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  1. What was the best car or truck you ever owned?

    I had a few different cars that were rock solid. My HHR panels (I had two) were pretty stone reliable. I had a 1983 Mercury Marquis Brougham wagon that was pretty good until it got so old I could not find parts for the old V6 in it, hence the HHRs. Many years back in the 70s I had a 1969 Buick Special V8 that took me to California from Wisconsin. I paid $50 for the car and it lasted a long time in Cali. An older lady I knew borrowed it to travel to LA and she loved it so much with it's power and thick padded wheel (she had a disease that caused her fingers to curl tight against her palms) , I just gave the car to her. After she passed, her son made a low rider with it and it's still around last I heard. Now I have a GMC Terrain. Except for some check engine light troubles, it's been pretty good. It's pulling a 0010 code.
  2. What did you get today?

    I know, I wish mine would understand my love of Scotch. But seriously, my wifey does support my model addiction and lets me know when she finds something I might want.
  3. Car Repair Ripoffs 1: Dealerships

    Porsche Boxter too, I believe.
  4. Car Repair Ripoffs 1: Dealerships

    True, but it's not determined by number of cylinders. My Terrain 2.4 uses 5 qts, My AMCs (both six and eight cylinder) used 5 qts. My 73 Eldo used 6 qts which was a 500 cid V8. Both my HHRs took 5 qts. It's how much capacity the designers determined it needed, not number of cylinders.
  5. Revell Porsche Tractor review

    Hey RC2, see these tractors? Howsa bout dusting off those old Ertl tools of the IH Farmalls.
  6. Car Repair Ripoffs 1: Dealerships

    I have most of my work done at my friend's Custom Car shop. I can't really complain about my dealer too much either, it just costs a boat load of money to use it. I've bought three cars there; two new and one used, The HHR panels were rock solid and dead reliable machines with almost no trouble...just some brake rotors that vibrated which I replaced with some Canadian made parts through NAPA instead of the made in China OEM bits. My GMC Terrain was an oil user and it was determined that the consumption rate was over recommended GM standards for that engine (Ecotech 2.4). The dealer replaced it's pistons, rings, bearings, machined the crank, replaced cam shafts. Can't praise the dealer enough for that work. Truck runs great
  7. Car Repair Ripoffs 1: Dealerships

    Six cylinder's worth? That's not how they measure oil needed. Most vehicles use 5 qts. Except for the special vehicles like big pick ups and sports cars, most use only five quarts.
  8. Heller 2018

    Note the draftsman's name at the right hand lower corner? Phillipe Delespinay drew much of the early Heller instruction sheets. I talked with him a lot on a slot car forum and were discussing Heller and AMT collaborations to market kits like the double kits of the Alpine and Gordini and several others. I sent him my AMT double kit of the Brabham/Matra kit so he could complete his collection. He lives in the US now involved with slot car stuff.
  9. What did you get today?

    That's gotta make family events awkward.
  10. mc magazine issue number

    Model Empire no longer carries the mag. Why?
  11. The Turbine

    I've a couple of glue bombs that hopefully will yield me a nice model of the Howmet car. Does anyone know what model mag had the article for detailing the kit? The Can Am version does not look at all like the box art. Artwork has a wind screen and kit has no windscreen and the shapes just in front of the cockpit are "off" a bit. Also artwork shows four headlamps whereas the kit has two. The Can Am kit will yield parts to restore the coupe however.
  12. Another track closing

    Maybe Summernationals will move to Joliet. That would be cool for us in the midwest.
  13. 76 Buick Century Project

    This is gonna be good.
  14. 1949 Monarch

    I really like Canadian versions of US cars