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  1. Thanks! Luckily the fit looks great where you can mostly see it, but it was a blast since they didn't believe much in locating tabs. The tires are not the kit tires, though yes they do look similar. I think the kit ones are Firestones, not positive. The BFGs I used seemed to look a bit better molded and were slightly taller as well, however I had to narrow up the wheels a bit so they would fit properly.
  2. I did note that when I bought three cans this weekend. 😣
  3. Yup, it was their automotive touch-up spray paint. One light coat and two normal coats, along with 3 coats of wheel clear coat and it turned out perfectly. It's the Subaru BRAT in the trucks under glass section if you want to see the result.
  4. On my last build I used the Duplicolor paint right on the plastic without issues.
  5. Thanks! This picture was my inspiration for the orange accents.
  6. Thanks so far everyone! While it was a struggle to assemble, it was a fun kit to build!
  7. I'm hoping the line about the multiple stock and custom decal options means they did include all the stock stripe colors.
  8. I've decided to call this a car since it is based on the Leone station wagon, plus it has seats in the bed! 😆 Anywho, this is the original release of the AMT Subaru BRAT. Not sure if the recent rerelease is as bad as the original in the fitment department, but it was a struggle putting this together! It is painted GM Pewter metallic with 3 coats of clear, and the wheels and bumpers/rollbar were painted a contrasting bright orange. The only things not box stock are the plug wires, mudflaps, and the tires. They look much better than the kit tires, and are slightly larger. The decals were starting to tear a bit, so I just cut them out with the backing and glued them to the body instead, and I think they turned out alright. Now to the pictures!
  9. At least this one shows the correct wheels on it, unlike the previous release with the 4x4 real photo on the box. I'm guessing just a straight reissue with the optional custom parts and S10 LS/SS wheels, maybe with some new decals. I do like the box art, though it feels more 80's rather than 90's.
  10. Agreed, especially in '87 when they expanded their stripe color selection. Oddly enough that year, they added a light brown metallic which seems to be pretty unpopular. It seems strange since they offered bright red on most of their other vehicles at the time. They do, yet are slightly different to the ones on the Camaro. Why they decided to bring the style back for the Monte Carlo, I have no clue.
  11. If you are looking for tires that are more accurate to the car and time period, Fireball has a great set of 1/24 Scale Goodyear Eagle GT tires (FMR-020) that supposedly fit the kit wheels.
  12. Too bad they didn't make it an '87 so they could have the different color stripes on the decal sheet like they did for the Aerocoupe. Edit: Wonder what the 2nd version is in this kit. In the past, they have had a donk version and a lowrider-esque version with 20" Dayton-style wheels.
  13. If you look at the closer view of the hood, you see there are two spots in the middle that look like "optional holes" where the builder can open them up through for something optional. I wonder if they are for if you want to mount the spare to the hood. I can't see the back door however to see whether it has the option too or not.
  14. I really only use primer on the body and on parts where I've used filler. Everything else I just straight paint, and with some exceptions, most parts turn out just fine.
  15. Since this thread is pinned, I'll post my link here as well for my spreadsheet on the Duplicolor Perfect Match spray paint line that gives paint codes, Duplicolor codes, and visual representations of all the colors they offer as a spray can. Duplicolor Perfect Match Spreadsheet
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