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  1. Looks nice so far! The color is very 90's!
  2. Meng 1/24 h1 hummer

    Love it! Paint job looks amazing! I've seen issues with the roof not fitting correctly on a couple other builds as well, is it an issue with the windshield frame or with the roof itself?
  3. Radwood 2018 - Officially open!

    I'm probably going to just extend the date seeing as there hasn't been much done yet, especially for myself!
  4. Unfortunately they are fake made up markings, for their Jeep kit they removed the sidewall markings.
  5. What color are you thinking of going with?
  6. Round2 for 2018

    Nice! They heard my cries for the return of the 90's AMT/ERTL kits!
  7. How Old Are You

    29, almost 30, been building since second grade!
  8. Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018

    Didn’t realize factory cars weren’t their foray. Oh well, would be nice if Aoshima or Tamiya made one then!
  9. Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018

    I would totally buy one if they did a factory widebody Starion with those fantastic 5-spoke wheels!
  10. Future of the hobby

    It seems like a circular problem when you think about it. The companies want to sell kits to make a profit, and they basically have two main groups to market to. One side is the older crowd who love the kits they grew up with, and subjects that they grew up with, who don't care about few, if any, of today's vehicles. The other side is the younger crowd who also love the subjects they grew up with, but they are from a much more recent era and are the same ones that the older crowd generally doesn't care for. In catering to the older crowd, the companies can focus on reissues and get more of a profit from using paid-for tools, whereas with the younger crowd (which they need to continues into the future), they would, in most cases, need to create new tools of more modern subjects, which costs them money and lessens their profit.
  11. Desirable Reissues

    I've said it before, but I would love for Round 2 to reissue a bunch of the AMT/Ertl era kits of 90's cars and trucks, especially the Chevy C1500 and Ford F150 3n1 kits.
  12. Aftermarket wheels for my daily driver

    Best thing to do is measure from the hub face to the edge of the wheel well. That will tell you how much room you have to work with for wheel width, and with that the backspacing. It is true that it is generally tough to have deep dish wheels on FWD cars without adding flares. Btw, what kind of car is it?
  13. Jeep Rubicon 10th AV

    Meng makes this kit, this is their third 1/24 scale auto kit. No relation to the Revell kit, they are in fact different generations.

    I keep forgetting that the gasoline I6 was an option, I never really see much mention of it.
  15. 1/12 Super Street '69 Camaro

    The one thing I will say is Shapeways is just a third party 3D printer, all the models are uploaded by individuals in their shops, so any issues related to scale or accuracy are due to the sellers.