being too large at launch. So, it all depends on when your can was made I have used these paints extensively over the last ten years. But, i could be wog about the change as well, and there could just be lots of variability between batches. Here are models I've built using this line of paints
  11. RMR has been around for awhile now. They have some unique offerings on their own, and now will see a big expansion with the former R+R product.
  12. Guys, can we not do this "I don't like this style choice, blah,blah,blah" thing in the middle of all this new kit info? Yes, we're all entitled to our opinions. In a thread about the new offerings of a particular company, it's one thing to comment on a specific aspect of a kit that you don't care for, but it's quickly devolved into general statements about trends people don't care for. These kind of things tend to take a thread off the rails very quickly, which is what is already starting to happen Just my opinion. Thanks
  13. Revell had a BSA and a couple Triumphs in their Parts Pack lineup, and AMT had a Triumph in an issue of their 63 Chevy pickup way back when. But they all bring $$$. Rep and Min of Maryland offers an improved copy of the AMT Triumph in their catalog. I have one, it's very nicely done, as are all their products.
  14. This project has potential, especially from your bench Rob. I'll be following along
  15. Yeah, these are all over eBay. I have "commando" saved as one of my searches because I'm on the lookout for older ones, and it is flooded with the Mount N Goat kit, many having the HL sticker still on them, and a few still have the clearance tag on them I've seen guys walk out with carts full of these kits, and I know right where they're going. Yes, free market, Capitalism... I get it. But I still don't like it when it's practiced this way.
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