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  1. Quick bump, kit is still available. I will restate that the kit is unstarted and complete, and I am willing to consider any trades that are in line with my first post.
  2. Yeah it’s their 1/16 kit. The monster truck version was the most recent, and I’m not sure if the molds were modified for it. I would like to see more of the 1/16 kits return, and I would really love to see Revell rerelease one of their 1/12 GM kits this year.
  3. Do we know if this is the new tool Mustang that was teased last year?
  4. I always thought it was strange that Monogram also gave their 1/12 Camaro the chambered exhaust as well, rather than the more common dual muffler exhaust. I'm sure it was the same or similar case, where either their reference car had it, or they decided to just use it and have their kit be a "fully optioned" Z/28.
  5. At least it appears the Bronco wheels are better than the ones in the F350 kit, they actually have visible lug nuts!
  6. I like that catalog picture of the interior showing no shift lever.
  7. I don't think I've seen that at all, I normally see the plain black and white American Satco boxes with their parts added in.
  8. I'm just glad that Fireball still offers his sets of custom 8-lug wheels and tires, since the ones on the customized F250 4x4 display model are pretty ugly.
  9. I would like to get more done on mine, but we moved back in June to a fixer upper house so I have had no time to build models, much less even set up my desk!
  10. I'm starting a new thread for this kit that I am looking to trade away. I have updated pictures, and have reattached the parts to the body that had broken off. Everything appears intact, and all of the parts are accounted for. No box, and as you can see the parts are all off the sprues. They will be properly packaged for shipping. I am looking to trade for: -No Racecars -Any 1/12 kit -Any 1/16 kit 50's and newer (with the exception of the Revell '34 Ford Coupe Street Rod) -1/24-1/25 cars newer than the mid-60s -1/24-1/25 trucks/vans/SUVS 60s and newer
  11. I'm not into race cars at all, and I don't care for most cars older than the 60's (I'll make exception for the 1/16 and 1/12 scale kits, though still nothing pre-war unless it's a hot rod-type). I do like to build mostly 70's and newer cars as well as 60's and newer trucks/SUVs/vans.
  12. What kits do you all have that you would be willing to trade? I could see if anything catches my eye.
  13. I have a full kit that I am looking to trade off if you were interested in keeping it after casting.
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