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  1. Murphy added a post in a topic My Five Six Chevy   

    I've got the '57 Nomad "Street Classics" vintage issue...it's from '73 too, and it's eventually going to be a gasser as well !
  2. Murphy added a post in a topic Vannin' 70s style   

    Nice stabbin' cabin !
  3. Murphy added a post in a topic "Misfit"   

    Thanks everybody for your positive comments, it really means a lot to me to hear great feedback from modelers that I respect! Thanks again !!
  4. Murphy added a post in a topic "Misfit"   

    Thanks everyone, it's been a "long strange trip" ! I really appreciate the positive comments as I sorta work in a vacuum up here...not a lotta feedback! The paint was a personal best, I never attempted anything this elaborate before, but I felt the "bigger than life" nature of the car really called out for something above and beyond !

    Vaya con Dios !
  5. Murphy added a topic in Under Glass   

    This is my AMT '56 Vicky gasser/custom...it's been a long time in the works. It's got a lot of body modifications,a custom interior, the Revell Stone,Woods and Cook Hemi topped by the "BossNova" eight carb manifold and custom decals made for me by Greg Holland (thanx Greg !) I hope you dig it !

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  6. Murphy added a post in a topic Revell '70 Dodge Challenger   

    Beautiful build,great paint...but that picture of it laying on it's side on concrete makes me wince!
  7. Murphy added a post in a topic '62 Pontiac Catalina   

    Wow ! is that the kit interior for that Cat ? Very cool! You did a fabulous job of detailing and painting it regardless.
  8. Murphy added a post in a topic Let me introduce myself.   

    Thanks for the welcome, Gregg ! it's great to be here...I hope you enjoy the show! by the way, I was born in New Jersey ! (it's a small world, but I'd hate to paint it!)
  9. Murphy added a post in a topic Let me introduce myself.   

    Hello! Jordan, Lyle, Mark and Chris...no, I don't belong to any clubs, just toiling away out here in the wilderness
  10. Murphy added a post in a topic Let me introduce myself.   

    Hi Lee, glad to meet you...I'm located in Lake Elmo, just east of the TC. Thanks for the clarification on PF/MC mags, I didn't know that, but, that's one of the things I'm here for, education!
  11. Murphy added a topic in General   

    Let me introduce myself.
    Hello to one and all,my name is John, but you can feel free to call me Murphy. I've been lurking here for a while and thought that it was about time to make myself known. I've been reading "Model Cars" since it was "Plastic Fanatic" as well as any other mag I can get my hands on. I've been building for about 15 years (this time around) and am into 50's to 60's style Hot Rods, Customs and Drag Racers, and have un unbuilt collection of about 200. I am active on other forums, but I appreciate the less formal approach here. I posted some of my builds in the gallery, I hope they kinda show you guys what I'm about. Thanks to Greg for creating this place, I'll be talking with you.
    ~Murphy ( John Seffl)
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