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  1. I have the Clear Cougar body (unfortunately painted Yellow. I tried to strip the paint off but was only partly successful )and it has the Roof Hatch... The MK Kenz & Leslie Cougar FC's body resembles that of the Eddie Schartman Cougar as shown.

    My guess is the Dyno Don Cougar FC will be reissue of the Model King K&L Cougar FC..which would have the incorrect hood scoop opening for one thing.

  2. I understand what you are saying.. I was thinking of using the Sedan and the hemi and interior from the Moebius / Model King '65 Plymouth Melrose Missle..

    Another question ..is the interior of the Moebius / Model King '65 Plymouth Melrose Missle correct?  The reason I ask is I have seen photos of the interior and the car had the interior panels and seats that match the Moebius sedan.

    Melrose Missile SS &DI June 65 1.jpg

  3. If you read pg 2 of the Model Car Science article. It states the Astro wheels have dual spool plates with Walnut spokes.  Perhaps the Texture was the was AMT replicated the Dual spool plates and Walnut spokes..Since this is a Custom vehicle I'm not going to concern myself with the texture.. Just paint to add color to the wheels


  4. Something else I found while searching for info on the Surf Woodie was George Barris produced a Motorized Surf Board to go with the Surf Woodie.

    There is a Motorized Surf Board in the reissue Gramdpa Munsters Drag-U-La.

    You'll notice the one in the Dragula kit is different that the one in the photo(Off the net)

    Not sure what type engine is on the board in the photo.

    Surf Slab.jpg

  5. I had one of the first issues of the Surf Woodie why back when..

    Fortunately, I've been able to pick up several copies of the reissue (2003 ?). So I could build each version. But I'll probably make a few changes..Change the tires,wheels, engine etc. for the non woodie versions.

    The engine would look kool in a '60's Mustang..


  6. Here is a scan of the article on the Surf Woodie from Hot Rod magazine Apr. 1965

    The Body color appears to be close to Testors Boyds Roadster Orange.. However I have photos of the Surf Woodie that shows it in a different color.. I'll post those  in another thread

    Surf Woodie Hot Rod Magazine 1.jpg

    Surf Woodie Hot Rod Magazine 2.jpg

    Surf Woodie Hot Rod Magazine 3.jpg

    Surf Woodie Hot Rod Magazine 4.jpg

    Surf Woodie Hot Rod Magazine 5.jpg

  7. I haven't picked up the '54 Hudson yet. But I admit I'm not looking foreward to the parts having Texture.

    I guess I'll have to see what happens when paint is applied.

    One would have to ask Why id there Texture to the parts?

    Personaly I like nice smooth surfaces to apply paint to.

    I hope Moebius goes back to the standard smooth texture..

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