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  1. Beautiful looking build with excellent details. The color is perfect for this car! I built one of these a few years back and painted it with dark metallic purple nail polish. A great kit to build. You've done a superb job!


  2. On 9/11/2022 at 8:00 AM, Mike C. said:

    Modlbldr. Thanks again Tom for the Chevy van grill.

    Anytime! Sorry it sounds like it didn't work for you. Thanks for the 442 parts! I can get to work on it now.


  3. Still moving forward. Had to order a new 66 Wildcat kit since a lot of parts were either missing or in bad shape. Got it in on Thursday.

    Got the backs of the custom wheels sawn off and opened the spokes. Painted them a custom mix of blue. Installed the floating dash to the bottom of the windshield and got the interior in place.

    Working now on the engine and chassis.





  4. I just bought one of the Torque Trike kits and I saw the "the Jester" decal included on the sheet. I was hoping to get another one of the decals for the passenger door of a drag car build. I would also like any of the blue and white diamond decals if you have those too (or any of the decals from this sheet). I would go buy another kit for it but the store only had one of that kit.

    I have things to trade or?



  5. I.am looking for any chrome to the AMT 69 Olds 442. I have the front and rear bumpers but nothing else. If anybody has a complete chrome tree or just loose parts I am in need. I got a partial kit to build but missing all of the chrome.


  6. So, I changed the title of this thread to 65/66 Wildcat because back on page one bisc63 clearly pointed out that the body was a 65 (the chrome vents on the front fenders denote that) but the rest of the kit that I got as a rebuilder is 66. The front grill does not have the round piece in the center and the rear bumper has the date of 1966 stamped in the lisence plate area. That is probably why most of the custom parts did not fit well and needed modified. Oh well!

    Anywho, I got most of the chrome done tonight using BMF instead of the Molotow I had originally used. I also deleted the wing windows since the passenger side frame.kept breaking on me. Makes it look much better to me without the wing windows.

    Next is new window glass and a new chassis from a fresh kit that I will be getting off of Ebay. Stay tuned!



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  7. 2 hours ago, slusher said:

    Seats look terrific since you painted the centers.  Reall good looking interior sir!

    Thanks. Got some of the chrome on the body done with Molotow.

    Windows are next. Would love to find some.replacement glass for this. Otherwise I'll have to make my own windows.


  8. The interior is complete! Decaled around the center of the door panels with railcar pinstripes that I've had for years. Painted the center console and the center of the seats in Pearl White. The dash will be a floating dash (attached to the bottom of the glass).

    Next is polishing the body and doing BMF. I've been pecking away at the engine. I need to pick up another of these kits to get some vital missing or damaged parts replaced.




  9. 2 hours ago, Slotto said:

    Good idea David. I was looking at them and how hokey they appear. And was wondering what could be done with them. Do know of any examples I can use as a reference?

    I've also done it using a very small bit of acrylic white mixed into some Future floor polish. About a 1:5 ratio. Barely want to tint it white otherwise it doesn't look good.



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