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  1. AMT Future Releases Interesting

    Maybe you can trade them for Bitcoin...
  2. AMT Junior And Craftsman Kits

    I really like 1/32nd scale cars. Airfix, Pyro, All Stars/Scale Stars...
  3. Ghost Kits - Shown But Never Released

    Y'all need to move to Wisconsin. One can catch a beer before church.
  4. AMT 57 Chevy Pepper Shaker - Newest reissue

    It's a pretty good kit otherwise. i built a few when I was a kid. Also the hood trim piece is molded as one piece with the grille assembly, not separate like it should be attached to the hood. But I did like the 57 Buick grille insert which was a common custom trick in my home town to do.
  5. More Vintage Model Car Ads

    No, they were a friction drive toy/promo. One piece bodies.
  6. Sync with phone

    Just testing
  7. What would YOU like to see as a model

    No. Chevy Chase drove a highly customized Ford Crown Vic wagon. Supposedly to represent a fictitious make called the Queen Family Truckster.
  8. What's your holy grail kit?

    Still wanting a Renwal 66 Jordan and a AMT 66 Buick Skylark. Also I think it was a 69 Mustang you could make a convertable or a notchback from the kit. Made by Revell.
  9. What did you get today?

    Brewed ten miles from me. Who knew!
  10. What did you get today?

    Never even heard of Wisconsin Premium, and I live in Wisconsin.
  11. Toyotas

    After further research, I see I was wrong, especially after dusting off my old Standard Catalog Of Cars book.
  12. Toyotas

    The Toyota 2000GT was never made with a left hand dash, as the car was never imported to a western country. Even ones sold through private hands stay RHD
  13. Never knew about this : 87 Mercury Tiffiny.

    MG? Must have been the Clenet. They were however based on late 70s LTD IIs or Mercury versions. Some used Town Car or Continental grilles. Smaller versions used MG doors, glass, and trunk lids. The larger ones used VW Super Beetle glass and doors, but all had Ford underpinnings. I remember applying for a job there in Goleta and seeing the half disassembled Fords in the back of the shop. They would sell those to body shops.