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  1. Greg added a post in a topic Questions about NNL East   

    One of the things I have learned over the years is that if you really want something from a vendor a lot of times if you call them ahead they will hold one for you. I learned that years ago after getting there early, waiting in line, and running back to the vendor only to see the last one go to the person in front of me.
  2. Greg added a post in a topic Lets see your older kits   

    Here are some of my older kits.

  3. Greg added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Modelhaus 76 Cadillac
    I saw the 1976 Cadillac in the new Modelhaus catalog. Has anyone seen this and are there any pictures?
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  4. Greg added a post in a topic Fins, Chrome, and Style   

    I see that you want to scratchbuild the interior but if you want to save time Modelhaus makes a full interior for this kit along with clear windows.
  5. Greg added a post in a topic Anyone from the Reading,PA area interested.......   

    Chris - There is a group of modelers that gets together at Benny's Hub Cap shop on 422 in Exeter right after the Wal-mart. It is primarily replica stock guys and they meet the last Saturday evening of the month except during the summer. I have only gone once since I live in New Jersey but I know they get a pretty good crowd there.
  6. Greg added a post in a topic Painting detail's   

    This is just a thought but maybe if you talked to the service manager at the local Mercedes dealership by phone or in person they could tell you. Sometimes you luck out and get someone who is nice enough to give you the time.
  7. Greg added a post in a topic Newtown Pa. Car show. Anyone know the date?   

    I am not sure about the one in Newtown, but there is a nice show in Bristol Borough on Sunday, May 4
  8. Greg added a post in a topic Finally The Nnl Weekend Is Over   

    That was a great idea to stay at the Burger place. I met a lot of people including the California and Ohio gangs. Thanks to Rogelio (I hope I spelled that right) for never letting my beer glass get empty (even when I wanted it to be). I had a blast that night.
    If you have ever seen the movie "Cocktail" with Tom Cruise that is what the bartenders were doing. It was quite a show behind the bar. They were tossing full beer mugs 2 and 3 at a time and not dropping them.
  9. Greg added a post in a topic Nnl East 2008 Roll Call   

    In case Ariel gets into trouble??? Is there even a doubt??
  10. Greg added a post in a topic Nnl East 2008 Roll Call   

    Hey Ariel - when was the last time you were at a cheap NNL?
  11. Greg added a post in a topic Modelhaus 1970 Ford Country Sedan   

    Billy - For the wagons the only difference between the 69 and 70 was the grille. I don't know if anyone has cast a 69 Galaxie grille but that would be a natural for this. I looked in my old brochures for the 69 and 70 and there was no way to get an LTD/XL grille on one of these. I had wanted to use the 69 XL grille but that would only be appropriate on a Squire.
  12. Greg added a post in a topic Philly Sit-down Pics   

    Bill - The 57 Olds was mine. Thank you for the compliment. It was a Modelhaus with MCW paint in factory colors. The 61 Olds was Dave Coppolino's I believe. He, John White, and Bill Deegan had a great collection of replica stock cars at that meeting.
  13. Greg added a post in a topic The Gray Ghost   

    Adopted son??? Isn't that like bringing Cujo home from the pound??
  14. Greg added a post in a topic Someone talking smack??????   

    I have tried that "blue stuff". It is really windshield washer fluid but they sell it in the liquor store and give it a fancy name. You could probably strip paint with that stuff.
  15. Greg added a post in a topic Removing Paint from Resin   

    I tried using 91% alcohol to strip paint off of an MCW resin and ruined the car. I have successfully used Castrol to strip paint off Modelhaus resin. Even after a couple of days it was okay.