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  1. mackinac359 added a post in a topic Late 60's White Freightliner   

    Looking good !
  2. mackinac359 added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    Here's a photo of one of the NASA Peterbilt 351L 's when brand new.,rrggfbfbdbgfwfwxffsgsgfrqf,vi/sbqwbwgbdxrbgdsrqfxrftqwgtbw/0/11670/10310470/ThrowBackNASA351Lallwhite-vi.jpg
  3. mackinac359 added a post in a topic My in progress trucks: Peterbilt 357 Mixer   

    There was a post about 378/357 mixers not being seen without Boost-a-load type rear axles.   Here's one (one of several) I spotted last week in Texas.
    This one is a 357-111 (357 was usually spec'd for mixer/dump duties - 357 and 378 share the 119" sf and sb hoods)

  4. mackinac359 added a post in a topic Mack DM600 roll-off truck 11-08-15 update   

    Nice work.   
  5. mackinac359 added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    Nice work on the engine!
    240" wheelbase - darned close !

  6. mackinac359 added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    Here is where my project sits.  The radiator shutters will be sourced from an AMT White-Freightliner Dual Drive kit.

    I made the hood in late 2011 or early '12..  now it's just waiting for inspiration to hit.
  7. mackinac359 added a post in a topic NASA Pete 1/25   

    I have one of these as a planned build also.   The photo of one of the trucks with the older Unilite cab shows the trucks as they were originally built - The trucks were later recabbed with the 1100-series cabs.   This gives two build idea.. older, original, which is probably what mine will be, or the later version with the 1100-series cab.
    The trucks were model 351L (L for logger - and had the full walk-on fenders).  They were very highly spec'd and customized from the base 351.
    The original color applied at the factory was all white - white cab, hood, fenders, fuel tanks, wheels and chassis.
    Some spec's to help in your build:  
    Wheelbase:  235"
    Hendrickson RSA-380 walking beam rear suspension
    Firestone tires originally installed10:00 x 22
    The hood is the long-hood for the 12v71 and the truck has the deep-core radiator - Most likely the overall BBC is longer than the typical 127" that a 12v71 equipped 351 had, the build sheet doesn't indicate the BBC. 
    I'm looking forward to your build!

  8. mackinac359 added a post in a topic AMT Shell Tanker coming?   

     Here's a real version of the AMT Fruehauf tanker - I spotted this in the weeds at a construction yard in upper Michigan about 14 years ago.  These were the best views I could get.

  9. mackinac359 added a post in a topic AMT Shell Tanker coming?   

    The kit represents a 1968-70 Fruehauf.  The type of tank was built into the 80s, but the full round body was not that common.  I have only seen 2 of this configuration in person, the rest have been oval shaped (true elliptical).
    This release of the kit has the tank halves re-tooled to eliminate the warped parts.  The original tool was from 1970 and had worn out.

    The decals include red stripe options for the tank body and the tractor (Peterbilt 352, but could work with others).
    Attached pics:   Box and decals;  Box side;  Partially assembled new-release;  Instruction sheet paint guide;  modified build with additional axles and Moebius wheels and modified tank body for a Michigan Special style tanker;  Modified tank body (wider) and resin 2-hole wheels from KFS.   

  10. mackinac359 added a post in a topic 379 project   

    Plenty of work done here.  Looking good.

  11. mackinac359 added a post in a topic 1988ish Paystar 5000 (small update 10-4-15)   

    The detail, the opening doors, etc are bringing this kit to life.
    Nice swap to the 8v71.
  12. mackinac359 added a post in a topic kenworth conventional   

    Nice detail work!
  13. mackinac359 added a post in a topic question   

    If you really want to get into this..  I built these snap-kit 359's into 379-127 long hoods.  Added to the kit hood, widened the cab to look more like 379.  The windshield glass was attached to the outside of the cab.  I used chrome foil to simulate aftermarket chrome trim around the glass.   The headlamps are Italeri pieces.

  14. mackinac359 added a post in a topic question   

    If you are going do a 'poor man's 379 long hood' out of a 359, the grille from the Revell snap 359 is perfect. You will need to remove the headlamps and clean up the weird molded on shapes on the side of the grille.   Reshape the headlamp brackets and make outer turn signal lenses, then reattach the lamps to the side of the grille.
    The cab can be subtly changed to look more 379ish.  Square up the corners of the windshield, and reshape the roof slightly, also sand off the roof panel seams.  The 379 family and the 1100-series cabs have differently shaped roofs, the windshield leans back more on 379 and has squarer corners.
    While dimensionally not accurate, you can make respectable looking 379 long hood, or as I am doing here, a 389 using the Revell of Germany cab.


  15. mackinac359 added a post in a topic Ford AeroMax 120- Wrecker   

    Looking good.