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  1. Revell 2019

    Yeah I'm not sure why they had it on either version. This is the only picture I have ever seen of a factory truck with a tailgate mounted spare, though it appears to have a swingaway carrier.
  2. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    I am also very interested in the bike, not I kit I would ever expect to see (well, from an American company at least!) I agree that it seems like it would such little work to add the decals for the other Krate versions.
  3. Dream Time: What cars would you like to see modeled?

    Nope, you’re thinking of the Ram VTS concept that they released. That came with a version of the Viper V10. The Hemi wasn’t introduced in the Rams until the following generation, which was never yet kitted.
  4. Wow! That's roughly 3 times the price that we would pay in the US! As for making a 4-door, how are your scratchbuilding skills? You could probably make one kit a 4-door with a bit of scratchbuilding and body/chassis lengthening, and have the second kit available to still build as something else.
  5. I did a few months ago. Went together pretty well, though the body can be finicky to put together. Like you, I also have two, with the second I plan on building it as more of a customized off-roader. Seeing that this thread was started December 2017, I wonder when Meng will show off their next kit in the series and what it will be?
  6. 1/12 scale bbc questions

    Alright, here are the pictures. You can see the lines from the layers, but they can be cleaned up and filled. The detail is very nice and they have a nice solid feel to them.
  7. Reissue Wishlist

    Oh, another few on my list are the three Jeeps by Tamiya (Grand Cherokee, Wrangler soft top, Wrangler hardtop). The Wranglers are getting hard to find, and they aren't cheap. They are nice kits and would be great to see again.
  8. 1/12 scale bbc questions

    I have a 1/16 BBC with 4bbl intake by TDR Innovations that was printed in the detail plastic. If you'd like, I could get a picture tonight and post it here so you can get an idea of the unpainted parts. I can also show you the 1/12 scale 4bbl intake I got for the Camaro engine so you can see how the finish looks in 1/12 scale.
  9. large scale tires

    Check ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/4-1-16-Scale-Slot-Mags-With-Firestone-Tires/264212765464?hash=item3d844edb18:g:DTIAAOSwizpcaYiw:rk:1:pf:0 https://www.ebay.com/itm/AMT-1-16-Scale-Mags-Tires-Parts-Lot-Model-Car-Swap-Meet/323711052149?hash=item4b5eaea975:g:zvYAAOSw2jFcdKWc:sc:USPSFirstClass!55303!US!-1:rk:3:pf:0
  10. 1/12 scale bbc questions

    Do you know what material the parts were printed in that you were looking at? There is a smoothest detail plastic that has a really good finish. Cleanup is non-existent, though you will want to wash the parts with soapy water when you first get them. The downside of the 3D printed parts will be the cost however.
  11. Reissue Wishlist

    I know it doesn't work this way, but it would be awesome if in the reissue, they added the grille and interior from the 1995 promo kit. I think if they did that, they could get many more sales for people who want to build a 1994 or 1995 model (could go up to '97, but you would have to add/make the Vortec intake). Oh, and dump those crappy Goodyear tires that look to be out of the 70's.
  12. Reissue Wishlist

    I've touched on it before, but Round 2 really needs to reissue one of the C1500 pickup kits. I would say with the recent release of the Lightning kit, that the 454SS would be a good contender, but I also think the long bed version is overdue (though not sure if the USA-1 version would affect a stock reissue).
  13. Edit Feature - Now Time Limited?

    Another reason for no time limit is if your image links get broken down the road and you want to update them, especially in the aforementioned long build threads.
  14. BRAT comes out ahead - so in we go!

    They actually are!
  15. 2019 Suzuki Jimny, Fujimi Models

    Yes! I was just thinking there needs to be a kit of this while reading a recent article on the new Jimny on Jalopnik.