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  1. If it's paint code EG, then Duplicolor has it in their Perfect Match spray line, BFM0317. You can get it from most auto parts stores, either in store or they can order it in for you.
  2. No updates currently, been working on a couple other kits but hoping to get back on this sometime this month!
  3. Beautiful build! It looks much better with the slight lowering you did. Revell did well with the detail in the parts, however I agree that the detail and features are lacking for a large scale kit that cost as much as this did. I really wish they would have gone the extra bit and included working steering and opening doors/trunk, even if it added $20 to the price.
  4. Here's another site that I like to use with lots of brochures both new and old.
  5. So I've been seeing stuff about this brought on Facebook again recently, are they now getting rid of Model Master paints or is it just BS again? Edit: after reading around a bit, I find nothing concrete and figure it's probably just residuals from last fall.
  6. The one I found hasn't been updated since 2012, and I'm sure many have come and gone since then. Thanks Hugh!
  7. Hi everyone, I've been thinking about doing this for a while and finally decided to get it started. I see a lot of threads asking about hobby stores in certain areas and I thought it would be nice to have a list that shows all the hobby shops in one spot. I've started a Google spreadsheet where I will sort by country, then state/province, and provide the address, phone, and store hours (according to Google). I would like your help in filling it in! You can provide me with all the info if you'd like, or simply just a name, city, and state (or country, province) and I can find the rest. I would like to keep out craft places like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and the like, and focus on solely hobby stores (I will allow chains like Hobbytown USA though). Hobby Store Master List
  8. Can't believe it's been almost two years since this kit was released! I finally decided to pick up the F100 4x4 kit for myself and am looking to get the F250 conversion when Joseph starts taking orders for it again. May I say WOW to the instructions for this kit, they blow most of the ones I've seen out of the water!
  9. Minor update: Starting to add parts to the chassis, and I got the wheels and tires from Scenes Unlimited.
  10. It's cool seeing the cars in actual pictures, rather than just on the back cover of the book. He wrote the Dirk Pitt adventure series first, and then branched off into a few other series. They are great books, though like a James Bond movie, they do tend to follow the same general formula.
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