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  1. Hard to say, I have not come across any. I’m not sure if anyone has taken on making detail parts for these old Otaki/Doyusha kits. I’ve just been scratchbuilding and adapting other 1/12 scale parts to mine.
  2. You know, I would not be opposed to an actual C1500 Coca Cola kit if it actually meant this kit came out again! ( And no the monster truck kit doesn’t count) Your build looks nice and clean!
  3. Don’t forget that paper copies aren’t impervious to ceasing to exist either. Fire, flood, storms, untrained dog, vengeful ex-wife, etc. Like with anything, you have to enjoy them while you can and remember that nothing really will be around forever.
  4. Nah the wheels do look like the ones on the Boyd version, and I'm guessing both sets are 17" since that was really the biggest size you would find in the early 90's.
  5. I believe the kit is also 1/24 scale vs the 1/25 scale of the AMT/MPC kit, so parts swapping won't quite work out.
  6. Just an FYI, his site is down for the foreseeable future, it appears he is making a new site but it doesn't say when it should be back up again. Of course I find this out when I want to order some parts! 😄
  7. It's too bad AutomotiveTouchup doesn't get into the smaller cans since that would open up factory colors immensely while not forcing you to use up a large can if you don't want to. I'm sure it's not financially feasible for them which is why they don't.
  8. I'm looking at my ebay purchase history now on my PC and can see who each item was sold by, and unless you ordered more than one kit from different vendors, you should be able to see the vendor.
  9. You should be able to find it in your order history on the site or in the app.
  10. There are definitely quite a few cases of obvious substitutions for crashing vehicles and stunts in the older tv shows. I know at least a few times in the A-Team they used Ford and GM vans with just a paint job and red wheels in quick cuts for jumps and such. A more modern example would be in the movie C.H.I.P.S. where a Chevy Malibu was used as a stand in for a Chevy SS when the vehicle gets torched.
  11. So, anyone who doesn't want the kit wheels is certainly free to send them my way! 😄
  12. The TV car is an automatic, and so they may have decided to just keep the manual transmission and add the automatic shifter rather than molding a new transmission. They probably could have left in the manual shifter as well. And yes, the 4-speed manual was available on all full size cars with the V8, including the 4-doors.
  13. Yup, not every kit will have multiple build options or the parts that you may want, hence the ever growing aftermarket. The problem seems to go both ways, the factory stock guys will complain about one aspect, and the show-car replica guys will complain about another. Dale can complain that the seat isn't correct for a non-TV car, another can complain that the transmission is a manual and the show car is an automatic. I'm complaining that they decided to go with the older bias-ply style tires rather than the correct modern radial tires on the TV car (Revell did the same with the 80's Cutlass kits.) The model companies can't win, and have to do the best they can to appeal to the largest amount of buyers.
  14. What do you mean by this? Do you mean people who are on thin ice threatening to go back and edit their past posts to be inflammatory?
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