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  1. Got a 1969 Charger by Nonogram in 1/32nd scale. Assembled but not painted. Glue was pretty heavy and the interior won't come out. Chrome is good and easily popped out. I think the glass is toast but that is easily remedied. Got the frame out but it cracked near the front. Luckily I happened to have a sppare chassis in green. The new one is orange.
  2. I just got a Resin Chrysler Charger VH from Australia. Casting is rougher than a cob but I think I can make it work. Very thick casting and lots of flash. Don't know who made it but I wanted one bad so I bought it.
  3. What I love about this is that it has a non SS grille and hood.
  4. Never saw the green. A model company made a black one in HO scale and I had seen a blue one but can't find the pic.
  5. That was probably it. I remember when my work/home got set afire, the owner of that LHS gave me a couple model cars, some paints and glue and a Scale Auto which was the first time I heard of that mag. When I moved back to Milwaukee, I stopped in and visited with Gary Schmidt and he gave me a bunch of mags from issue 1 to the then current issue.
  6. I remember those dealers. I ran Sonshine Gas in SLO for a time while I worked at the DAPC, Drug Abuse Preventive Center. I remember buying model cars at a dept. store downtown SLO and a LHS in Goleta.
  7. I lived there in 1976 to 1884, spending time in Santa Barbara, Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo. I seem to remember blue plates with six characters too. I know they went from numerals first to letters first or visa versa, memory shady in my old age. I live in Wisconsin now and renewal costs 100 bux or more depending on the plate
  8. Ooops, yer right. I just remembered that as I have a 54 pathfinder model project in the works and scratched built the six.
  9. Does anyone produce decals for 1/32nd scale cars. I need to do a 70 Mustang Mach 1 and they don't look right without decals.
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