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  1. New CBP idea: Radwood 2018...Any Takers?

    Oh, and I will say that if you would like to build more than one kit, go right on ahead! I have so many to choose from, I may go for a pair.
  2. Revell DE 1st quarter releases

    Ah okay, that makes sense then.
  3. New CBP idea: Radwood 2018...Any Takers?

    Expanding on my love for the era, probably around 80% of my kits waiting to be built in the 1/24 and 1/25 scales are from this time period. I admire older vehicles, and like the late 60's muscle cars like the next guy, but there's just something about styling from the time that I love. The straight, yet slightly rounded styling, the crazy wheels that aren't massively tall, the boxy fenders, the wild graphics, the "Euro" styling trend of body-color bumpers, and the bright neon colors all come together in one mishmash of awesomeness!
  4. 1/12 Italeri '68 Fiat 500F

    I'm sure that will be super pricey, but dang that looks nice! I love the detail they put in along with all the features (opening doors, steering, suspension, etc.)! It's too bad Tamiya wasn't this detailed when they released their Mini Cooper.
  5. New CBP idea: Radwood 2018...Any Takers?

    Good to hear so far!
  6. Round 2 December 2017 Product Spotlight

    Yeah I like a lot of the subjects they did and would love them in a larger scale, but the Lindberg kits just look a bit toylike from what I've seen on Google.
  7. I frequent the blog site Jalopnik quite often and have seen posts on a new car show they host called Radwood. The basic idea is a car show that showcases automobiles from the 80's and 90's as well as the clothing and memorable items from that era. Perhaps it's because I grew up in the 90's that I love the idea of this show so much and would love to have a CBP version of it. The basics: -Vehicle must be from the 80's/90's. Exceptions are vehicles built before/past this time period but are the same vehicle (e.g. 2001 Mustang and 1999 Mustang, or 1979 Mustang and 1980 Mustang) or vehicles built in the style of the time period (e.g. Cal-look VW, Boyd-style Hot Rod) -Any type of vehicle is welcome. -No limit to amount of customization, just limit to styling (if custom) that depicts the era. Build time would be 6-months, from January 1st, 2018 through June 30th, 2018. I would like to keep this one shorter so it hopefully doesn't lose momentum. Please post if you're interested!
  8. Round 2 December 2017 Product Spotlight

    There's at least 3 versions of the 1st gen that I can find with a Google search: 3n1 kit, Baja Racer, and Syclone.
  9. CANNONBALL 2017

    Since I for some reason can't reply in the poll thread, it's saying "this field is required" for the section that I didn't cast a vote in, though I noticed that there are other votes being counted.
  10. Terrible Box Art

  11. Terrible Box Art

    That thing looks like it would be made of wood and sold at a flea market next to the yard art.
  12. Terrible Box Art

    Hmm, red car with silver parts in the blue packaging, and silver car with red parts in the red packaging.
  13. Terrible Box Art

    With this one, it's like they pulled someone off the street that had used Photoshop a couple of times. "You know what's missing? A dog!"
  14. Revell DE 1st quarter releases

    I see they’re reissuing the 1/16 Vw Beetle, seems a bit soon for that! I also see that they’re bringing back out the 1997 F150 kit, hopefully it’s the regular cab version this time!
  15. new for 2018

    Yup, Geo's were simply just rebadged vehicles from other companies. Prizm was a Toyota Corolla, Tracker was a Suzuki Sidekick, Storm was an Isuzu Impulse, and Metro was a Suzuki Swift.