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    New Guy Here
    My name is Will and I was turned on to this site just a few days ago. Since then I've spent a ton of time going through the different forums, checking out the pics, reading the tips and tricks, then checking the web for vendors, parts suppliers, kits, etc. I am amazed by many if not all the kits I've seen on this site. I don't remember the last time I built a kit, maybe 20 years ago or more. As a kid I was WAY into modeling. Everytime I mowed my neighbors lawn I was picking up another kit. My dad never allowed me to get too much into paint so I eventually lost interest cuz my kits were just kind of blah. I later got into 1:1 cars and boats and competitive water skiing.

    I'm now in the process of doing a resto mod on a 1969 Dart, complete with 5.7 Hemi, coilover suspension, mini-tubs, comfy cozy interior for me and the wife, digital gauges, the works. It's a lot of fun and been a lot of work. After seeing and reading everything I have from this site I've got the itch again. Since I bought my Dart I've wanted to do a model build of it and now I want to do it that much more. So my search begins for a 1969 Dart kit, then I have to find a donor 5.7 Hemi and A-518 tranny, probably from a Dodge truck kit of some sort, then I need to try and find some Mustang FR-500 scale wheels. If anyone knows what kits or places I can get these things aftermarket I'd appreciate it. The plan is to build this alongside my 1:1 so it will take some time. I will be painting it Viper GTS blue and I've got the paint codes so I'll get that mixed, not sure on the interior yet. I may have to scratch build a seat for the model but need to get a look at what some of the Duster kits had for seats as I'm doing a high back bench in the 1:1. I've already had a stencil for made for the custom stripe and will see if I can get a decal made that is scaled down, if anybody knows if or where that can be done I'd like to hear that as well.

    So that is my first planned build and the parts collection begins now, along with a TON of other research. Reference pics aren't a problem since the car is in my garage. After seeing all the NASCAR and Drag cars built I've got an itch for that too, not the NASCAR. I've been a Kenny Bernstein fan as long as I can remember and always wanted to build a kit of his. So I'm also on the hunt for both a Funny Car and a T/F Dragster. If you can direct me to either or both of those, or you have something laying around let me know, maybe we can work something out. I'll also put all this in the wanted section.

    So that's my story, I'm looking forward to getting back into the hobby and excited about my first build. Like I said it's going to be slow going but I'm looking forward to it. This is a great site and I appreciate all the information you all put in, and likely will pass to me as well. Thanks.
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