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  1. Indeed, I have been working for Custom Wire Industries since 1991 and I have taken home bits and bobs from work. With the boss' permission of course. From wire (Obvi!) to mesh screen to sheet plastic to coax cable, which after removing the outer shield makes awesome braided hose for custom cars and racers. Diodes and resistors, LEDs, Xuron cutters which after they lose their sharpness still make awesome spru cutters without having to buy them at $15 or so a pop.
  2. That may or may not be true. A lot of companies are choosing to manufacture in the US now. I'm involved in manufacturing and our company does jobber work for major companies. We have gotten a lot of work that formally was in China. We do mostly circuit board and wiring work plus a little bit of molding.
  3. Nice to see one of them made it to Wisconsin. LOL Ive been to Withee. I have a sister living in Loyal. We are related to many Dairy Farmers in the area.
  4. I got my book last week and I am starting to read it at work during breaks. Pretty good so far. I got it from Midlife Classic Cars.com. It was the cheapest seller. $32.50.
  5. Athough AMC sold the R5 as the Le Car, it was nowhere close to a Pacer. Whole different car. There was a bit of a joke here in the US that Renault could sell the Pacer calling it the The Voiturette.
  6. I had this kit when it came out. I remember getting the smart idea to actually put some kind of oil in the clear oil pan. Engine had a crankshaft, pistons and looked pretty decent. I used vegetable oil but my skills then made it impossible to glue an oil filled part to a already painted engine block...oh live and learn. I'd like another crack at it, minus the oil. LOL
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