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  1. For those that have built this, how well does it go together?
  2. Revell’s full detail Peterbilt 359 kit. I’m guessing this is a repop of an older kit based on what I see at Scalemates?
  3. This kit is still available for trades! I’m fine with started/partially built kits too.
  4. I mean the 1/25 kit isn't too far off, it only has the rear doors open and doesn't have the engine detailing parts, but it does also have a fairly detailed interior, and full chassis and engine. Being 1/16 scale certainly does help this one though and it would be cool to see it released again.
  5. I know I've seen this kit on ebay before. Does anyone know if it's just an enlarged version of their 1/25 custom van kit? It certainly resembles it in some ways.
  6. Most likely, do you have some pictures?
  7. I think the only difference is whether the box art kit's grille was painted or not. All Mercury Cougars of that gen will have the cougar emblem on the grille. Edit: they are shaped differently between the '90 and '92 kits, but my point still stands.
  8. Never, since it would need to come with Pepsi Free decals! 😄
  9. One other option I will consider is trading for a few 1/24 and/or 1/25 pickup/suv kits. I would be looking for 80s and newer subjects.
  10. I wonder what the status is of the molds for Monogram's version of the Blazer/Jimmy? Seems like that would be a no brainer to release alongside the truck kits.
  11. Accidentally hit quote instead of edit, but basically I will trade 1 for 1 for the mentioned kits, with the exception of more common ones.
  12. See that single axle trailer would probably have been more appropriate for the waverunner, pretty much the one in the River Rat kit. However can we appreciate whatever is happening with the trailer tongue on the Mr Sandman image on that ad?
  13. I will modify my post to include that I would also be willing to trade for (1-2) 1/16 scale kits (depends on which ones). Ones I am interested in are: AMT/MPC 2nd gen Firebird, Revell 3rd gen Camaro (either one), Fujimi 288 GTO, Fujimi F40, any of the Fujimi Koenig kits, Entex/Nitto Mustang II (long shot probably), Revell Jeep CJ-7, Revell Chevy Pickup, Revell 3rd gen Firebird GTA, Fujimi Porsche 959, AMT Shelby Cobra 427.
  14. Interesting, so it appears that they used this trailer modified to hold a waverunner in the Silverado Waverider combo kit from the early 2000s. It makes sense now since back then it seemed like a strange trailer for a simple waverunner with how wide it was and with the twin axles.
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