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  1. At least it appears the Bronco wheels are better than the ones in the F350 kit, they actually have visible lug nuts!
  2. I like that catalog picture of the interior showing no shift lever.
  3. I don't think I've seen that at all, I normally see the plain black and white American Satco boxes with their parts added in.
  4. I'm just glad that Fireball still offers his sets of custom 8-lug wheels and tires, since the ones on the customized F250 4x4 display model are pretty ugly.
  5. I would like to get more done on mine, but we moved back in June to a fixer upper house so I have had no time to build models, much less even set up my desk!
  6. I'm starting a new thread for this kit that I am looking to trade away. I have updated pictures, and have reattached the parts to the body that had broken off. Everything appears intact, and all of the parts are accounted for. No box, and as you can see the parts are all off the sprues. They will be properly packaged for shipping. I am looking to trade for: -No Racecars -Any 1/12 kit -Any 1/16 kit 50's and newer (with the exception of the Revell '34 Ford Coupe Street Rod) -1/24-1/25 cars newer than the mid-60s -1/24-1/25 trucks/vans/SUVS 60s and newer
  7. I'm not into race cars at all, and I don't care for most cars older than the 60's (I'll make exception for the 1/16 and 1/12 scale kits, though still nothing pre-war unless it's a hot rod-type). I do like to build mostly 70's and newer cars as well as 60's and newer trucks/SUVs/vans.
  8. What kits do you all have that you would be willing to trade? I could see if anything catches my eye.
  9. I have a full kit that I am looking to trade off if you were interested in keeping it after casting.
  10. According to Wikipedia, in 1972 there were major changes which included moving the fuel tank from under the front seats to behind the rear axle, which meant moving the fuel filler. Dash pad seems to have appeared around the same time, and the roll bar moved to a floor mount around 1980.
  11. The wheels you can easily still buy from US Wheel and probably a couple other brands. As for the bodies themselves, I'm sure there were plenty sitting in junkyards down south that they just patched and threw some paint on, since no one wanted to buy them to rebuild back then. I've noticed in some junkyard videos that they tend to have more of the 4-door, lesser loved vehicles.
  12. I'm liking the basic work truck look, a very clean build! It's unfortunate that Joseph stopped making the F250 conversion to order, however it does appear that Moebius will be coming out with an actual 4x4 F-250 kit in the near future!
  13. Sweet! Love the look and the paint is amazing! You are right that his decals do lay down very nicely. Got any interior or undercarriage pics?
  14. Considering they still have the ones for the ‘79 and ‘82 Firebirds, I’m hoping that they have all the Corvette ones as well.
  15. I'm just glad that there were pictures of the contents, rather than just having box pics and finding out upon opening it that the body is missing.
  16. Gotta love people who don't know what they are selling. I am looking at this kit for parts since there is no body shown (despite them listing that it looks complete), I explained this and made an offer for $20. Got countered twice for $35 and then $30, with them saying that "it needs to be painted" the first time. I just declined their second counter since I don't need it that badly.
  17. That’s a nice clean build, and the green definitely suits it!
  18. Does it count as collecting if you buy more kits in a year than you build? 😆
  19. Very clean build! Paint job looks great and you seem to have conquered the issues you came across!
  20. Looks good! It will be interesting to see it put together!
  21. The F41 Gran Touring Suspension, which came on the GN and GNX, would have had a rear sway bar. As for a track/panhard bar, those would not have been needed on the Grand National or T-Type since the suspension was a non-parallel 4-link setup. It looks like the GN kit does come with the sway bar. However, the GNX does come with a dual panhard bar setup (to stiffen the frame as well as further locate the axle due to the power and larger tires), as well as a ladder bar setup to keep the axle from rotating under hard acceleration.
  22. As far as the kits themselves, the GN kit did come out first (from what I can tell). However I'm guessing they had enough info about the GNX at the time (if not already working on the GNX kit) to take into account the extra parts needed and they molded the parts accordingly. As far as your build, it is looking good so far! The Regal Turbo-T was essentially the Grand National suspension and engine wrapped in the regular Regal body and trim, so you're on the right track. You could also get the Exterior Sport Package which removed the rocker trim, and gave you blackout trim everywhere (still keeping the chrome bumpers). And as a fun fact, in 1987 they opened up the options to allow one to add all these options to the Limited trim level, which allowed you to have the turbo engine and handling suspension while still having the "grandma's couch" velour seats and column shifter.
  23. The AMT 1973 Cougar Street Machine comes with an optional 429 engine, and it is also 1/25 scale.
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