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  1. Fantastic job. Kudos on the interior and completely agree on the floor mats idea. Two things I will offer- The Y88 "Gold Special Edition" only came with the Fisher t-tops (the large ones) instead of the leaky Hurst Hatches. It also was available with the 15x7 rims you have pictured, but more than likely came with the 15x8 offered with the WS6 package. Here is a fantastic site with some good pics. (I didn't even know about the different colored steering columns or tail lights until I found it!) http://www.78ta.com/goldspecial.php
  2. I built one of theses back when they first came out. I was a deputy sheriff in Polk County, Florida (Lakeland) and we had a division of Stepp's there. I was able to sit in the actual "Can Do," but the pictures I took did not come out very well. I did score a copy of their calendar that had a really nice shot of the truck. I'm in the middle of a move right now, but if I run across it, I'll be happy to send it to you.
  3. Great bonding time and helps to teach patience. Pic is my (at the time) 14 year old building a Dodge Charger police car.
  4. Nice job! Seen one or two of those in my day (from the front seat!)
  5. Super job on the weathering! I agree though that the wheel-wells need to be hit... As for the seat, eh, when you're jeepin', everything gets muddy. I've come home with more mud inside than out. Try using a nasal sprayer with some thinned paint on a piece of scrap. I did it on a 4x4 I'm doing and was tickled with the results.
  6. Yup. This race took place the year following the filming of SATB 2. The do show footage of Kenny "Special 'K'" Farmer's bad wreck that was used in the movie. Don't ask me how I came across that...
  7. Getting close on this. Found a Chevy 427 out of a '36 Plymouth circle car and wired it up. Interior was repainted gray and black with the addition of ripped seats (typical for a vehicle like this) and a second shifter for the transfer case. Threw some more mud using my nasal spray bottle technique and a tube rear bumper. Still need to cut down the unibody frame from the 'bird to fit and maybe a Nascar fuel cell...
  8. Make sure you strap down that impact gun. That thing would hurt in some of those fast drifting style turns. Fantastic job!!!
  9. I read weasel's how-to on using an old toothbrush and real dirt to "dirty up" a sprint car and was tickled with the results on a kitbash Firebird/Bronco I'm working on. I used Tamiya acrylic and was more than satisfied with the initial results. I was trying to get to sleep tonight and a hair-brained idea hit me. I am a user of nasal spray due to bad sinuses and wondered if an old pump style mister might give a similar effect with less mess. I just happened to have a dead bottle on the bench and, after rinsing it out, filled it about 1/4 full of the same Tamiya paint. A couple of squirts and voila! - instant mud! The density of the "glob" can be adjusted by varying the distance from the body. A little thinning agent would make it ooze down the sides like wet mud. You could also use a little black and have a nice spray of oil from a blown motor or exhaust! Just make sure you label the bottle so you don't grab the wrong one... Might make for an interesting conversation with the doctor. Hope this works for ya! Happy modeling! Murph
  10. Bob, The kids and I had a great time. Picked up some new/used stuff (just wish I had more to spend!) Chris
  11. Nice job! Been around the real ones and your's is spot on!
  12. I was impressed with the acrylic. The dark was a "trial run." I figured once I was done with the assembly, I'd hit it with some other lighter shades as well. It was a gluebomb kit that was available for experimentation. So far, so good!
  13. I just finished a Peterbilt project and was going to start on my CJ for this build and, as normally happens, the ADD kicks in and... well, you get the idea. Sitting in my build room and was looking through old boxes and ran across a early 70's Firebird that I had built as my first 1:1 (red with a black vinyl top). It was poorly executed and in dire need of a rebuild. As I was separating this from that, the body ended up on top of the interior tub. Dave has a High Roller Chevy Luv going in another thread and inspiration struck: 4x4 Firebird! A little digging turned up a Bronco chassis with complete running gear. A quick test fit and ohhhh-my. Cleaned up the joints and shot some Ford Dark Blue Duplicolor on it. Started trimming out the body and found a couple really nice runs on the passenger side. The ADD kicked in again and we started patch panels, replacement panels, untreated cancer... Then the ADD got ADD and remembered weasel's "how-to" on mud. A couple minutes with some dark brown acrylic (for easy cleanup) and here we are: Haven't thought too much about a motor just yet. Maybe a Hemi? GM body-Ford running gear-Dodge power. How can that go wrong?
  14. :lol: Used dark brown Taymia acrylic, but love the results so far:
  15. Very nice! I own the CW McCall set of six and was totally impressed with the detail. Keep 'em coming!
  16. Here's their phone number and address: Summit Towing & Recovery 240 Brian Avenue Silverthorne, Colorado, 80498 Phone: (970)468-6061 Give 'em a shout. Truck guys always like talking about their equipment!
  17. Congratulations! Mine turns fifteen in a couple months. Just remember, you'll wait for the day for them to walk and talk, and then pray for the day for them to sit down and shut up! Mine working on her police Charger.
  18. Thanks so much to Lucas, I'm calling this one done. Now to get to work on the trailer!
  19. Super clean build! Saw lots of those while living in Florida (and working as a deputy down there) and your's is spot on. @whale - You might find this site helpful: SSP Mustangs
  20. If you liked that, you'll love these: Duel Peterbilt Convoy's Rubber Duck Mack
  21. It's been so cold here in Nebraska lately that I've only had a couple days for paint. I was very hesitant about trying to spray, so I used a brush. The bigest lesson I found was to use a GOOD brush as a cheap-o has a tendency to shed. I found a couple bristles in the finished product. I was really really impressed with the outcome. It smoothed itself out with no problems and was very forgiving. And a little went a very long way. I don't know who came up with the idea, but I'd give them a big hairy kiss. Made my life a bunch easier!
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