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  1. Bryce

    The Amber Queen

    Thanks for all the nice comments - your words are much appreciated. The colour scheme was a bit of an evolution. I started with some copper acrylic lacquer. That looked a little boring so I tried some Tamiya clear orange over the top but it looked a bit brown. So then I used some leftover Testor's One Coat 'fiery orange'. That stuff has loads of flake in it and gives a nice custom look. Then I top coated that with Tamiya clear orange for a bit of a candy effect. It's still a bit brown for my taste, but I can live with it. The cream colour is just an auto lacquer rattle can. Thanks again to everyone for the nice comments.
  2. This is the old AMT kit – nosed, decked, frenched and shaved. I added custom side trim, cruiser skirts, dummy spots, a tube grill and twin aerials out the back. I also did a bit of filling up around the front wheel arches just to keep the peak going around the corner past the headlights and to make the lines a bit more smooth and flowing. The wheels are from the ’57 T-bird kit but the rest is pretty much out of the kit.
  3. Thanks for the high praise! The chassis is pretty boring - just all semi-gloss black. That's why I didn't bother posting any pics. Is there something in particular you want to know or see?
  4. Thanks for the all the nice comments! Thanks Steve. I made the wheels by combining the chrome centres from an AMT '57 Thunderbird kit with the chrome rim from the custom wheels in a '70 Superbee kit. Thanks! I painted the whole car black first and then masked the scallops before painting the roof. The paint is Tamiya clear red over a base of 50% flat aluminium and 50% clear red. It goes on pink but provides a nice flakey base. and the tint means you don't have to use as much paint to get colour coverage.
  5. Just finished this up on the weekend. It's the old AMT kit built as a mild kustom inspired by Lee Pratt's car. The body has been nosed, decked and partially shaved. I also frenched the stock taillights and painted the bumper insets black for a mild kustom touch. The interior and engine are box stock with some detailing. Here’s some pics:
  6. Thanks to everyone for the all the nice words. No - it's just rattle can enamel from a hardware store. In Australia the brand is White Knights and the colour is called 'mid-green'.
  7. Beautiful. That’s really hot. I particularly like the ghost graphics and mesh grill. Great work!
  8. Thanks for all the nice words guys. Yep. Testors 'wet look' clear and polished out with cutters and Meguiar's Scratch-x. It's great stuff.
  9. Bryce


    Very cool. Your rust looks great and I love the crank and wheel in the bed.
  10. This is my fictional shop truck created from the latest release of the Revell ’50 Ford F-1 truck. I never liked the stock front (looks too English for my liking) so created a custom one that’s a little more aggressive using ’49 Ford bumperettes. It’s also been lowered all round, sits on homemade steelies and painted wide whites and runs a blown big block up front to make sure the deliveries are on time! I made some decals to finish it off.
  11. This is the latest re-release by Round 2. Gotta say, it is a nicely done kit. The chrome and decals are really good and the packaging was excellent. I went with a retro-tech theme, hence the shaved door handles, drip rails and side marker lights. I also used the kit’s twin hood scoops to make the dummy rear brake vents functional and added a hood scoop. I also added a rear wing too. The colour is Testor’s One Coat Lime Ice with same brand clear – it went on a bit strange, but polishes up real nice. The chassis has been mini-tubbed at the rear and runs a nine inch with coil overs. The wheels are from a Revell ‘California Wheels’ ’67 Chevelle with rear tyres from the AMT Wagon Rod kit and hand drilled rotors. The engine is the kit Hemi with common-rail fuel injection on a modified cross-ram manifold and the interior has a set of race seats with harnesses and a sports steering wheel.
  12. This is a Tamiya kit built straight out of the box. I painted it ‘windsor’ blue auto lacquer from a rattle can. I wasn’t a big fan of the body colour headlight buckets, so gave them a lick of Alclad over flat black for a brushed metal look. My only major gripe with this kit was the lack of seat backs. I was also a little disappointed with the limited amount of travel in the engine cover hinge. Makes it very difficult to get a look at the engine in the finished model. I probably would have ditched the hinges or made some new ones if I’d known beforehand. I also reckon it wouldn’t be too much to ask for some chrome plated headlight and taillight buckets. I backed mine with kitchen foil in order to get some kind of reflection – they would be pretty dull with nothing behind them. They didn’t supply any number plate decals either – rather annoying!
  13. Thanks for the nice words guys. With the panel lines, I always scribe them out with the back of #11 blade before I paint. I like to put my paint on pretty heavy, so this is a necessary step for me, however it also creates a deep enough crevice to obtain a realistic shadow and normal painting does the rest of the work. Usually it takes about 20 passes per line. Like everything else in this hobby, the more you do of it, the easier it gets.
  14. This is a typical Tamiya kit – brilliantly engineered and very easy to build. The colour is Ford ‘yellow glow’. I added some offset racing stripes from my spares box (Z28 Camaro cut down – the side stripes are Shelby Mustang) and blacked out the wheel centres. Otherwise it’s pretty much out of the box.
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