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  1. Radwood 2018 - Officially open!

    Looking good! I completely fail since I still haven’t started my build! Hopefully soon once my desk is all sorted out.

    There's a pic posted on the first page of this thread that shows that it does have the correct SSII grille.
  3. New.....hmm

    If he hasn't already, he should send it to Jalopnik and see if they'll run an article on it.
  4. Ferrari F40- Fujimi 1/16

    You didn't happen to get your vision from Gas Monkey Garage did you?
  5. Toy fair 2018 news and pictures.

    Looks like the 356 Cabrio has only about 50 parts extra over the Coupe, so I wonder how different they are?
  6. 1/12 Italeri '68 Fiat 500F

    It appears that Italeri is quick on the alternate-version bandwagon and has announced an Abarth version of their new 1/12 Fiat 500 kit. http://italeri.com/imgup/Preview 2018(1).pdf Check page 14.
  7. Tires...Tires...and more Tires!

    Bfg Radial T/A would be a perfect street tire for the muscle car kits.
  8. new for 2018

    To be fair, I do think it looks pretty awesome with the white letter tires and pedestrian wheel covers and brown paint.
  9. Radwood 2018 - Officially open!

    Nice! That will be a very 80's/90's look indeed!
  10. Radwood 2018 - Officially open!

    I like what I'm seeing so far! Do you have a color in mind for it yet?
  11. 2019 Ram

    From what I've read in another article, there will be a monochromatic package similar to the old Sport trim that will be available on a few of the trim levels, rather than being it's own trim level.
  12. 2019 Silverado

  13. AMC Hornet AMX

    It appears the Hornet and Plymouth Duster share the same wheelbase, and might have similar suspension setups, so I think the chassis from the AMT 1971 Duster would work well.
  14. 1/24 Revell '78 GMC 4x4 Pickup

    Oh and Casey, fix the thread title, it's 1/24 scale!
  15. 1/24 Revell '78 GMC 4x4 Pickup

    Was there a gun rack in the high roller version? If not, that’s new.