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  1. This is a wonderful build. The wheels are perfect for this car. I've always like Panasports or Minilite style wheels on small Japanese cars. This makes me want to find this kit and build it too.
  2. I think this has the right amount of griminess to it. I'd be afraid to touch it thinking I would get old oil on myself. Hence...perfection.
  3. As well as Heller and others. But those would have been beyond the scope of the article's intent.
  4. I built one. A real nightmare. I was not sure of the accuracy of the engine knowing that FAW cribbed the design off an American polysphere 318 from the 50s. I modified a Ford engine from the Otaki T-Bird kit because of it's size. I also re made the suspension bits from a 1/20th scale Lindberg S10 kit. Remember the real car is quite large. The car is not far off from the real one. I would like to do it again and so abetter job of painting and redoing my interior. The kit did not have interior panels so I scratch made them to fit. A lot of studying photos of the real car let me realize the back seats in it actually had that ill fitting surround shielding the rider.
  5. Yes it does but mine must not be resin. It's really shiny on the inside. Plastic like. Older resins tend to be matte in finish from those days. Plus the chrome trim from the hood and trunk is gone except for the hood ornament. There are grooves were it used to be. Almost toy like underneath with posts anf mounting pins for glass.
  6. Went to Gary Schmidt estate sale and picked up a Galaxy 48 Chevy Fleetline, AMT 77 Matador Coupe, AMT 51 Chevy hardtop, Eldon Sand Rail thingy glue bomb. Also a 50 something Pontiac coupe that I think was a promo of some sort, it has metal chassis and has slight warp. to the top and hood area. Might solve that by making it a convertible and use the 51 Chevy as a chassis and interior. I don't know how to post pics.
  7. I got the Ford Truck from Romania today. Very nicely done. If I knew how to put pics on here, I would.
  8. It only needs a little tinkering at the rear bumper to bring it closer to the body.
  9. You do realize that a lot of us model car builders are geriatric as well, plus there are many younger guys interested in model railroading.
  10. So, if Palmer made a early Vette kit, could I build this car...
  11. I once introduced myself to him at a model car event and he said he fully knew who I was. I must have rankled his feathers in the forum over the 69 Charger affair.
  12. I'd like to add a Japanese truck. The 1980s Mitsubishi Fuso. Made by Mitsuwa, although can be packaged as a Fujimi or Aoshima. The kit was newly tooled in 1981 so I assume it represents a early 80s or late 70s model. It sometimes comes as a tractor or a goods truck and although there is an engine, I can't verify the make and type. There is a auto transport trailer that sometimes is packaged with it.
  13. I remember when they (he) banned depictions of the General Lee car's roof decoration. I see this as kind of ironic since "He who shall not be named" was a bit Hitlerian about it, and that FSM still allows depiction of Nazi Swastikas on "supposedly historically accurate" war machinery. Hmmmm. I wonder if Fine Scale itself will allow that certain 69 Charger to be depicted with roof top in full view.
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