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  1. curb added a post in a topic AMT Surf Woody   

    If you read pg 2 of the Model Car Science article. It states the Astro wheels have dual spool plates with Walnut spokes.  Perhaps the Texture was the was AMT replicated the Dual spool plates and Walnut spokes..Since this is a Custom vehicle I'm not going to concern myself with the texture.. Just paint to add color to the wheels
  2. curb added a post in a topic AMT Surf Woody   

    Something else I found while searching for info on the Surf Woodie was George Barris produced a Motorized Surf Board to go with the Surf Woodie.
    There is a Motorized Surf Board in the reissue Gramdpa Munsters Drag-U-La.
    You'll notice the one in the Dragula kit is different that the one in the photo(Off the net)
    Not sure what type engine is on the board in the photo.

  3. curb added a post in a topic AMT Surf Woody   

    Tim Boyd did a build review of the Roadster version in his AMT's odd-Rod Roadsters kit review, Model Cars, Nov. 2014 # 190..
  4. curb added a post in a topic Lindberg Vintage Dirt Modified   

    Guess I'll have to scratch up the part and then cast in resin..LOL
  5. curb added a post in a topic Lindberg Vintage Dirt Modified   

    That's kool... What is the Cutter you are using?  How does it know the design to cut?  You can purchase Miniature Hex bolts and nuts or just use Hex Rod.
    I have one of those kits to build..
  6. curb added a post in a topic AMT Surf Woody   

    I had one of the first issues of the Surf Woodie why back when..
    Fortunately, I've been able to pick up several copies of the reissue (2003 ?). So I could build each version. But I'll probably make a few changes..Change the tires,wheels, engine etc. for the non woodie versions.
    The engine would look kool in a '60's Mustang..
  7. curb added a post in a topic AMT Surf Woody   

    From Model Car Science Sept. 1965

  8. curb added a post in a topic AMT Surf Woody   

  9. curb added a post in a topic AMT Surf Woody   

    Here is a scan of the article on the Surf Woodie from Hot Rod magazine Apr. 1965
    The Body color appears to be close to Testors Boyds Roadster Orange.. However I have photos of the Surf Woodie that shows it in a different color.. I'll post those  in another thread

  10. curb added a post in a topic Moebius '54 Hudsons   

    I haven't picked up the '54 Hudson yet. But I admit I'm not looking foreward to the parts having Texture.
    I guess I'll have to see what happens when paint is applied.
    One would have to ask Why id there Texture to the parts?
    Personaly I like nice smooth surfaces to apply paint to.

    I hope Moebius goes back to the standard smooth texture..
  11. curb added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Corvair powered T
    Been working on this Corvair powered T for months .. Just can't paint in the garage in - Temps. (hit low of -27c here this winter)
    Still somethings to do.

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  12. curb added a post in a topic 1/25 AMT '69 Cougar Eliminator   

    For those of you that want to build a better Cougar, get the '73 Cougar for the Correct Inner front fenders..And some other parts..
  13. curb added a post in a topic Charlie Allen Saddleback Dart Funny Car Completed   

    Very nice build,
    I have a rebuilder that I'm trying to strip the paint of.. stubborn stuff.
    I'll have to find a chassis,engine, decals etc..
  14. curb added a post in a topic remember the AMT "Iron Horse" Mustang?   

    Interesting thread, I'm glad I found it. I have the body of the Autolite Hi-Per Special. I think I'll see if i can gather up parts and build the darn thing...
  15. curb added a topic in General   

    Contest Rules
    I would like to see a Standard set of Rules applied to contests.
    obviously this would require a considerable amount of work and cooperation among model clubs holding Contests but once done, anyone entering a contest would know the rules.
    Obviously clubs would want different classes that would pertain to their club but I'm sure other clubs would use that class also.
    Is there a form that a club uses in judging?

    The Shelf Class....What is a shelf model?
    - one that has no detail or one that is partly detailed or one that is fully detailed?
    - Should the club that holds the Contest have a member that sponsors a class - enter in that class? And get First Place?

    Yes we need a Standard set of Rules so everyone is on the same playing field.
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