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  1. The problem I have seen is with the lettering molding on the same side of the tire for all 4 tires. This means you have to choose between correct tread direction with raised letters on 2 tires (or decals or no letters), or wrong tread direction on 2 but all tires have raised letters.
  2. They did have them on the original kits, so I'm assuming they will still be an option with this release.
  3. Okay, it makes more sense they would have been initially released the same year. Mine has barely been started, but it looks like they have an excellent amount of detail compared to the AMT/MPC 1/16 kits.
  4. I apologize if this sort of thread exists, I did a rudimentary search but didn't find anything. So if you don't know, Revell is re-releasing their 1/16 1987 Firebird GTA in the near future. (pic courtesy @niteowl7710) Revell has made a few versions of this kit, in both Camaro and Firebird versions. 1982 brought the first kits, Camaro Z28 and Firebird (Trans Am). The next year, Revell released the Camaro Berlinetta and Firebird S.E. Now here's where things split (according to Scalemates), 1987 they release the Camaro IROC, but don't release the Firebird GTA until 1993. At least in the GTA version, they took a few liberties and didn't update some parts so it's not 100% correct for 1987 (one thing I can think of is still having the T10 4-speed vs the correct T5 5-speed (or automatic)
  5. I’m going Intense Blue Pearl, already have the can from Duplicolor!
  6. There’s the thread, that’s right it is a 2000. I actually changed my wheel and tire plan, I’m now going with the stock 2500 wheels and a set of the large Yokohama mud tires from the off-road version of the Tamiya Montero.
  7. I have a thread somewhere here, but it’s on the backlog of builds for now! I’m building it as a 2001 2500 4x4 club cab long box, with the V10-manual combo and the Sport trim package. I’m cheating a bit by modifying a Meng F-350 chassis and suspension/axles to go under the body. Axles were close to the same, both had a coil front end, and they had the front diff on the same side.
  8. The obvious one I know is the Mach1 had the painted color front bumper. Mechanically, Mach 1 came standard with the 302/3-speed while the Boss got the 351/4-speed standard.
  9. This will work the same for the two AMT cabs, but I used a Revell VTS cab for the front part so I could have the open hood and engine. The next pic is after the first coat of primer. It's not finished yet, so no completion pics.
  10. Glad to see they are starting to do that now. I saw the 71 Olds sheet but didn't know about the ones for the Camaro.
  11. Does that mean then that they are adding BFG tire decals in the '39 Delivery kit since those are shown on the box art?
  12. Great job! Looks like an appropriate 70's era color scheme!
  13. If anyone hasn't been in the car/truck news sections, Revell is bringing the 1999 Silverado kit back out shortly. Looks like it will still have some custom parts, but the box art shows that they might be bringing back the stock wheels at least!
  14. It sort of looks like the real car is the same way. Could also be the wheel arches are differently shaped front and rear.
  15. Glad to see the rumors are true! I have the first release of this and would love to have another! Hopefully it's not more than $50 retail.
  16. Cool to see the details so far! I think the stacks work on this bodystyle since it still has that squared feel of the 70's.
  17. I like your progress so far! Personally I think the initial ones (NASCAR style wheels) look the best, but that's because I'm more of a 15/16" wheel kind of guy! However with the route you're going with your build, I would say the last set suit the theme the best.
  18. Hey I'll take those wheels, I actually like them even if they are a bit 90s! I'm confused why they decided to show BFG labeled tires on the box art since it's a 99% probability that the kit tires will be blank.
  19. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case, since it is really only for nostalgia at this point.
  20. Yeah they look the right size to me based on the pic you posted, I'm guessing it's just the unpainted plastic that makes them look larger. I do feel though that there is nothing wrong with critiquing a new tool kit, especially in the early stages where they can get feedback and fix the issues before it is too late.
  21. From the Revell release thread @niteowl7710 made in the car section, they showed the box art for the newest release. My prediction based on the box art: no body kit (or optional this time), stock wheels, custom lowered suspension/exhaust/rear rollpan. Whatever the case is though, I'm glad to see it back again with the stock wheels (presumably).
  22. I'm glad to see it back again. Based on the box art, I am going to guess stock wheels are back in but the custom lowered suspension is still in over the stock height suspension. It would be nice to see the stock rear bumper and exhaust, but again I am going to guess those won't be appearing in this issue.
  23. Not on the F150, but it looks similar to the Aztec Gold (in certain lighting) offered on the 1997 Mustang.
  24. Personally I like the decals since it gives it a 90s vibe, and they work since you added the flares and didn’t go with a stock Baja color. Just needs some colored shocks and chrome double tube roll bar and it would be a great show truck!
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