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  1. I build ignition harnesses for Waukesha Engine through our shop. They have huge gas powered mills for generators and stuff.
  2. The one thing that bothers me, and it occurs with another very skilled builder of dioramas, is the lack of people in them. Like some eerie ghost town where all the people just vanished.
  3. The Fire Bug is what remains of the ZZR Spy Car, which is a shame.
  4. lordairgtar

    2020 Corvette

    They look nothing like each other.
  5. Last night at the model club meeting I won the raffle and got a Moebius Ford Pick up with step side bed and a Atlantis Tarantula characature of the Tom Daniels Dragster. Today at Model Empire I got a Honda motorbike and some light purple Ken's Funny Fur for the interior carpet of the ZZR Spy Car I'm working on.
  6. 2011 Terrain. Upgraded to aftermarket chrome grille.
  7. 2011 Terrain. Upgraded to aftermarket chrome grille.
  8. I just got off ebay an IMC Mecom Lola T-70. A seller from Lots Of Models I think. Very good condition and all completely there. Blue plastic and no tire burns on anything. Seller bagged everything seperate...chrome, tires, glass. I got it for under 50 bux with free shipping too. happy happy joy joy.
  9. This kit was my first Camaro I ever built. I painted mine green. Never found another with the vinyl top molded on.
  10. I see you live in Muskego. I do too. I also have the Jetz cruise night in town on Thursday night. Stop by sometime.

  11. I had this image in my digital crossward site.
  12. I had this thing growing on my arm for years, and I finally had the surgeon remove it. Was a dermal cyst. Anyway, I find that hospitals no longer use the autoclave to sterilize surgical tools. They throw them away and open a new pack with the tools they need. I was able to get the tools the nurse used to remove the sutures...a tweezer and a scissors which should be good for dealing photo etch. They are made in Pakistan just like the dental tools Micro Mark sells for bending wire. Really good stuff.
  13. The AMT 69 Chevelle...and not because of the rear tail lamps. I have been trying to convert this to a 69 Beaumont. Fights me every time I put it on the bench to work on it.
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