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  1. News of Revell molding preparing in US

    Honestly, If any company decided to make one, my bet would be on Meng since they seem to be focusing on American trucks and SUVs. It would be cool to see a full detail kit of the current Escalade, complete with the 6.0 V8 and maybe two wheel options like the F-350 had.
  2. News of Revell molding preparing in US

    The Escalade ESV (suburban length) is actually a thing, and it appears they did the same as the recent version of the Impala SS and just chose an image to copy, without realizing they chose the wrong version of the Escalade.
  3. 1/25 Revell Cadillac Esclade

    Oh boy, unless they decided to suddenly make the Escalade ESV, then that is quite the box art blunder!
  4. Love the color too! I've gotta ask though, what's with the candy-cane striped driveshafts?
  5. I was going to say a George Barris-esque custom car would be the way to go!
  6. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Good luck with that one! It's not accurate as a Turbo, nor is it really accurate for the concept it is based on. Depending on how accurate you want it to be though, it is still fun to build!
  7. '79 Corvette L-82

    It's an okay representation, while simultaneously being a detailed kit. There were some liberties taken in order to allow it to be motorized (engine proportions off, IRS molded as one lumpy piece to accommodate a working axle) and not a lot of detail on the chassis. I'm using a small block from the Revell Camaro kit, along with with IRS from the Monogram Corvette to give it some more detail. I'm also converting it to an L-82 like you did.
  8. '79 Corvette L-82

    I like it! I'm building a 1/12 Doyusha kit the exact same way, except I'll be doing a black interior.
  9. Does that S10/S15 sheet have for both 1st gen and 2nd gen? Also, I'm excited to see the Ram sheet when you complete it!
  10. 2019 GMC Sierra ( UGLY Truck)

    Eh, In my opinion the Chevy is the uglier of the two. The GMC front end is at least coherent and there is no ugly body crease running down the side.
  11. Yeah, why again are there suddenly a bunch of threads on the same topic that cannot be combined with each other?
  12. Nope, there are SRW utility bodies.
  13. Before you go any further with the grille, you should flatten out the top of it (since you're trying to make the kit more accurate) since it's too rounded.
  14. News of Revell molding preparing in US

    Yeah they would be the same, so at least there is a source.
  15. News of Revell molding preparing in US

    Dang, I must have missed that. Too bad they couldn't have given it stock style wheels, but I guess the ones it comes with are better than the DUBs in one of the other releases.