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  1. I'm liking the basic work truck look, a very clean build! It's unfortunate that Joseph stopped making the F250 conversion to order, however it does appear that Moebius will be coming out with an actual 4x4 F-250 kit in the near future!
  2. Sweet! Love the look and the paint is amazing! You are right that his decals do lay down very nicely. Got any interior or undercarriage pics?
  3. Considering they still have the ones for the ‘79 and ‘82 Firebirds, I’m hoping that they have all the Corvette ones as well.
  4. I'm just glad that there were pictures of the contents, rather than just having box pics and finding out upon opening it that the body is missing.
  5. Gotta love people who don't know what they are selling. I am looking at this kit for parts since there is no body shown (despite them listing that it looks complete), I explained this and made an offer for $20. Got countered twice for $35 and then $30, with them saying that "it needs to be painted" the first time. I just declined their second counter since I don't need it that badly.
  6. That’s a nice clean build, and the green definitely suits it!
  7. Does it count as collecting if you buy more kits in a year than you build? 😆
  8. Very clean build! Paint job looks great and you seem to have conquered the issues you came across!
  9. Looks good! It will be interesting to see it put together!
  10. The F41 Gran Touring Suspension, which came on the GN and GNX, would have had a rear sway bar. As for a track/panhard bar, those would not have been needed on the Grand National or T-Type since the suspension was a non-parallel 4-link setup. It looks like the GN kit does come with the sway bar. However, the GNX does come with a dual panhard bar setup (to stiffen the frame as well as further locate the axle due to the power and larger tires), as well as a ladder bar setup to keep the axle from rotating under hard acceleration.
  11. As far as the kits themselves, the GN kit did come out first (from what I can tell). However I'm guessing they had enough info about the GNX at the time (if not already working on the GNX kit) to take into account the extra parts needed and they molded the parts accordingly. As far as your build, it is looking good so far! The Regal Turbo-T was essentially the Grand National suspension and engine wrapped in the regular Regal body and trim, so you're on the right track. You could also get the Exterior Sport Package which removed the rocker trim, and gave you blackout trim everywhere (still keeping the chrome bumpers). And as a fun fact, in 1987 they opened up the options to allow one to add all these options to the Limited trim level, which allowed you to have the turbo engine and handling suspension while still having the "grandma's couch" velour seats and column shifter.
  12. The AMT 1973 Cougar Street Machine comes with an optional 429 engine, and it is also 1/25 scale.
  13. Unfortunately I cannot find an image of the kit decals, but basically here's a pic of the 1:1 vehicle with the decals I am looking for.
  14. I missed the fact this is a military vehicle in the previous post and thought that someone is releasing a Dodge Hellcat of some sort!
  15. To be technical, according to GM themselves, they were all K5 Blazers, but also used the C10/K10 designation for the 2WD/4WD.
  16. Yeah it looks like 1970 was the first year that 2WD was offered from what I am seeing.
  17. Anyone have a set of the Ranger Splash decals that they aren't using?
  18. Gotcha, I’ve found Rustoleum can be hit or miss on models. I have been mostly using Duplicolor Perfect match paints since I like how they coat, as well as Tamiya for some colors. The paint from Automotive Touchup is my ultimate favorite to work with, but it is pricier and takes several days to arrive. Don’t give up though, it’s coming along well otherwise!
  19. I may have missed it, but what paint are you using for the body?
  20. Not a fan of the off road wheels they designed, but I am interested in the 3D model of the "off-road" Moebius F-Series kit, it looks like they did design an actual 4x4 F250 (looks to also be shown in the physical mockup with the plow mount on the front). With Joseph at Fireball essentially stopping production of his F250 conversion kit, this will be nice for those who couldn't get it but still want the F250 build. However, I will say his conversion will most likely be the more accurate and detailed of the two.
  21. I believe they modified the long bed kit for the monster truck since the long bed version was only available in '88-'89, which is around the time the monster truck kit was introduced. However, I'm not sure what they would have done to the short bed or stepside variants to cause them to be unusable in their current state, since the stepside kit was released up into the late 90s.
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