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  1. Not sure what the big deal is if the box art is or isn’t 100% accurate to the real vehicle, in terms of painting/detailing.
  2. Looks like they don't have the '23 brochure yet, but here's the '22 for you! https://xr793.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/2022-Dodge-Charger.pdf
  3. What they need to do is just add the Mexican C1500 grille, since they used the GMC grille and put a bowtie in place of the GMC letters!
  4. They might not have been as popular since as the name states, their only engine option was the 351. I’m sure the Mach 1 numbers are much higher.
  5. There was a brief glimpse of a partially painted/assembled kit. I'm glad to see that they went with poseable steering for this kit, I feel it's a minor item that helps improve a kit, especially with this being a new tool!
  6. Oh geeze, I didn’t realize they raised their prices that much too!
  7. I do know Duplicolor doesn’t make that exact color in spray form. However with the way their prices are increasing, you would be better with ordering from a site like automotivetouchup.com since they would have the exact color, and you get a large can for only 20 bucks (compared to like 14 for an 8oz Duplicolor)
  8. I was thinking more of the big box stores (like Hobby Lobby) who prefer to stand their kits up on the box side, and if they were the flatter Euro style boxes, then they would need to increase the height between shelves, thus having less shelf space. That's not to say I agree with them, I would prefer the larger/flatter boxes since it means the parts get packaged better.
  9. My thoughts exactly. The only thing I can think of is the stores complaining about the larger box size, I can see no other reason why they are spending more to have different boxings for different regions.
  10. "Weird, we sold more copies to the European market than the American market!" 😄
  11. Interesting build idea! If you didn’t already know, the Grand Wagoneer axles are narrower than the J10 axles. If you wanted to be accurate in that regard, it looks like you could take about an eighth inch off each wheel back stud (difference between front and rear would be negligible at this scale).
  12. I started looking into it because I was looking at the 1980 brochure since they have a nice “cutaway” drawing showing the drivetrain, and I noticed the exhaust wasn’t running next to the transfer case like the kit does.
  13. The Revell kit is actually only a 1979. Reason being in 1980 they switched the front differential from the passenger side to the drivers side, and the kit has it on the passenger side.
  14. I’ve always thought that the method of sticking the interior tub and chassis plate into the body before sticking in the box is the best way to pack it.
  15. Curious to see how Moebius’ suspension and drivetrain measure up to Fireballs’s excellent conversion!
  16. There may be a licensing reason for still calling the Charger a '21 vs a newer year. The Bronco though is representing the First Edition, which was only sold in 2021 (it had a combination of options and parts from the various regular trim levels). They may be able to have them be newer years for their next releases.
  17. Looks like it based on their test shots.
  18. Technically up to 2000 for a couple models, but correct.
  19. It appears to be the ex Monogram kit based on the wheels/tires, the brush guard, and the wheel flares. However I would also like to see the wheels return from the Yamaha Formula One release of the original Revell kit, as well as the AMT version of the Bronco, since as established the Monogram version has the incorrect engine compartment.
  20. Round2 just posted this on Facebook “BUSTIN’ OUT THE BRONCO AMT 2021 FORD BRONCO 3D PRINTED TOOLING MOCKUP (1:25 SCALE) Coming Spring 2023 will be our all-new 2021 Ford Bronco! This new tooling will allow us to create many types of versions of the new Bronco, with this mockup being a mashup of several optional parts. The initial release will be the Ford Bronco First Edition 2Door 4x4. These detailed Curbside kits were developed in cooperation with Ford and feature a highly-detailed body, interior and chassis, removable hardtop roof and more! This first release will include Sasquatch Package style tires and wheels and a First Edition Graphics decal sheet. Expect to see more versions announced soon! Due Spring 2023. 3D Mockup samples subject to improvements in production. #AMT1343M”
  21. Yeah I’m pretty sure it came out last, it was also rereleased a few times in the late 90s.
  22. Oh yeah I remember seeing that comparison. I was just going off Scalemates that shows the last issue of the long bed as 1989 as well as the monster truck debuting that same year.
  23. If this ends up being true, that would be a shame IMO. Despite the cost/return ratio increasing nowadays, I feel this would be a wasted opportunity to bring a new, better quality, full detail OBS kit to market.
  24. Do you know this for certain about the chassis? The long box kit was last released in 1989, which was the same year the USA-1 kit was introduced, so I feel that the long bed chassis plate was permanently altered for the monster truck version.
  25. Oh yeah, you are correct, I guess I didn't notice that the Ramcharger had a 5-lug version! I wonder why they didn't use those ones in the Bronco kit then?
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