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  1. I have a set of those in the 15 inch deep dish style like in the pic here if you're interested.
  2. I wonder if it had anything to do with the drag version of the Jimmy considering the weird riveting look they have going around the edges.
  3. I have a set of these from the Lindberg F150 kit, but what are the real wheels called?
  4. Thanks! Right now I'm using a dremel for the heavy material removal, but it is a bit hard to control at times!
  5. Nice looking build! Do you have a name or link for that file you were using in the pic of your first post?
  6. Such is life now with the large size of the box and with fuel prices increasing. I'm glad I got most of my larger scale kits back when shipping wasn't so crazy!
  7. Haha sorry, I should have specified more. I do know that this was originally released back when the car was new, though I forgot that the 1/16 '79/'80 kits were MPC and not Monogram. I guess I'm more wondering why create a 1/8 kit at all in the first place since the large size is very display unfriendly for most people. I will say though that I am only 33, and so I didn't grow up with the much larger market of new release kits like back in the day, and so I suppose the popularity of kits in general meant that they were more inclined to explore larger sizes without having to worry about cost as much.
  8. I'm curious, does anyone know Monogram's reasoning for going to 1/8 scale instead of say 1/12 scale? I am going to assume it is because they wanted a large scale kit to stand out, and since they were already working on the 1/16 scale kit, they were easily able to just double all the dimensions.
  9. So going back to the 1/16 Firebird kit, with Revell's current track record of adding new decals to their re-issued kits, hopefully they add a bunch more decals to their (assumed) re-issue. I don't have my kit on hand to check, but here's what I found for the first issue of the kit: Sad isn't it? Talk about minimum effort! I really hope they add some underhood decals, some dash/console decals, and some GTA emblem decals at a minimum. What would be extra nice is if they also add the decals for the regular Trans Am in silver and gold, since the main visual differences between the Trans Am and GTA are the two-tone paint and wheel color (assuming you got the same mesh-spoke wheels).
  10. Anyone know if they could keep the “police” parts in the kit, but just not advertise them on the box and be legally in the clear?
  11. Yeah that’s the problem with all the Otaki/Doyusha 1/12 kits, they were meant to be motorized and thus liberties were taken in their design.
  12. Hopefully Revell keeps up this trend of greatly expanding the decal sheets on their re-issued kits!
  13. If it's from Automotive Touchup, I have used Rustoleum's Wheel Clear Coat with great results.
  14. Another item I just remembered is the exhaust is wrong, it still has the dual mufflers behind the axle rather than the correct updated exhaust with the single muffer.
  15. Awesome build! Love the look and the route you took on this build.
  16. Good luck with this kit! I have it too and I am going a different route than stock since I'm not a fan of the liberties they took to be able to have the kit be motorized.
  17. Right, I have the GTA kit and there are some things they didn't bother to change, the transmission is a big one I remember off hand. It is still the T10 4-speed rather than the correct T5 (if manual 305) or 700R4 (if auto 305 or 350).
  18. Right, however other than the grille and bumper, the rest of the custom parts are the same between the two issues.
  19. That would be nice, since it seems like the Camaro kit is so much harder to find over the firebird kit!
  20. I am actually surprised to see them bring back the 1/16 scale kit!
  21. So from Scalemates, it appears in 2007 they rereleased both the stock version and the custom version (in its current iteration) and it has been custom since. However, the original custom version with the weird grille came out around 1999, so both stock and custom have existed at the same time. However you might be right where since the late 2000s, the molds for certain stock parts have gone missing.
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