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  1. Jordan White added a post in a topic 1969 Yenko Camaro WIP   

    Thanks! No pics yet, but I spent last night adapting the headers to fit on the big block.
  2. Jordan White added a topic in Big Boyz   

    1969 Yenko Camaro WIP
    I just received a 427 big block engine from off Ebay, and so I decided that it would be time to start this project. Using the recent 1/12 Foose Camaro kit, along with the new engine and some parts from a vintage 1/12 Camaro kit, I will be building a 427 Yenko Camaro. I'm not going to be building it to "factory exact", but rather it will be built more like a clone or tribute. I plan on painting it Rally Green with the white stripes, and will be creating some Torque Thrust D wheels in Solidworks to be 3d printed. I'll be using the Eagle GT tires from the older kit, and even though they say they are 14" tires, I will be making the wheels 15" since the tires will fit them. Finally, I will be opening the doors and the trunklid, but I won't be building the inner trunk since I will be simply using it as a space to hold a battery to light up the headlights and running lights.
    It'll look similar to this:

    427 engine parts:

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  3. Jordan White added a topic in Wanted!   

    Revel Yenko Camaro decal set
    I'm looking for the complete decal set from the Revell Yenko Camaro kit. Let me know what sort of item you would like in return!
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  4. Jordan White added a post in a topic Revell 1/8 ford 32 street rod   

    Don't sell yourself short, from the pictures, other than the few fitment issues you pointed out, it looks great! I do agree with your missus that the paint job looks awesome and should stay!
  5. Jordan White added a post in a topic 1/12 Scale GT500 Replica Build   

    Should be a fun build! I love builds that follow 1:1 vehicles. The paint is also a good choice, it's what I use all the time.
  6. Jordan White added a post in a topic Revell 4th quarter releases   

    I'm hoping they offer the fender flares in the kit!
  7. Jordan White added a post in a topic Build it, and they will come. The future of our hobby.   

    I find that a lot of things considered hobbies, would not interest many kids nowadays. Stamp collecting? Lame! Baseball cards? Boring! Model trains? Who has the space for that? Model cars? Too much time spent just to put it on the shelf and forget it.
    Does that make me sound old? Well I'm 28 and have been building models in some form since 1st grade. However out of everyone I knew in school, only one person built models, and not that many. However, I think it's a case of having more options for things to do in your spare time (or less spare time to use).
    Another issue is many hobbies feel like old person things to younger people. Go to a model show and its groups of older guys with the occasional younger folks. Go to a car show and see all the old farts sitting next to their stock '57 Bel Air, wearing a Hawaiian style shirt with Corvettes on it.
    Finally, where's all the kits of newer vehicles that aren't super cars or the Camaro/Vette/Mustang? I know nothing gets me more excited than going to Micheals and seeing nothing but Corvettes and vintage reissues. /sarcasm
  8. Jordan White added a post in a topic Chevy/gmc resin 4x4 conversions???   

    They may not be totally correct, but they are the same general design.
  9. Jordan White added a post in a topic Revell 1984 Olds 442   

    The one thing that I don't quite get about this is how Revell loves to use the same tire for multiple kits, thus it seems like they could spread the cost out over those several kits (which I'm sure is what they did in the past). Granted, the other thing they could do is go to some of the smaller companies that aren't owned by any of the big ones. 
  10. Jordan White added a post in a topic Revell 1984 Olds 442   

    In theory, it's similar to the Lenco transmission setup that had a stick for each gear. It's also a variation on the ratchet-shifter where you are "manually" shifting through the gears, but don't need a clutch. The main stick can also just be used like a normal automatic shifter. It really was just a gimmick, but it certainly was interesting.
  11. Jordan White added a post in a topic Revell 1984 Olds 442   

    Actually, GM sold a version of the Monte Carlo SS in Mexico that came with a 4-speed manual for 1984 only.
  12. Jordan White added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. International Transtar 4300   

    April went by quickly! Still in, and hoping to get back to work on this in the coming weeks.
  13. Jordan White added a post in a topic Wish Lists   

    I've said it before, but they should really scale up their new release of the '70 Cuda and sell it as a 1/12 kit, preferably as a 2n1 or 3n1 configuration. There has never been a 1/12 MOPAR kit, the smaller scale MOPAR kits are popular, as have been the 1/12 Chevy kits that Revell/Monogram has sold. The models should already be there, they would just need to be scaled up and modified a bit with a bit more detail.
  14. Jordan White added a post in a topic Off-road tyres   

    About how big of tires are you looking for?
  15. Jordan White added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. International Transtar 4300   

    No updates again, but I'm still in. It's in the backburner currently while I'm working on a large scale build.