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  1. lordairgtar added a post in a topic Buying kits at swap meets   

    I don't think it's rare, well at least not as rare as the stock version of the car which is very expensive. I've seen the race car for as little as 10 dollars. He did have it marked at $35, but I haggled to $28. All and all, we had some fun digging at each other.
  2. lordairgtar added a post in a topic Heat and Stored Built Model cars and trucks   

    My kits fair well in the garage. I live in Wisconsin where we can have temps from 20 below zero to 100 degrees. The only thing I would say is wrap tires in paper toweling to keep them from reacting with the styrene in vintage kits. I am not sure how modern tire formulations react, but I take no chances.
  3. lordairgtar added a post in a topic Buying kits at swap meets   

    Thanks for your input on this. I know NNL shows have great swaps attached to them. Our model club's own Milwaukee NNL doesn't have a swap per se, but the following day another concern has a swap, so it's good. That one does have great deals. Those are pretty much modeller held and therefore decent and fair in prices. The one I was posting about was a 1:1 car swap meet. Model kits are sometimes offered by various vendors. A local Hobby Shop had their vendor stall open and their prices were fair, just like in the store.
  4. lordairgtar added a post in a topic Quick Overview: Revell Starsky & Hutch Torino   

    Ya gonna tell us why primered red plastic gets a pinkish tinge then?
  5. lordairgtar added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Bought the Tamiya Toyoda AA kit. It arrived and is it nice. You can see through the grille and has a photo etch hood ornament.
  6. lordairgtar added a post in a topic $7.99 models back at Ollies!   

    A trip to Lafayette Indiana would negate any savings. That's the closest one to my area.
  7. lordairgtar added a topic in General   

    Buying kits at swap meets
    I bought a model of AMT's Matador NASCAR racer. I probably payed way too much for it...about $28. All there, but opened. I am a builder not a collector obviously but I figured those big swap meet/car shows are not the place to buy kits. Most vendors that had NASCAR models were selling them at $5 a kit which is about correct...except for the Alan Kulwicki or Dick Trickle cars which are up to abut $50 to $100. Clearly because those are local to Wisconsin. a lot of vendors now are trying to sell reissues at vintage original prices. They know that they are reissues and they know that you know they are reissues. They just have some kind of weird screwed up thought process that they think they should command high prices only because the tooling is the same. I usually ask if they really intend to sell those kits or are they actually running a museum. This was at The Fall Jefferson swap meet and is a big deal in Wisconsin.
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  8. lordairgtar added a post in a topic what to do with old car magazines   

    I give them to the Veterans hospital.
  9. lordairgtar added a post in a topic Hubley 60 Ford Fairlane   

    I have the Hubley issue of that Rolls. No mold misalignment in that one
  10. lordairgtar added a post in a topic Modifying the Revell '69 'stang   

    Thanks for the comparison of the two grilles.
  11. lordairgtar added a post in a topic Modifying the Revell '69 'stang   

    Would love to see the fixed grille and the kit grille side by side.
  12. lordairgtar added a post in a topic The Man with the Golden Gun AMC Hornet   

    The didn't come out of Detroit. They were built in Kenosha Wisconsin. I had the 76 version of that car with the 304 V8 and it could beat the snot out of small block Camaros, Firebirds, 318 cid Challengers and 302 Mustangs. Was a beast at autocross too. Now you have to make Scaramanga's flying Matador.
  13. lordairgtar added a post in a topic Hobby search   

    When are you coming to the US?
  14. lordairgtar added a post in a topic Most fun you had in a car. KEEP IT P.G.   

    Fun in cars? All the time. In central Wisconsin when they were repairing bridges over small rivers and streams, they would grade a road down to the banks and put in a temporary bridge to cross the water. So this was a down hill to the bank, then cross, then up hill back to the highway. a 351 powered Grand Marquis is always fun but more so with these bridges. I eased off onto the graded portion and drove to the bridge accelerating. By the time I hit the up side and onto the pavement on the otherside, I was moving; dirt flying, engine screaming and back end swaying! Wasn't counting on the Amish dude in his buggy coming the other way. His horse reared up on his hind legs as I was coming back onto the pavement and his eyes were like saucers! Waa-waaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!! God I love rural Wisconsin.
    ...and then...
    Santa Barbara, California...Car: 1973 Matador four door, ex Santa Barbara detectives car equipped with a 401 V8...boring beige in color. Myself and six others from a drug rehab I worked at on an outing in the mountains. Old San marcos Pass road to Refugio Canyon road then back out to HWY 154 via Idon'tthinktheycancallthemaroad. Refugio is rough enough with insane switchback, but the old rancher trails are for horses or Jeeps, not AMC four door sedans. Anyway, we get to a rather rough patch where the gravel becomes more like mini boulders. Not the best driving surface. Coming the other way on this stretch is an older Ford humping and bumping over the boulders. I'm doing the same but with less ground clearance. All of a sudden the sound of boulder crunching sheet metal is heard along with the pervading odor of raw gasoline. I sprung a leak!!! Trying to get off this pass onto more civilized roads is a lesson in futility. As we get back to a smooth dirt road it's a race between getting to a town or running out of gas. Watching the needle slowly inch down to E as I swerve on dirt switchbacks reaching speeds of over 50 mph. That is very fast on this stretch. I got down to HWY 154 finally and just as I sputtered to a stop, we were in front of a small handy man fix it shop. He took off our tank and welded it were we broke it, put a couple of gallons of gas in and sent us on our way back to SB. Those AMCs were really tough little cars.
  15. lordairgtar added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Wondering why the seat in my little truck would not go all the way back and we discovered an AMT 67 Mustang fastback kit under the seat. Freed it from its predicament and put it in the house. Bought it in April...been in the lil truck all that time.