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  1. Just saw this post, it's too bad they dropped the custom and lowrider graphics from the previous release of this kit (although the Royal Knight striping is nice).
  2. I'm actually going off the most recent kits that they were selling (looks like 2014?). I know that from Meng's US vehicle kits, they do put in quite a bit of detail (and sometimes too many pieces for a simple assembly), and so this kit should be valued higher than a Revell 1/12 kit (for example). However, at 5+ times the cost of the Revell kit (original MSRP), we shall see what is all included.
  3. According to the brochures, it does appear that the V8 was an option, even on the Golden Eagle. However, at the Internet Movie Car Database site, there is a user that claims they were all V8 models used in the show. Also, in the spirit of the show, I would guess that Daisy would have had the V8 in her Jeep.
  4. Based on the MSRP for 1/8 scale Pocher kits (roughly $700), this is proportionally in that territory (figuring a 1/12 scale kit is roughly 2/3 the size of a 1/8 scale kit, 2/3 of $700 is around $466.) For that price, I would hope to see a lot of included detail parts and hardware to make it worthwhile.
  5. Some more details have been released by Meng. More pics are posted on their Facebook page.
  6. What, you're not interested in 10 different books about the greatest muscle cars of all time? 😄
  7. To me, looks more like just 2 different decal options.
  8. I think it all depends on the vehicle and build style. I do love me some 15" wheels and some meaty tires on a muscle car, or the same size wheels and some 44's on a truck. However, 16-18" wheels do look good on many vehicles including the aformentioned vehicles. I'm not a fan of wheels larger than 20", except on a select few vehicles. The one downside about how tall vehicles are getting today is that larger wheels are needed to help make the vehicle not look like it's on stilts. Even 17" wheels look small on some vehicles nowadays.
  9. All versions of this kit, with the exception of the 454SS, come with a manual transmission. The F-150 kit of this era however does only come with an automatic.
  10. The beadlock ring holds the tire to the rim with a series of bolts and keeps the tire from coming off the wheel when you lower your air pressure for off-roading.
  11. After comparing my instructions for both kits along with the sprues from a review of the Syclone kit, it does appear that unless they throw the stock parts into the kits they sell to the public, then you are probably right about it just being the Syclone kit with the S10 body parts. Sucks that none of the lowrider or custom parts will probably be found, nor any of the GMC parts.
  12. I wouldn't totally write off this kit just yet until we know what parts come in the kit. The stock S10 kit had some of the Syclone parts, so it's possible they kept the stock S10 parts.
  13. It had a few of the intake and differential parts, but not everything. From what the box says, it sounds like it has the entire Syclone engine and drivetrain setup, but with the S10 exterior parts. I'm curious if it has any additional body parts. The nice thing is now you can actually make a 4WD version of the S10 and the wheels will be correct for this.
  14. It sounds like both of the lead actors (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) will each get one of the cars as a gift from Warner Brothers.
  15. It will be amazing if this is true, I really want to see this era of GM trucks with the same detail level as their recent Ford kits.
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