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  1. Mine are kept in a case much like seen above by you guys. I was wondering too how you display at shows? I see a lot of childish things at shows like a model placed on top of a platform filled with marbles or a car setting on top of dice. I prefer to see them displayed on a small bit of street not much larger than the model itself much like aircraft guys display a plane on a patch of runway. Cars don't sit on top of marbles or dice in the real world. Mirrors are OK to display the under carriage.
  2. Study the chrome reverse wheels...they are not color photos. They were cut and pasted the old fashioned way because the chrome reverse matched the kit wheels.
  3. Eidai did a lot of kits of Japanese race cars very similar to our Can Am cars of the 60s and 70s. The engines were usually non existant or not realistic.
  4. I have the Invader, the Outhouse and the Snap Draggin. Outhouse is built and sitting in my display case
  5. The wheels in this kit leave something to be desired. The white plastic it's made with doesn't bother me much but the crown of the tread area does. Is there a source for flat tread area tires.
  6. Interesting box art. The scene looks familiar to me. Perhaps Oregon coast/Northern California? I've traveled up and down the 101 during the 70s.
  7. When I was a kid, I never added those things to the models. Didn't like them.
  8. Now that's pretty cool. Never seen this one before.
  9. That's cool. You won't be far from me in Theresa. I see you will be close to Fond Du lac and I'm 17 miles south of FDL. Also Hartford has a great car museum. Lots of Kissel cars as they built them there. Pro tip when travelling...never eat at chain restaurants, eat local.
  10. Try adjusting your journey to include Milwaukee area, Model Empire in West Allis is amazing, then Hartford has John's Hobbies and Mayville has The Tinker Shoppe (not a lot of models but some) Plus Fond Du Lac has Focus right downtown on main street. Not open on Monday. There are antique shops in Waukesha that have models. Antiques And Uniques on 250 W. Main and Metropolitan Antiques 259 W. Main. Cal's Collectibles and Mantiques. He has vintage models and old slot cars. There is a slot track in Milwaukee called Bob's Raceway on 5822 W Forest Home Ave which is not far from Model Empire. stop by me in Theresa and I will show you my stash. Who knows, you might go home with some.
  11. Model looks great. I looked at pics of manual consoles and you had to options, one with just the boot and trim directly on the floor and the console version which was a bit different from the auto console. For those that wished, they could easily scratch build one or 3D print it. I don't think modifying the automatic console would be easy, but it could be done as well.
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