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  1. I got the auger truck for five bucks and it was in a cello wrappper. The lady still has the other utility truck which I will go get this week I think.
  2. Nice Topkicks. Seen two different utility trucks, one which you have and I have as well. Never seen the Schwann's truck though. Are the trucks 1/25th scale at all? I don't have any pick up truck models to compare it to.
  3. Internet pic. I am building this for the model room. May get another on for the garage too. I'm about half way through the build. I'm as far as the peg board. Still have to add the worktop and shelf underneath. Has two drawers and a work light. Lotsa nuts and bolts of different sizes. Pay attention if you buy this and build it. I paid about 96 bux with free delivery and took two weeks to get it. 24 by 48 inch top surface.
  4. Place downtown called Focus. 75 S. Main Street. Kind of the archetypical cluttered shop with all kinds of stuff. Used to be a camera shop, hence the name.
  5. You should build it. It will go well with the 1970 Buick promo style kit that was reissued a few years back.
  6. This lovely was sitting on my porch today. Mostly complete, no instruction sheet and no stock wheels. Engine halves glued together. Original kit tires are gone but someone had the foresight to add a set of newer tires from a Round 2 parts pack of tires with the double white wall stripe...I will take it. Stock wheels are easy enough to find. Pic sourced from the internet. I built this as a teen in high screwl and I always wanted another. Got it for a fair price.
  7. Got this yesterday at Model Empire. Looks good inside. Decals could have been a better design like the twin stripes on hood or trunk. I do like the side pin stripe though.
  8. Howza bout putting the Aussie flag on the roof and naming it after an Aussie General....might be cool.
  9. People forget that a Calais was a model of Cadillac. I remember seeing one, a 1969 model. It had manual wind up windows, no power. Was Calais a down scale model in that year or did the buyer order something off the wall?
  10. I have a marroon one and a white pearl one. How many different colors are there of this car?
  11. Got this one today at my LHS. These were gems when they first came out and they are just as nice now. I didn't get the Nova because I had one already. This pic is from Atlantis web site.
  12. That sucks. I've had similar instances which is why I made the offer to get it while the getting was good.
  13. That's the only one I have as well. In fact I have two of them and a off brand version by Lee
  14. So I walk into my pharmacy where I get my meds and he has a shelf with model cars in there. Been there awhile and I think I'm the only one who has ever bought a model off that shelf. I know the owner has been wanting to dedicate that shelf to something else as he isn't going to stock any more kits. I asked what kind of discount I would get if I bought all the kits left (6 kits) on that shelf. He tells me 30%. I says Great! I will buy them. So I wound up with a Revell 67 Chevelle, Revell COPO Nova, AMT 1/32 scale 66 Mustang, MPC 80s Camaro, Revell 57 Chevy newer tool, and a Revell 32 Ford. All about 80 bux.
  15. Which Phrozen printer do you use?
  16. Just remember on these early issues the side windows are shaped wrong. The bottom sill isn't to slope upwards toward the windshield at all. It should be parallel to the ground front to rear. An easy fix.
  17. I know exactly where that is. I have family in Oostburg.
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