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  1. Brian Fishburn added a post in a topic How would a judge for models be found?   


    There's a LOT of guys in the Indy area that can help. There are two clubs based in Indy, and others that are fairly close. Finding help shouldn't be too difficult. And, as Charles said- you can start with me. Shoot me an e-mail if you like bfishburn@indy.rr.com
  2. Brian Fishburn added a post in a topic Revell 2013 Car Kit Releases   

    That's great that the kit is correct for a police optioned '92. And, if one has a desire to go with a civilian version, you're just a wheel swap away from being correct for a 91-93, and a steering wheel swap away from 87-90. And those parts are all in kits. So this kit can easily be stretched.,
  3. Brian Fishburn added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell '90 Mustang LX 5.0 2'n1 Special Edition   

    Okay- before ANYONE jumps to the wrong conclusions: I am VERY happy with the Mustang kit, and look very forward to getting my hands on one.

    Did everyone hear that? It looks like an awesome kit that we've needed for a long time, now.

    This post is onlyfor reference by those who want to make things as accurate as possible.

    I do, however, see one VERY EASILY REMEDIED inaccuracy. By '92, the LX Mustangs were using the five spoke 16" wheels. At least on cars sold to the public. Maybe the ten hole wheels were still being used on Police cars, and if so- this post applies only to public versions. I believe that the wheelwells were slightly enlarged on the years that had the 16" wheels, but the difference is impossible to see in 1:1, let alone 1:25.

    Anyway- there are two easy remedies, if you want to go completely accurate. Source some 5 spoke wheels from an after market source or another kit, or build it as a 1987-89 LX by changing out the steering wheel for a non-airbag type.

    Not bashing the kit, just pointing out an inaccuracy for anyone who wants to correct it. And the correction is easier than wiring the engine. Heck- it allows you the chance to build it as any year from 87-93 with minimal changes.

    A heckuva nice addition to the line, Revell.
  4. Brian Fishburn added a post in a topic Revell '50 Oldsmobile Club Coupe 2'n1   

    Just for information purposes, just among the 1951 Chevrolets, there are five different two door passenger car body styles. (Bel Air hardtop, Bel Air convertible, Fleetline, Styleline, and Sport/business coupe.) The only ones that MIGHT interchange are the two Bel Air versions (not 100% sure on those) as far as interchangability between the Bel Air, Styleline, Fleetline and Sport/business coupes- they do not. Styleline and the coupes are close, but it still takes metal surgery to make one fit the other.

    The point is: Even though the bodies are similar in shape, You can't assume interchangability. Add the fact that you're jumping across brand lines, one of which is already known to have longer fenders, and it translates to us still needing to do some homework if we're going to try to turn the Olds into something other than the coupe that it already is.

    Of course- if you do all of the homework, make everything 100% prototypically correct- the only people who will know that you did it are the ones that you tell. It's all close enough to fool darn near every eye.

    The data I gave about door differences in the '51 Chevy comes from having to replace a door on a 1:1, in case anyone wonders where I came up with that.

    And- more relevant: I just got my Olds kit last night. VERY nice piece. Excellent work, Revell!
  5. Brian Fishburn added a post in a topic '57 Ford Fairlane, a little different   

    Very nice conversion!
  6. Brian Fishburn added a post in a topic '53 Bel Air   

    The 1:1 pictured is a '52 Sport Coupe, for whatever that is worth.

    Be careful chopping this. They look so much better if chopped corectly, but if you take out too much, they end up looking way out of proportion with the body. Think 3-4 inches in scale.

    And I agree with the notion of bringing the skirts further down, if you're going to use them.
  7. Brian Fishburn added a post in a topic Anyone here play guitar?   

    I'm TOTALLY on board with Jeff about staying away from the Starcaster. You can find older Korean Squier strats from next to nothing, and nthey are MUCH better guitars.
    I understand that you're new, and you're not ready to drop 1700 bucks for A really nice strat, but you can't go with a total piece of junk like the Starcaster. My late 90's beat up Squier has a real wood body. The newer stuff actually has a particlke board body.
  8. Brian Fishburn added a post in a topic Anyone here play guitar?   

  9. Brian Fishburn added a post in a topic Anyone here play guitar?   

    I pick my guitars up, I make noise come out of them, and I have some control over the sounds.
  10. Brian Fishburn added a post in a topic TOP FIVE REASONS WHY YOU ATTEND MODEL CAR SHOWS   

    Gotcha covered

    Seriously, though:

    5- Inspiration
    4- Show what I've been up to
    3- Vendors
    2- The models (seeing what everyone else has been up to)
    1- The modelers (visiting with my buds)
  11. Brian Fishburn added a post in a topic STYRENE ADDICT--A FRANKENSH-STEIN GASSER   

    The rust/chipping/patina/coating of mung is just awesome.
  12. Brian Fishburn added a post in a topic Post pics of your fave Caddy models   

    Does a "yeah, I know I need to get back to work on this one" count? 1959 "Coupe Devil"

  13. Brian Fishburn added a post in a topic custom 1950 F-1, built as a tribute   

    I see the resemblance, but no- She had the name and before I purchased this particular figure.
  14. Brian Fishburn added a post in a topic custom 1950 F-1, built as a tribute   

    Thanks for the compliments on the truck, guys. I'd been away from building models since I started the 1;1 project, and getting some kits from Roger's stash lit the 1:25 scale fire again. I found I can build the real one in the garage, and the small ones in the basement concurrently.

    And thanks for the compliments on Katie- she wears many hats at the scale shop. She fabricates and paints the rides, and then decorates them when they're done. She's got the urge to build herself a race car now, so I may have to let her do it. Yeah, I started out to paint a couple of figures to use for poses, and ended up liking figure painting- so she ended up with an entire character backstory, and about 18 finished versions and another half dozen or so in progress.
  15. Brian Fishburn added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    custom 1950 F-1, built as a tribute
    Recently, Roger Behrends, a veteran, fan of traditional customs, clubmate, and just a great person to know passed away. His daughter donated all of his unbuilt kits to the club, and I bought several, including this one at the August meeting.

    I didn't know why I bought this one at the time, I never liked the looks of these trucks much, but before the meeting was over, I knew what I had to do with this kit.

    Roger, I hope you like what I did. I wish you'd built it yourself.

    Saved the Ardun for the next build. Besides, I think the Caddy goes better in this truck

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