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  1. If you really want to get into this..  I built these snap-kit 359's into 379-127 long hoods.  Added to the kit hood, widened the cab to look more like 379.  The windshield glass was attached to the outside of the cab.  I used chrome foil to simulate aftermarket chrome trim around the glass.   The headlamps are Italeri pieces.



    379 yellow 72513.jpg

    379 orange lft 72513.jpg

    379 green 72513.jpg

    359 cab to 379 cab 61613.jpg

    359 snap to 379.jpg

    359 to 379 cab top 61613.jpg

    359 cabs to 379 cabs 62213.jpg

    359 to 379 48 62013.jpg

    379 snap hood.jpg

    Yellow hood 72513.jpg

    379 yellow and trlr side 72513.jpg

    The trio at dusk 72513.jpg

  2. If you are going do a 'poor man's 379 long hood' out of a 359, the grille from the Revell snap 359 is perfect. You will need to remove the headlamps and clean up the weird molded on shapes on the side of the grille.   Reshape the headlamp brackets and make outer turn signal lenses, then reattach the lamps to the side of the grille.

    The cab can be subtly changed to look more 379ish.  Square up the corners of the windshield, and reshape the roof slightly, also sand off the roof panel seams.  The 379 family and the 1100-series cabs have differently shaped roofs, the windshield leans back more on 379 and has squarer corners.

    While dimensionally not accurate, you can make respectable looking 379 long hood, or as I am doing here, a 389 using the Revell of Germany cab.





    379 389 out of 359 cab.jpg

    379  389 out of 359.jpg

    379 389 out of a 359 cab.jpg

    379 389 hood out of a 359.jpg

  3. It's the little cues that when changed can disguise the 359 era.

    Here's one I made when the Snap kit first came back in 2006 - I built it just to build it - to see how it would look as a 379 - Sort of a long hood shape but as a standard length. I modified the cab for the newer door window shapes and mirrors, filled in the right hand sleeper door, and used some resin air cleaners that Spauldings sold at the time.




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