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  1. Looking at the timelines on Scalemates, one would think that they still have the S10 inserts since every version of the S10 was released after the initial Syclone kit was sold. When did they start using the Revell-Monogram logo on the boxes though? I'm confused why the Syclone is a Revell box and the S10 is a Monogram box (until the 3n1, where it became Revell), and they both came out after the two companies merged. I really think they should combine the two kits and sell it with both Chevy and GMC parts. That way you could make a stock S10, stock Sonoma (both 2WD or 4WD), stock Syclone, stock Sonoma GT, and any combination of those. Plus with the optional custom parts, the sky's the limit! Realistically though, that wouldn't happen since they could get more money selling them separately.
  2. Happen to have any pictures of it?
  3. Probably would make more sense if you had to get a second kit. Granted, if you don't care about accuracy too much, you could just use the Lindberg kit and modify the front suspension to be a 2WD setup. You would have to remove the torsion bars, obviously not install the front axle, and add some coil springs.
  4. Actually the AMT kit does have a long bed. You would have to find a Lightning kit to get the same wheelbase as the Lindberg kit.
  5. According to the brochure for the '79 Golden Eagle, it would have had full brown carpeting. https://www.xr793.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/1979-Jeep.pdf
  6. Thanks so far! I do like how it turned out for being just a quick build. The wheels I’ve had for a while and was trying to find the right kit to put them on, and I agree they do work very well.
  7. This is the AMT snap kit 1994 Mustang GT coupe. It was painted Duplicolor GM Bahamas Blue Metallic, with a white and black interior, and Fujimi 18" Zeit wheels. It was a quick rebuild, just back to basics. I built this kit back in the late 90s brand new, and decided it would be fun to do it over again. Oh, and it has mirrors from the AMT 1994 Trans Am kit because I lost the kit mirrors probably 20 years ago while playing with it. 😆
  8. You would think if it were true, and this close to the supposed end date, that there would be announcements on their web page and Facebook page, but I don't see anything of the sort. Edit: Granted it does talk mainly about overseas and international, so who knows.
  9. I'm surprised no one bothered to fix that rear tire when they took the pictures.
  10. Fireball Modelworks and Scenes Unlimited both sell larger diameter off-road tires, though not exactly 38".
  11. It's Revell, I would be surprised to see them make a "modern" Land Rover kit when they haven't even yet made a glue 6th gen Mustang or non-snap current F150. Those Land Rover subjects would be more likely under Fujimi or Aoshima, maybe Tamiya though they seem to have cut back on the new subjects.
  12. Kit shown in the warehouse video. Looks like the snowboard is surprisingly included, it also comes with the correct 2WD wheels, and the incorrect 4WD wheels.
  13. The domestic model companies (mainly Revell at this point) don’t need to make models of uninteresting modern subjects, they just need to make more kits of modern subjects in general. There are dozens of different subjects that are interesting that they could do and still sell a bunch of kits. Modern pickups are big right now, and there’s no glue kit of any new Mustang. There are several sporty hatches, the recently stopped Chevy SS, the Challenger in numerous trims, just to name a few. Plus if the engines and drivetrains are nicely detailed, then they are great swap material for older subjects.
  14. Figure out the diameter of the kit wheel and go check out Fireball Modelworks, he has them in a few different sizes and I would think one would fit the kit wheels.
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