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  1. Dave Burket aka ModelKing had me build this little truck, yeah I know, it's a pick up, but there's a Big Dog behind it! Another ModelKing reissue.

    The Mack DM800 is a great kit, and a nice donor for several aftermarket resin kits, especially those from AITM (www.aitruckmodels.com) and if you add some bigger resin wheels and tires from RNK Conversions (www.rnkconversions.com) you can have a really heavy 'Dog.


    This DM800 is straight out of the box but with most of the chrome removed.

    The '79 Ford 4x4 is about to be reissued by ModelKing-AMT and builds nicely.

    Lots of things you can build the pick-up as.. such as a Tim's Tire Service truck here, or maybe a Peterbilt dealer's service truck.. lots of ideas!

    My Ford is Duplicolor metallic silver with clear coat, Bare Metal Foil for the body side moldings, windshield trim, wheel arches and grille.

    Thanks for looking!


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