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  1. To be honest, it looks like you have the bumpers switched around! The one on the rear doesn't stick out far enough, and the one on the front sticks out too far. Otherwise, awesome build!
  2. Hey, what model kit is that Ford Econoline? (Minus the solid-axle-swap and large tires)
  3. I'd say keep the blood on the wall. If anyone asks, just say "Let's just say someone didn't agree with my modeling ideas...whoops I've said too much, and now I can't let you leave!"
  4. Here's a great 1:1 version I saw at a car show last summer.
  5. Bit of an old thread, but I have a trick for tint. Black Sharpie. I found out that when you use it on the transparent plastic, it becomes a sort of transparent purple color up close (like some of the window tints), but from farther away it's black. Of course it would work better for smaller windows because you'll get the lines where there's more ink on the larger windows. I figured it does work great for tinted lights, you just put the color on the inside of the light (if not already colored) and put the black on the outside. You'll be able to see the light color up close but from further away it will look tinted. Oh yeah, you can also use the thin-tip black Sharpie for rear window defroster lines, just by laying straight lines with tape and drawing on the window.
  6. Car looks great! Now all you need to work on is your picture taking skills! Edit: just looked at your other thread, yeah those cell-phone cameras aren't the greatest.
  7. I actually found an older version of this model in a box of my uncle's old model kits. It was one of my first paint-and-glue kits, and it didn't have all the pieces, so it didn't go together very good. I recently purchased the complete kit, so I could put them side by side when done, and show off how far along I've come. It should be interesting!
  8. My Jeep is a stick and I enjoy driving it, even in stop-and-go traffic where I've determined ways to make it as least-stressful as possible. Of course I barely ever get stuck in it because I know several ways to get home and don't drive around the big cities around traffic time. Oh, and I can drive a stick and drink beverages...it's called drinking when not shifting! Even if the Taurus has all the fancy gizmos that make it appear you're driving a manual, it just wouldn't be the same. I've driven my uncle's 2008 Infiniti M35 with the auto that has the manual shift option on the shifter, and though the car was powerful it just wasn't the same feel as driving a true manual.
  9. As far as the engine goes, it does actually seem good, not to mention quite a few build choices. -ram's horn manifolds or headers -stock 4bbl, 2 4bbls (came with 2, manifold only good for 1, gonna see if I have a 2 carb manifold laying around), or velocity stacks -stock air cleaner or tall aftermarket air cleaner
  10. I plan on building up this model when I get home from school this summer. I just wanted to get a few opinions on the actual kit as far as how well it goes together, any tips on building it smoothly, and of course some pictures of how other people have built it. I looked through the parts in the box and I love how many extra pieces they give with the kit!
  11. The Fusion was the Taurus replacement, and the Five Hundred was more or less the Crown Vic replacement. But since the Five Hundred wasn't selling great, they changed the name to Taurus, thus the Taurus is now a full-size car rather than a mid-size as in past years.
  12. Lookin sweet so far! I do think the sidepipes would look awesome, but have the tips not go past the edge of the tire. What taillights are you planning on using?
  13. Here's one I've seen at a car show...also I guess it's the only one built with the green body and black painted roof, it's quite gorgeous.
  14. Awesome! The Wings are my favorite team, hope they win! (I'm sure they will ) While you're at the Xcel, may I suggest getting the pizza, it's excellent.
  15. Seeing as no one else answered, and since it's not the 21st yet, I'll help ya out. First off, no stores with plastic models in MoA, just a diecast car store. I found a place in Richfield, which is the next town to the NW of the mall. It's called the Hub Hobby Center and I guess it is fairly big. Hope this helps! BTW, who is the Wild playing? I love going to their games, the Xcel Center is an awesome rink! (I'm from Minnesota)
  16. "Duude, why are the footwells so small?" "Well how else are you going to fit 24's!"
  17. Great color and very clean engine! How come you didn't paint the underside of the hood?
  18. Looks great! I built this with the same grille, but in German Silver with the black stripes. I noticed that you have that orange rotating paint jar holder, which I also have!
  19. Looks great! I built this kit with the tow body and it didn't turn out too bad, though I did have a hard time getting the fuel tanks to stay attached until the glue finally dried. I noticed the regular tractor pieces, but it never occured that you could actually make the tractor version of the truck.
  20. Bugs are great. Easy to work on, fun to drive. In fact my dad has a 1969 Baja Bug, it's awesome to drive especially off-road, and it has one of the best sounding 4-cylinders around.
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