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  1. No 'standard' on a Peterbilt back then. The customer/dealer had to select the color. Painted surface optional colors, gold, brown, black, green, red, blue. Steering wheel always off-white/beige. Floor could be black rubber or matching color carpet. Seat bases could be matte black or painted to match metal surfaces.

    The 5 hole steel wheels are only available in resin.


  2. The term "Winslow" stripe was coined by me - for a better lack of a name - about 14 years ago - as the design(s) was penned by former Peterbilt engineer Winslow Moore.

    He drew many schemes, (including the "Patriot" scheme) the one most attributed as a "Winslow stripe" is scheme #26B and 005A (COE) (there is no official company name for paint schemes), but this one was featured originally in the "Class of the Industry" brochure. Any color combination you want.. I've seen them painted with just the outline color and nothing else. There were dozens of variations of the scheme, with squared corners, rounded corners, elongated "hockey stick" upward jogs (this looks best when the 'hockey stick' is centered on the hood nameplate). Back in the day, these schemes were hand masked and even using templates would have variations created by the guys masking the paint.

    Not in red - but you can see on this 359 (not my photo) the base color is also the middle color.


    With Jerry's decal version of these stripes, you can create some awesome schemes.


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