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  1. Nice work on a cool kit! Your paintjob looks smooth and that red is beautiful! Have you gotten this one.finished yet? I did an older Tamiya Honda S800 and loved it! Later-
  2. Simply beautiful paint. Glad you went with this although I liked the previous green too. Where do those K/H Strippers come from? I know I've seen them. Later-
  3. Started the BMF last night on my Dodge. Got the chassis up on wheels. I realized last week that for some stupid reason I never put headers on the engine. So I pulled the motor and found some headers in the parts pile. I had to take about 1/8 inch out of the tubes to get them not to hang so low. They fit between the rails perfectly. Getting close now. Later-
  4. Interested in the MPC Chevy Blazer and the 50 Merc Wagon. Just let me know when you come up with some trade ideas. Later-
  5. Looks like you're going to need a chopped 32 grill and shell. Got one? Later-
  6. This is turning out nice. I really like the look and the spray in bed liner is spot on. Later-
  7. Are you on FaceBook at all? If so, there is a group of guys that may wither have what you need or guide you in the right direction. https://www.facebook.com/groups/738648743910709/?ref=share&mibextid=NSMWBT Hope this helps. Later-
  8. More progress. At this rate I should be done in a week or so. Later-
  9. Getting the interior of my 64 Dodge 330 worked out and got the engine installed. Got the dash to detail and rollbar to install. May put seatbelts in. Later-
  10. I do believe you are trying to get me to publically incriminate myself...... Oh well, OK. So, my wife asked if I was going to name it in honor of her since she helped me with the decal selection. I told her that I did..... Later-
  11. Thanks David. Nothing special here. Just getting another out of purgatory and on to the shelf. Later-
  12. Very nice paint. Love the layering of it. Gives it real depth. Great work! Later-
  13. Great job on this Sam! Glad it turned out so nice. Love the wheels, stance and the turbos through the hood. Later-
  14. I got this Firebird along with some other built ups from a guy on FB back in June. I liked the 70's look it had and wanted to keep it that way but rebuild it. I tore it down and started the process. I had to repair the rear wheelwell arches that got ruined from the old tires sitting against them for years. I found a new set of tires and wheels to keep the vibe but get rid of the two piece tires. The first round of paint wasn't saying 70's street cruiser to me so I stripped it and repainted it. I installed the 383 from the 69 Nova kit since it was handy. Nothing extreme. Then I began applying the decals from the old MPC 73 Mustang. About a quarter of the way through the main decal disentigrated on me. I had a second set, but they were a different shade. So I tried to remove the decals that were on the body to start over, but they wouldn't come off. Next thought was to strip the body and start over. During this process the front body edge got brittle and broke off. I had to repair that. Body stripped of my fresh paintjob, I resprayed and started the decal process with the second set of decals. These too disentigrated. I then put in a "Wanted" add for the decals AND bought a 73 Mustang kit off of eBay. One of our members here (VMach) donated a set of decals and my kit came in from eBay. Both sets were different shades. (The MPC 73 Mustang Mach 1 has had 3 different shades of the same decals!!) So, I sealed both sets in decal sealer before begining. The first set started out fine while applying them but during install they both wrinkled up so badly I couldn't get them to lie flat. Frustrated, I gave up. The Firebird wouldn't have decals! Now the Firebird was too brown. I couldn't have that. It didn't have the 70's flair it needed. So, I dug through my decal stash and with the aid of my wife we settled on a plan to modify the decals from the 70 Plymouth Road Runner. Here is the finished build- aptly, and lovingly named "PITA". Far from perfect but this was supposed to be a quick, easy rebuild to a shelf queen. Yeah, right!! Later-
  15. Getting close to finishing this rebuilder 69 Firebird. The previous builder had done it with a 70's flair so I went with that. Just tore it down and painted the previously unpainted body. Threw in a 383 from the 69 Nova kit. Just have the rear bumper and radiator hose to install and then the body chrome to do. I didn't try to go overboard on any detail. Later-
  16. Been working on an engine for a new build. My club is having a common kit build using the 64 Dodge 330. Here is what I've got so far. Still have a lot of detail to go. Later-
  17. Thanks for the info. I had seen and have a couple issues of the Ford but had never seen these wheels. Thinking of using them on a late 50's- early 60's hot rod 32 Ford. Later-
  18. Very nice work on, what I'm told is, a challenging kit. Sounds like you've confirmed this. Great job though, and I love the color! Later-
  19. Did you trade these off yet? If not, PM me. Later-
  20. I dug these out of a bin at a sale this week. I recognized it as the chrome tree for the 53 Ford pickup, however, I don't remember these wheels on that tree. Is this an early issue that had them deleted later? They are the main reason I picked out the tree. Later-
  21. Got some decals.and parts from LL3 Model Worx for a current build I'm working on. Thank you SO much!! Also got these in today's mail. A Palmer 68 Camaro. I got it simply for the box art. Very cool! And I got a 60 Pontiac screw bottom. Been wanting one of these for a long time. This one is in great shape. Later-
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