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  1. F. I'm sick of trying to build on a 1" x 5" area at the edge of my desk because I have parts and tools taking up the rest of the area 😄
  2. Minor update, got the frame painted GM Maui Blue Metallic, and the engine is mostly assembled and painted Cummins tan. I'm building it to resemble the NTC 400 that was offered in the LTL9000.
  3. Scenes Unlimited has a set which are similar, you would just need to add the front hubs. https://scenesunltd.com/collections/wheels/products/s42-mopar-steel-wheels-w-missing-link-dodge-caps A few tire options: https://scenesunltd.com/collections/tires/products/t56-town-country https://scenesunltd.com/collections/tires/products/t17-firestone-radial-atx https://scenesunltd.com/collections/tires/products/t50-1-25-15-tanamaxx-mud-snow-tires
  4. Is it a law of modeling that your desk looks like a war zone only mere hours after you've tidied it up?
  5. There's also a difference between wanting new kit subjects, and wanting the new subjects that are being released. I want to see new issues, and am glad to see something unique, but this Santa Fe is not one of the subjects that I would like to build. That's not to say that I dislike them for releasing it, but rather I just won't purchase it. DukeE can stick with his reissues, and I can equally gripe that most of the reissues don't interest me at all lately.
  6. Is this the kit you are talking about? If so, I have a full, partially started, kit that I'm looking to get rid of.
  7. Alright, got a bit of a start today. Got it torn down, and started with the chassis. I had issues getting the chassis apart to clean up, so I grabbed a torn down chassis from another Italeri kit (the benefit of them using the same chassis for multiple kits). I did add the rearmost brace from the wrecker kit however. Luckily I also found the instructions for both the wrecker kit and the donor kit I'm using. IMG_1361
  8. Yup! I’ve got it mostly torn apart so far.
  9. My entry for the 2020 BRBO is a rebuild of the Italeri Ford LTL9000 Wrecker. I built this probably 15 years ago or so, and am wanting to rebuild it. I'm planning to modify the wrecker body a bit, give it a cool color scheme, and give it some wheels and tires from Scenes Unlimited to replace the clunky kit wheels and tires. Here's how it is starting out:
  10. I’m in with a rebuild! I’ll be rebuilding the Italeri Ford Wrecker.
  11. I do like the detail opportunity with the 1/12 and 1/8 scale kits, however I think the 1/16 scale is the perfect blend between ease of detailing and ease of shelf space. That’s not to say that I don’t have my share of 1/12 kits!
  12. I find nothing wrong with “worst of” threads as long as members aren’t bashing each other or each other’s opinions. I also find nothing wrong with criticizing the accuracy of kits, since it gives those who want accurate kits the means to make it look better. Plus, with the rise of computers and the internet, the model companies should be held to higher standard when it comes to new kits since they should have no excuse for errors.
  13. Aoshima kits are IMO second to Tamiya in terms of quality, and are generally consistent in detail and ease of assembly. Fujimi tends to be hit or miss when it comes to detail. Their Suzuki Jimmy kit builds up really nice and is on par with Aoshima, while their Land Cruiser 80 kit seemed to scale out around 1/21 or 1/22 scale and was meant to be motorized, which meant poor chassis and shallow interior.
  14. There are several modern subjects I can think of off the top of my head that the manufacturers could have success releasing, but it’s easier for them to just rerelease older kits it seems.
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