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  1. Not sure if the actual trucks were different, but it looks like in the 1998 brochure, the passenger airbags were standard for all trucks starting that year. Also, I forgot that 1997 was the first year they had them available.
  2. Steve, is there any chance of updating the interior in the future to the '98-'99 dash with the passenger airbag? Also, I know you may not be able to answer this, but is there any possibility of the '95/'96 Tahoe returning anytime soon?
  3. Box Art is weird, but I wonder if they are including the wheels/tires from the original AMT F-150 Styleside kit (rather than the ones from the Lindberg kit)? Lindberg originals: AMT originals (not these ones specifically, but the same style):
  4. It's possible they can't find all the original tooling, but they are probably combining the work they are doing for the C1500 short bed kit with this to make a "modified new tool" to give some more detail and additional parts.
  5. Right, I keep mixing up which kits were originally MPC and which were AMT!
  6. The one just reissued is the '78 Bronco from MPC, the same kit is the one that came with the Cougar and trailer, and was released by Model King. That one is the one you want for a 2nd gen Bronco build. The kit in this thread is of the third generation ('80-'86).
  7. Good point, I didn't notice that! The most recent AMT version was actually labeled an '81 (though with the '82+ grille), so I wonder if they will give it the original grille or just leave it the newer one. Looks like the MPC Dust Devil was labeled an '82 by some sellers.
  8. Glad to see this coming out again too, some aspects aren't as good as the 1/24 Ex-Monogram kit, but this one does have the superior TTB setup with separate beams and radius arms!
  9. I'm just glad to see a fresh source of the '95+ interior parts! The only downside is there is no current version of the Vortec engine parts right now (the ones in the S10 and Blazer are different to the fullsize trucks). Also, hopefully they do enough to warrant the $36 price tag!
  10. With the GMT800 trucks, they are all 6-lug (other than the 8-lug HD trucks), and the wheels featured in the kit were available on both 2WD and 4WD models.
  11. Glad to see they’re back! They’ve actually been around for a few years now, but the link vanished a while ago.
  12. Not sure what the big deal is if the box art is or isn’t 100% accurate to the real vehicle, in terms of painting/detailing.
  13. Looks like they don't have the '23 brochure yet, but here's the '22 for you! https://xr793.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/2022-Dodge-Charger.pdf
  14. What they need to do is just add the Mexican C1500 grille, since they used the GMC grille and put a bowtie in place of the GMC letters!
  15. They might not have been as popular since as the name states, their only engine option was the 351. I’m sure the Mach 1 numbers are much higher.
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