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  1. I think it is the Testors one. It's a bit larger and very toy-like. I want to see what I can do to clean it up and put it on the shelf. Later-
  2. Your work is looking excellent! Nicely detailed. This is a great kit to build. I did one about 4 yrs ago. Sprayed it with some dark purple nail polish. Loved it! Later-
  3. I picked this one up recently. Later-
  4. Please do! And if your friend wants to trade it off, please let me know. The 53 is one of my favorites and you were headed in the right direction. I'm serious. If he wants to trade it, I'm in! Later-
  5. Very nice details on Rusty and Rolly. Great backstories too. A theme always helps make the build. Great work! Later-
  6. Well, I have been working on this one again over the last couple of days. I really want to get this thing done! It's been far too many years in the box. I dug it out on Friday and wet sanded the minimal bit of orange peel it had and threw a fi al coat on it. Waiting for it to dry really good and I'll wet sand and BMF it.before hitting it with clear. I did a detail of black on the gauge panel. I finally found a crab style distributor for the engine so tonight I began the plug wires. That's about all for now. Later-
  7. Thanks, but I think I have it covered already. I forgot to delete this post. Later-
  8. Dug this out tonight. Haven't touched it in a long while. Wet sanded the body and shot a final coat of paint. Getting ready to wire the engine. Later-
  9. I may go with the original color I picked. Just not sure yet. The.floor will not be too visible but the rear window is pretty good sized. Besides, I've wanted to try this for a while and I don't have any pickups in the queue to do it on. You know i love that color, but I've got that Firebird to do the Fathom Green on. Thank you all for the input. I appreciate it. Later-
  10. Looking to trade for the front suspension piece and the rear axle and diff from any version of the Ford Thunderbolt. I have lots to trade. I need them for a build I have in progress. Later-
  11. I'm having second thoughts about the paint color this morning. However, I'm not sure what to go with. Any suggestions or photo examples welcomed. Thinking about a dark maroon with decals similar to this. Later-
  12. Did a bit more on this last night. Fixed the driver's side drip rail by adding a strip of styrene a d sanding it to shape. Sorted out some tires and wheels for it and I think I've settled on a color. It is Testors Sunrise Red Pearl over Bright Platinum to darken it just a touch. Also started making a wood bed for it. Although, as I'm thinking about it this morning, a wood bed doesn't make much sense. But it's a custom, right? The wood will get stained and the brass rails will get chromed. I still need to do some clean up on the body and scribe some lines for a rear lift gate. Later-
  13. Spoken by someone who knows! Lol! Later-
  14. I picked up these Square Bodies and a couple Broncos with the kits I got last Saturday at the model show I went to. I've taken an interest in the Square Body style lately. Lots of potential and work here. Later-
  15. You got a nice one there. Nice clean up too. Mine is molded as your other one is. Later-
  16. Thanks guys for your interest. I'm making slow progress on this. Trying to get ready for a visit from family. I have managed to get the gaps closed up on the hood and trunk. Hopefully they won't be too tight now. Later-
  17. David, It looks very nice and you've accomplished quite a bit in 7 days. It looks like only another couple of stints at the bench and this one will be complete. Great job! Later-
  18. This is turning out quite nice. I like the weathering you've done and I agree that the decals definitely add to the interior. Great idea of doing the 7 day challenge. I think all of us get bogged down in a build and they stall out, never to be finished. Many just a couple short bench sessions from completion. I did a 24 hr build challenge last year and built the GTO drag car in 17 1/2 hours. It turned out better than many of my builds that I spent months on! So, in short, "Good on ya!" Later-
  19. Here is the one I have. Had to take a screen shot from some site since mine is still packed away. This was the first one I got years ago. Later-
  20. Which version do you have? I have this stock one and a racing version. Later-
  21. Nice work on these, Guys! I have this to build someday soon. Later-
  22. I started this one tonight. I've had the racing version of this for about 20 years and have wanted to build it since I got it but never did. I got this stock version about a couple of years ago and figured since I just finished my 67 Impala now's as good a time as any! These things are tiny but when you realize this is 1/24 scale it is even more amazing how small they are. I put it next to a JF 1/25 49 Ford for comparison. I started with the engine and exhaust. Took it about as far as I could without paint. Then I scribed open the hood and trunk. This was a simple job since they were molded with nothing more than thin flash holding them in. I had to add a strip of styrene to the edge of each panel to close up the gap. I'll need to do the same on the sides of each once the glue dries. I got a late start tonight so that is it for tonight. Comments and criticisms welcomed. Later-
  23. Here is the second round of what I picked up yesterday along with the previous photo. I also got a bunch of Square Body pickup and Blazer rebuilders and a couple of Broncos. Later-
  24. Thanks everyone! Took it to its first show yesterday. It got some very nice comments in stiff competition but no trophies. Going up against guys like Vern Heizer, Ken Brickel, Jesse Talmage and Gerald Raney (or is it Haney?), I had no chance. LOL! I had a great time though. Later-
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