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  1. That's an excellent looking build! The green looks great, it's a pretty close match for the moss green pearl they offered towards the end of the YJ and during the start of the TJ.
  2. I haven't, though it would be incorrect for the Bronco, unless you were going for an axle swap build. The fact that he is going to be selling them again though means I would like to try it on the '79 F-350 kit!
  3. Honestly both are cool in their own ways and the originals should have been brought back in addition to the new ones. I do find it funny that back then they apparently didn't care enough to photograph the kit from the side with the tires facing the correct direction.
  4. It’s okay Stacey David, we know it’s really your car underneath! 😁
  5. I already planned to modify Tamiya's 66 Beetle into a Baja, since luckily I have one to use for reference!
  6. I saw another picture somewhere that had large Kentucky decals for the side panels (I'm guessing some sort of bourbon company). The smiley face appears to be painted, it may have just been added by the builder and won't be shown on the box art.
  7. I always wished that Tamiya had come out with a 1/24 version of their R/C Baja Bug.
  8. Yeah i see no date, plus we have a thread about this kit already.
  9. I can’t say for sure if it’s the exact same year and model, but it certainly looks to be the same as the Tamiya kit.
  10. It's one of those things where most people would prefer the top-of-the-line trim level, since it's sometimes easier to "downgrade" to a lesser trim vs trying to make a higher level trim.
  11. If you can find one for a reasonable price, Doyusha/Otaki made a 1/12 version of the '73 Trans Am. Edit: the only problem is you can't accurately make the Trans Am from IT unless you source a blue version of the decals. The other ones all look like they used the gold decals.
  12. Looks great, glad to see it done! Looks like it would be a show truck from the early 90s!
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